Jonah Goldberg goes at it with CPAC’s Matt Schlapp over Marion Le Pen

Jonah Goldberg is not sold on what Matt Schlapp is selling when it comes to the reason he says he’s invited Marion Le Pen to speak at CPAC:

I’m think I’m sensing a little sarcasm…

It continues:

I totally agree with Jonah, very bad form for Schlappy to bring his wife into it. How very Trumpian of him…

It continues:


Goldberg getting ready to drop the boom…

BOOM! Milo bomb! Seriously though, Goldberg’s exactly right.

Sensing he’s not going to win this, Schlapp decides to bring Goldberg’s wife back into it again:


Goldberg getting read to drop the mic:


You can be sure of one thing, if Le Pen remains a guest speaker, she’ll be there to praise Trump just like everyone else.

Goldberg finishes it off with this:

Look, you know I don’t have an issue with praising Trump for the good stuff he’s done. But that’s all CPAC is going to be, which is really fine. I’ve got no problem with that. Celebrate the good things that have been done in Trump’s first year. Just don’t characterize it as a ‘debate of ideas’ to excuse Le Pen when there won’t be any debate on Trump, as Goldberg so deftly pointed out. We all know there could be a debate if it were allowed to happen, because for as many good things as Trump’s done, he’s working up quite a list of bad things right now and they are definitely not conservative.

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