Journalism! Chuck Todd FAILS to ask Fauci MOST important question facing the WORLD. Gallagher calls him out.

Did covid escape from a Wuhan lab? Ask that a year ago and you’d be dragged off the internet by thought police. But it’s so obvious that now people are actually asking and expecting answers.

Notice I said people, not Chuck Todd.

Chuck Todd had Anthony Fauci on and DIDN’T ASK about the Wuhan lab, Fauci’s ties to it, America’s taxpayer money … none of it.

Rep. Mike Gallagher has had enough, and he shared this video today, saying that Todd didn’t ask Fauci “a single question about the origin of COVID-19 and whether taxpayer dollars went to gain of function research in Wuhan.”

“This is the most important question facing the world,” he wrote with the tweet sharing the video, “yet few in the media are asking it.”

He followed up on that with a second vid.


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