‘Journalist’ STUNNED to find out Hunter Biden laptop story is actual news, gets OBLITERATED by Daily Caller, National Pulse

Chris Hayes on Friday had a query for the Twitterverse: He wanted to know if the Biden laptop story might be a for super realio. Like, could it? Would it? What’s up with that laptoppy?

Those aren’t his exact words, I’m telling y’all I got the tone almost exactly right.

Yeah, dude. What a great question. You should ask a journali… oh wait. You work at MSNBC. You probably don’t know any.

Also this is a great point:

The Daily Caller and the National Pulse have done yeoman’s work on verifying the laptop and its contents and origins. Pulse editor Raheem Kassam reminded the clueless MSNBC airhead of that, and an 8 month old invitation for Hayes and his colleagues to take a look. Daily Caller had a simple question: where were you before?

Here’s the bottom line, succinctly:

And this summary from Post Millennial really outlines it.

The Daily Mail conducted their own forensic investigation, and found, too, that the laptop and its contents were real. And a recent interview with Hunter Biden revealed that he believed that the laptop definitely could have been his.

He doesn’t remember dropping the laptop off to be repaired, signing off on a receipt, and forgetting about it, but he does admit to being highly intoxicated during much of that period and snorting grated cheese because he thought it was a stimulant. Even so, he stated that the laptop could very well be his.

Shortly after the laptop was released, the Biden campaign spouted off nonsense that it was the product of some sort of misinformation effort, or Russian hacking. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the information gathered was the result of a hack, a premise which he later had to walk back when it turned out to absolutely be a false assertion.

That’s right.

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