Joy Reid, amused by fake news of riots and crime, PROVES they don’t exist by explaining that Portlandia was a TV show

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was amused, bemused, and not at all confused on her new cleverly named show The Reid Out, as she chuckled along with her in-the-know audience about the dumb idea in the stupid Trump campaign ads that are crimes and protests and riots and all that other fake news.

It’s all made up by Trump and she PROVED it.

Because, you see, there was a TV show called “Portlandia” that gently parodied Portland’s woke culture over its excesses. See? How could there be people being shot in lawless zones overseen by “warlords” when there’s a TV comedy that sort of takes place there?


I haven’t been this sold on something since I first heard about donut holes. Congratulations to super sleuth Joy Reid for finally proving once and for all that all the videos of riots and fires and all the dead people and all the surges in coronavirus cases resulting from huge protests and all the Chicago shootings and all the beatings in Seattle and Portland that we’ve seen video from and watched live and heard recounted and that resulted in arrests and over which court cases have been brought and from which there are actual casualty counts and for which these cities and the small businesses that sustain have lost millions of dollars WERE ALL MADE UP BY TRUMP JUST IN THE LAST WEEK OR TWO SO HE COULD FINALLY FIND A WAY TO BEAT THAT OTHERWISE UNSTOPPABLE CAMPAIGNING MACHINE OF HOT ONE-LINERS AND QUIPS AND SMOOTH DELIVERY AND ABSOLUTE SAVVY KNOWN AS JOE “THE PASSION FROM SCRANTON” BIDEN!!!!!!!!!

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