Juan Williams asks why Sean Hannity didn’t DISCLOSE that Mike Cohen was his LAWYER…

Juan Williams came out and said what nobody else wanted to say on The Five about the revelation that Sean Hannity was Mike Cohen’s “mystery client.”

Watch below:

Anderson Cooper piled on from CNN, saying it was neither fair nor balanced for Hannity to mislead his audience:

I’m not sure either of these criticisms fly, since Hannity is such an insane partisan anyway, that no one really trusts him to report the news impartially. The people who watch Hannity love his unending love for Trump, does anyone really think they’d leave him after hearing Cohen was his lawyer? Heck they’d probably love him for that. Why risk getting a Trump-hating deep state lawyer when you can hire Cohen?!?

The lovely and brilliant Dana Perino actually defended Hannity after Williams comment – she said prior to what was said in court, if anyone asked Hannity, he probably wouldn’t have counted Cohen as one of his lawyers because he did so little for him. That kinda makes sense actually. So is this a big deal? Not for Hannity really – but maybe it is for Cohen, who is trying to argue that the FBI raid broke attorney-client privilege. If Hannity is saying he wasn’t *really* a client, then that means they can look through all his stuff legally, right? Kinda…

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