Juan Williams defends Holder’s Executive Privilege over Brian Terry’s death: ‘Hey, people die’

Eric Bolling points out that many of the documents given up by the Justice Department were heavily redacted, making the case for transparency and the need for Justice to turn over the documents that will explain how Fast and Furious came into being. Juan Williams quickly attacks Eric Bolling for pointing this out:

WILLIAMS: All of a sudden you’re Julian Assange?

BOLLING: That’s not transparency. (referring to redacted document)

WILLIAMS: What do you think the government shouldn’t have any secret? You can’t have a private conversation in the White House now about politics?

BOLLING: We gotta go – NO, not when someone’s dead Juan! Not when three hundred Mexicans…

WILLIAMS: We know how the guy died!

BOLLING: …are dead at the hands of the same guns.

WILLIAMS: Hey people die in war! People died…

BOLLING: Don’t you care about the three hundred Mexicans that died from the guns the guns that were traced back to Fast and Furious?

WILLIAMS: I care about human life. But I’m telling you people die. And you know what? We know the facts of Fast and Furious. We know how he died!

This is infuriating. Apparently Juan Williams believes that White House conversations are more important than the death of Brian Terry or the death of 300 Mexicans and the hands of guns we let cross the border. Ugh!

Watch below:

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