Judge Jeanine Pirro RIPS the Obama administration in another fantastic monologue

Judge Jeanine Pirro gave another fantastic monologue tonight, ripping the Obama administration for everything from Benghazi to the AP phone records.


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439 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine Pirro RIPS the Obama administration in another fantastic monologue

  1. Interesting that Washington has “everybody” fighting against “everybody”.   Did they learn that from the Roman’s “Divide and conquer”?  They are ALL Corrupt and they are ALL America’s Biggest Enemies.  Look at Youtube Video “FEDEX DEAD MAN WALKING”  and you will see that John McCain and other Criminals  in Washington are taking HUGE AMOUNTS of Money from known Illegal Drug Smuggler Fred Smith..  Columbian Drug Smuggler Pablo Escobar paid millions to “Corrupt Columbian Politicians” to cover his Drug Smuggling.  In America Drug Smuggler Fred Smith /CEO Fedex is paying millions to Corrupt Politicians in America to COVER his Drug Smuggling Operation.  They are ALL CORRUPT.

    1. HonestCourier you hit the nail on the head as Hitler did same to get everyone to be against friends and neighbors, they have to have that division in place to get all to report on all , Hitler even rewarded people for turning in neighbors for anything , most money was scarce and they did it mainly for the bucks, plus they thought they would be in good with Hitler  , little did they know they would go to work camps same as all others did !   it has to be WE THE PEOPLE TO DEFEAT THIS MESS AND NO BICKERING OVER ANYTHING OR WE LOSE !!

  2. You all just keep on working those long hours so you can pay your taxes.  I need those taxes to retire on a nice monthly entitlement…..  I thank you for paying for everything for me.  Dumb asses.

      1. Lucyfur   Ignorant is having no knowledge on a subject.  Stupid is having knowledge and spewing ignorance out of your mouth.

        1. DebSchneiderNyberg Lucyfur  Unfortunately you have delusions of adequacy. Perhaps if you took your racist vitriol and put it in a trash bag where it belongs, you might understand that what you say will be how you are judged, not by me, but people like Judge Pirro, who is 1,000 times the person you could ever think of being.  Like I first said if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it.  You are becoming like the preverbal fly that becomes more annoying with each passing moment.

        2. Lucyfur   I just laid eggs on your page so you will have more like me to deal with.  We democrats are loving people and we multiply quickly.

        3. Lucyfur DebSchneiderNyberg   Pirro needs help.  Don’t you realize this she gets paid for.  Scheesh, she does it for money, honey.

        4. DebSchneiderNyberg Lucyfur  You just might needs those eggs when the food stamps run out..

        5. Lucyfur DebSchneiderNyberg
          Lead me not into temptation
          OH HELL
          just follow me, I know a short cut.

        6. I wouldn’t follow you if you knew the path to that proverbial pot of gold… Trash and I don’t mix.

        7. Lucyfur   Well, OMG, now I know you are my kinda woman.  Talking dirty to me now.

  3. Please master don’t beat me; iz me exactly doing whatcha wants me to do….. all ‘cept voting for GOP candidates as long as Iza liv’n.

      1. MattDeaton DebSchneiderNyberg   and to think this forum was congratulating the Judge for who words of wisdom…. and I receive more on the thread than her.  Gotta be doing something right on my end.

        1. DebSchneiderNyberg MattDeaton 
          Sadly, you’re right.  People turn blue when they run out of oxygen just before they die.

      2. MattDeaton DebSchneiderNyberg   who would want to come down to your level, pray tell?

  4. @http://www.livefyre.com/profile/15088891/   You sur has a way wit words…njoy yur viddles and good luck Miz Deb you sur gonna need it

  5. This is to DebSchneiderNyberg’s statement of “Limited brain cells in use when so many GOP are present all at the same place.  Sheeesh…. stressful to watch the degeneration in such masses.
    THEN DON’T WATCH — SIMPLE AS THAT ….The liberals try to change everyone’s thinking…. how dare they try to reform anyone… and no I’m not a conservative — I’m an independent -and an independent thinker. 
    BTW – I suspect the majority that voted for the current prez did so in order to not lose their entitlements… hey why not let the hard worker’s pay for their decadent lifestyle

  6. Judge Jeanine is like an Italian version of Michele Malkin.  She calls it like she sees it and doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.  Both of them are a thorn in the side of the Kenyan Immigrant.

    1. white531 Your hero Michelle Malkin was born here while her immigrant parents were here on a visa so that makes her one of those anchor babies !

      1. RenHoek white531  I don’t know the details of this.  However, there is a huge difference between being here legally with a visa and being an illegal alien.  One follows our laws and the other does not.  We don’t owe the illegal aliens anything.  They have broken our laws and need to be deported.  If they have children born here, they need to decide for their children whether they will make arrangements for the children to stay here with legal residents or take them back to the home country of the parents.  The kids didn’t do anything wrong but the parents sure did.

      2. RenHoek white531 Actually no, they came here on visa’s and began the citizenship process, they did’t just cross a border without anyone knowing and begin to suck from the system.

  7. The Obama regime . .err I mean administration does not need to be “fixed”
    It needs to be eliminated,IRS is immoral, unconstitutional, illegal
    IRS is a collection of money stealing THUGS / MONEY NAZIS  
    They steal the life blood of every American . . .Revolution is the Solution
    Obama is a total . . . . . . Fraud / Fake / Fool . . . a lying bag of shit

  8. Wow!  Thank you again Judge Jeanine Pirro.
    Hey folks how about we start thinking about Judge Jeanine Pirro for President in 2016 with Sara Palin for VP.  These two ladies will take no prisoners and give us a real election that we will remember for the rest of our lives.  If we do lose in 2016 at least we will go out fighting with sleeves rolled up and fists ready to deliver a hard punch.

    Just in care however, I do believe the Judge Pirro’s relations are Lebanese???  I think that’s what I heard before.  Doesn’t bother me one bit.  She know the constitution and how it should be applied and is a confirmed conservative.  She seems to have more guts than most of our Legislators.

  9. Hey stimpy…listen to the first 30 seconds.  Do you suppose that if which ever Taco franchise you work at got busted for selling crack in the Men’s room as a result of a police sting and the Cops could prove that they were allowed to set it up with not only the permission of your manager, but as his direction.  You think they owner of the franchise would have no idea about what’s going on???

  10. I watched this.  I know y’all hate this President, but I didn’t hear Ms. Pirro state any actual facts, just a bunch of innuendos to stir you all up.  I think both liberals and conservative can agree that what the IRS allegedly did seems improper, but those groups were seeking tax exempt status under section 501 (c) (4) which states “501(c)(4) organizations are not permitted direct or indirect participation or intervention in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.”  I think you all would want a police officer to pay closer attention to a dredlocked Jamaican smoking a “cigar”, so wouldn’t it make a little sense to give more scrutiny to an organization seeking tax exempt status that was named “Dump Obama” or some such thing?  Ms. Pirro made the leap to say the President Obama was trying to “silence his critics”.  Not exactly, just innuendo without actual facts, and you all just eat it up.  Peace.

    1. RenHoek 
      OK Slick, you’re so smart, explain ‘Media Matters’.
      Media Matters for America (MMfA) is a politically http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressivism_in_the_United_States media watchdog group that says it is “dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media”. Set up as a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/501(c)(3), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonprofit_organization, MMfA was founded in 2004 by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journalist and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Author http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Brock. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_E._Burns served as MMfA’s president until 2011.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_Matters_for_America#cite_note-Media_Matters_President_Departs.2C_Launches_New_Firm-4
      Doubt they had any ‘problems’ with tax audits during the Obama administration and if they did during the Bush administration, we’d be hearing all kind of screams about it right now as people like you tried to prove the IRS didn’t just audit CONSERVATIVE GROUPS and mike getting their status more difficult, like they have ADMITTED they have.

      If you don’t think Obama doesn’t know everything that’s going on in his administration, you might want to wake up swap your ‘Cool Aid’ for a little Red Bull. 
      😉 😉

      1. tinlizzieownerRenHoek Oh he knows what is going on for sure, but not speaking or answering any questions without just saying he is going to get to the bottom of things and all the time he knows all that has gone on , we lost the liberty in the country way back in the 60’s , both my parents where in military and they spoke openly around me for years , when they could retire they talk even more about the system that was in place , none of our freedoms have been normal for years , they have all been under attack by every president we have had in office , the only one that tried to warn us was regain ,John Hinckleyhttp://search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0oGdVxOCJtRU10AiVhXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE1bGR2cHBiBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMwRjb2xvA3NrMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDA1MF8xMTY-/SIG=13gm98i9v/EXP=1369143502/**http%3a//www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/25/reagan-shooter-wants-to-chamge-image_n_1301277.html

        1. JohnBrookbank tinlizzieowner RenHoek 
          Obama always says ‘he’s going to get to the bottom (not the top) of things’.
          😉 ‘-)

        2. tinlizzieowner JohnBrookbank RenHoek It is his common carry on bull shit statement on all problems, when all the time his hand is controlling all , just says need to time to discover truth, then cause’s another crisis to take the media and people off to another dog and pony show, hell he would not know the truth if it hit him between the eyes , God forbid if we end up having to clean this mess up !!

    2. RenHoek So what do you think the tax exempt status of every black church I’ve ever heard of should be?
      It’s a standard Democrat practice to attend church services at black churches and to have the clergy of that church tell the congregation how to vote.  Now that is a topic worth investigating!

  11. Bravo Judge Jeanine! Well and truly said.
    Thank you. I hope the voting public is listening!

  12. God bless Judge Jeanine for her steadfast determination on calling out this nitwit administration

  13. I hate this creep calling us “folks”.  The only national security he is concerned about is his own position of power.

  14. Good lord but this woman is a superb example of what our congreesmen should be like. Fearless, direct, knowledgeable, articulate, moral, selfless, and gorgeous to boot.

  15. … bottom line is , President Barack HUSSEIN Obama cannot handle the TRUTH .”(period)

    Glory to and Praise to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 04/28/13

  16. Oh my gosh….this is just brilliant. Judge Jeanine is a class act through & through. Man-o-man she’s good.

  17. The curtain’s being peeled away and we’re seeing the reality of Oz. 
    Progressive democrats are statists, and as such, they’re tyrants and fascists. 
    They can’t tolerate freedom which is why they’re assaulting the 1st amendment so that people can’t speak out against Dear Leader.  It’s also why they’ve assaulted the 2nd amendment so that people can’t defend their liberty.  It’s also why they’re assaulting our right to property via, their assaults on capitalism and our earnings by stealing them through taxes to redistribute. 
    Karl Marx would be proud – James Madison, not so much.

  18. Great Job Judge Jeanine, continue to be our voice and hold these people accountable! Our founding fathers had no intent for our government to be doing what they are doing now.

  19. Hey Judge Pirro, how about taking on this?
    This one is not funny…

    The US
    has entered into a contract with a real estate firm to sell 56 buildings that
    currently house U.S. Post Offices. The government has decided it no longer needs
    these buildings, many of which are located on prime land in towns and cities
    across the country.
    sale of these properties will fetch billions of dollars and a handsome 6%
    commission to the company handling the sales. That company belongs to a man
    named Richard Blum. Who is Richard Blum you ask?

    Why the
    husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein, that’s who. What a bunch of crooks we have
    running this country!
    Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum, stand to make a fortune. His firm, C.R.
    I., is the sole real estate company offering these properties for
    sale. Of course, C.R.I. will be making a 6% commission on the sale of each and
    every one of these postal
    All of
    these properties that are being sold are all fully paid for. They were purchased
    with U.S. taxpayers dollars, and they are allowed free and clear by the U.S.P.S.
    The only cost to keep them is the cost to actually keep the doors open and the
    heat and lights on. The United States Postal Service doesn’t even have to pay
    property taxes on these subject properties. Would you sell your house just
    because you couldn’t afford to pay the electric
    the Post Office is.
    does a powerful U.S. Senator from San Francisco manage to get away with such a
    sweet deal?
    powerful United States Senator’s husband is standing by, all ready to make
    millions from a U.S. taxpayer funded
    No one
    in the mainstream media is even raising an eyebrow over his 6% commission on the
    sale of hundreds of millions of dollar’s worth of quasi-public
    this info on before it’s pulled from the
    True on

    1. tinlizzieowner just a mention..snopes is owned in part by g. soros.   Is there not some kind of conflict of interest..or am I all wet on this one..?

      1. CarolChadbourne tinlizzieowner 
        This is why I tell people, if you go to snopes to check something out, don’t stop with the ‘true’ or ‘false’ at the top. READ the whole post. Often you will find that the statement at the top has something to do with a ‘detail’ (like a date or ‘a word’) and you will find that the statement at the top is not ‘exactly’ correct (in the typically liberal way).
        😉 😉

        1. tinlizzieowner CarolChadbourne Snopes was up for sale a few years back as the married couple that owned it where tired of the job with low income and lots of hrs of working , then Soros came to them handed them a wad of cash to keep it going , so if you want truth do research on anything snopes post , as they are now real bias towards anything said about politics in anyway shape or form !

  20. The Arrogant Obnoxious A$$ smugly threatened an IRS audit at a commencement in May 2009 – http://www.mrctv.org/videos/obama-threatens-irs-audit-arizona-state-university-commencement-address-may-2009
    He thinks he’s so cute, clever….  all that power will be gone in the twinkling of an eye.   Ask Herod.
    There is only One God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit – Jesus is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and His character is Love, Truth and Life, Kindness, Gentleness, Patience, Wisdom, Righteousness, Peace and Joy.
    Jesus is the polar opposite of proud, preening, power-grabbing Obama.

    1. vfhater Not now, as they are being watched by tons of congress and senate members, that they have messed with in past… the last thing they will do is to take on a smart judge.

  21. What really angers me is the stupidity of the main-stream media when it comes Obama. They constantly slandered Sarah Palin as a vice-presidential candidate not having enough experience for the job. Obama had none before he came into office and he’s demonstrating his lack of experience loud and clear.

    If Obama had the executive experience that Romney has, then he’d know that he has ultimate responsibility for everything that goes on in his administration.
    He doesn’t know that. And he doesn’t realize that he doesn’t know that.

    Even if he had just some management experience, he would understand that.
    If he had any executive or management experience at all, he’d have the brains to resign. But he doesn’t and he won’t.

    Of course, if he had any executive or management experience in the first place, he wouldn’t have got his administration in this mess in the first place!

    1. PoCoTex 
        Hey, The MSM knows where their paycheck comes from. (Who do you think OWNS the media?)
      At least he can READ,  George Soros’ teleprompter!  That is all the experience he needs.

      1. bmwsid PoCoTex  Yeah, well, make that a Saudi teleprompter.
        The trouble is that Obama is making such a mess of the Executive Branch and he can’t negotiate worth a spit with Congress, that the whole thing is starting to fall apart. 
        His ignorance and arrogant behaviour is becoming endemic throughout the Executive Branch. 
        The rest of the Executive Branch are following his lead.

        It’s getting so bad that people end up dying (Benghazi), IRS agents and management think they can do anything they want and get away with it, and the DOJ think they can grab whatever information they want from whomever they want.
        On top of that, everybody in the Executive Branch now think that acting like Obama is OK and they can prevaricate all they want even in front of Congress, just like Steven Miller, the former IRS executive.
        Remember the two pictures, one with a normal brain and the other with scrambled eggs? “This is your brain. This is your brain on Speed.” 
        Well, “This is your IRS. This is your IRS on Obama.”

    2. PoCoTex   This is his agenda from the get-go. with backers/money such as g. soros. He is not stupid..everything he does…illegally or not…is planned. We just keep putting the rocks in the way. Then, while we are commenting, signing petitions and sending donations..he is doing something behind our backs while we are distracted by the ‘just now’ illegal and Unconstitutional crap he’s pulled.  He is up to  something this very moment…maybe taking a u.n. officer to lunch and discussing  strategy re ‘gun confiscation’..???

  22. I just have a small question,,,,,,WHAT is the flag to obammy’s right, (our left) @ 7

  23. America would have been far better off with a Christian  president instead of a Muslim!
    He is not  American born, or black. He is a coloured. What is he doing there in the first place?

  24. My buddy bought a new Ford F250 Flex-fuel Pick-Up recently. It runs on gasoline, hydrogen, or E85. He was telling me how much he enjoyed driving it, but he had to take it back to the dealer last week, because he thought the radio didn’t work. It did. He found out that it was voice activated, and he said it was awesome. The technician demonstrated for me. He spoke to the radio, “Nelson” he told it, and the radio responded, “Ricky or Willie?” He answered, “Willie” and the song “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” started to play. Then he said “Charles” and the unmistakable voice of Ray Charles singing “Georgia on My Mind ” trilled from the speakers. Thrilled with this new discovery about his truck, my friend drove off, and for the next week or so he enjoyed the endless variety of music on command, whether he was in the mood for Rock, Country, Gospel, or even Classical. He was driving home after work one night when a guy ran a STOP sign and nearly creamed his new truck. He was able to swerve in time, but just barely, in order to avoid getting T-Boned, “A&&HOLE!” He yelled as the idiot in the other vehicle sped away. At that same moment his radio switched on and announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States!” My friend absolutely loves his new Ford F250 Flex-Fuel Truck…

      1. Hey, bbl…Moral of the story…”Don’t Mess With Texas…Trucks.” The best part of the Bamster’s visit to Texas? His departure, of course…

  25. NCninja34,   Is name calling your idea of how to fix the world’s problems?  And I am not, nor have I ever been a Republican, or a “moron”!  I am just fed up with the idiot who is running our country.  If you were an intelligent, informed American, YOU WOULD BE FED UP TOO.

    1. scorpia31 So could mind, and she has cerebal palsy…no joke. (She’s a happy girl, doesn’t know any different)

  26. Judge Jeanine does a very good job in this video putting these latest scandals in perspective and using a very straight forward and common sense approach that is refreshing to hear amongst all the political spin and purposeful deception that is being pushed by so many on the left and in this administration. For example this comment made by Obama that the Republicans are creating this “sideshow” and politicizing Benghazi. And Mrs Clintons absurd “what difference does it make” comment? For those of us who are paying attention these statements should infuriate you, and if you are not paying attention it’s shameful as we need to be the guardians of our government. I would have really liked for anyone on the right to get on national television immediately after Obama said that, to come back with excuse me Mr President, do you really want to go there in talking about sideshows? How disgraceful when it was you and your administration who 6 weeks before an election purposefully and willfully lied to the American people and invented the YouTube video SIDESHOW in order to win the election. Talk about a sideshow, please Mr President. Then Hillary what difference does it make? For starters the difference is you were in charge of the State Department and there are 4 dead Americans because of your incompetence and you have your eye on the White house, so what difference does it make, I want to hold accountable those that failed to protect our ambassador and the other dead Americans, those that didn’t send help and let them die, those that ignored repeated pleas for more security from your department. I think we have a right to know how this happened and to hold those accountable who let it happened and most of all I don’t want someone who is that incompetent to become our next President.

  27. Thank you Judge Jeanine Pirro!
      I am also convinced that your mother could do a better job. If we could only have a President like you.

  28. Thanks Judge Jeanie….so many of us feel frustrated and appalled by what is going on in Washington!

  29. 2016 LOL.   Actually, I don’t believe those ‘polls’. they come from the same folks who are kissing the back end of the king.

  30. So, President Obama is either the most uninformed, ignorant, unaware president we have ever had. Or he is the biggest LIAR to ever hold the office. And that would be quite an accomplishmnet, considering Nixon, Clinton and Reagan, just to name a few. This President has taken “THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD”, and turned it into the laughing stock of the world. I see no way around this,    IMPEACH OBAMA! IMPEACH OBAMA! IMPEACH OBAMA!

      1. 2016 Pamela M Beck    Why not,  what?  Impeach Obama?  then, why not, indeed.  I think that would be the best idea yet.  Then when Biden takes over, it won’t be long before he does something against the law, and we can impeach him too.  Too bad Romney didn’t get in, but Obummer’s gang made sure that nothing like this mess came out until after the election.  I am not a Rebublican, I am an American taxpayer.  But I honestly believe Romney would have done this country some good.  Or at least would have been HONEST about what was happening.

    1. Pamela M Beck seriously?
      You lump Nixon and Reagan in with oCommie and slick willie?

      1. No_BlahBlah Pamela M Beck I can understand Nixon but Reagan does not belong in that group.

        1. Agreed. Equating Obama with Reagan is just ridiculous. Clinton and Nixon even, yes, but Reagan, no.

  31. I think O, IRS and all need to brought up on Treason charges!! Your doing a GREAT Job on speaking the truth keep it up!!!!

  32. Just faintly? Dood…I don’t think I’m stretching it to say I think that little birdie is stuck on “cuckoo”…Nevertheless, JMHO…

  33. a dead mouse would do the same job……………………………………………..hm, with all due respect, of course 😉

  34. There’s power in speaking the truth, thanks for not fearing political correctness!

  35. ………………
    FuBar Ack does not give a ………………about real Americans…actually, he’s against real Americans…..

  36. Judge Jeanine Pirro, “THANK YOU” For standing up, and speaking up! for the rights of AMERICAN people.

  37. Think of what you just said , i have no fear of my Religious  minsters or Christen beliefs, but you say that good Muslims fear from you own, for speaking the truths of your feelings , the fact that you say you fear them is proof, if your religious belief’s where real and your religion is loving, you should be able to say what every you feel, or what needs to be said, without any fear of being beheaded , If you believe in their laws, than you are the problem here in the United States ! This is a free country and you feel repressed here by anything with speaking out, then that restrains your voice from being heard is the problem !!

  38. You are a breath of fresh air Judge Jeanine Pirro, “THANK YOU” for showing up, standing up, and speaking up!
    Right on.

  39. We need more like you Judge.  It’s time for a new Administration and we’d hoped for one this last election.  Those who re-elected Obama are beginning to suffer along with those who voted against.  They are receiving their JUST rewards right along with us.

  40. Judge Jeanine you are such a breath of bresh air.  You clearly state my thoughts so well.  I get so angry that I know my blood pressure goes up during the day because I listen to FOX TV while on the computer looking up and reading all I can about this man in the White House.  Every time obozo opens his mouth lie after lie tumbles out or more like spews out of his mouth!!  I hate this man and his low class wife! I think he is a dangerous criminally insane muslim fraud usurper with an egotistical narcissistic personality disorder who is an accomplished LIAR, a black man wanna be who is destroying this country.  He has no respect for the United States of America or the American people.  The low information black folks and the whites included really think he cares about them.  Make no mistake obozo cares for NO ONE but hisself and maybe his constant compaion, Reggie Love, his golf games, lavish vacations on our dime and getting his face on TV and campaigning!!  obozo has no clue how to do anything!!!  He appoints unqualified incompetent young people who are star struck in awe of him and living in denial that he actually knows what to do about anything.  He hasn’t done anything about jobs… the pipeline would create thousands of jobs, he won’t approve oil and gas drilling and he has no shame about having lavish parties when people are hungry and jobless. Do you know of any other president who would have gone to bed and not bothered to even call once to inquire about Benghazi during the night.  He went off to Las Vegas to campaign and party with Jay Z and Beonce, then on to The Letterman show where he referred to the four deaths as bumps in the road and finally The View where those four pathetic women do everything but hug and kiss him on air!!  His and hillary “butch” clinton were disgusting when they looked the families in the face and promised to get that man who caused this by the making of the Video.  That was eight months ago and still Mrs. Smith has not heard one word more from them even though ‘butch’ clinton told her that she would get back to her!! obozo is a spineless coward and simply has no idea how to do anything and the people he has appointed to do his job is pathetic and criminal.  The illegal barry hussein obozo is not a citizen of the United States and is NOT qualified to even be in the White House!!  It just makes me sick when I see his face and I cannot listen to him lie without just getting furious all over again!!  obozo has appointed muslim to his cabinate and they have close ties to the muslim brotherhood as does Valerie Jarret who probably is the one running the country!!  He allows Janet Napolitano to release Mexican criminals into the general population with no regard for the public.  obozo told everyone to make sure any sequester cuts were to be as hard and difficult as possible.  He is like a fifth grader who gets mad and picks up his marbles and goes home to pout!!!  This is the leader of our country!!!  Something is very wrong in Washington.  Look at all the corruption going on now and the Seal Team helicopter crash hasn’t even come to light yet!!!  There are those who know that obozo has been supplying our enemies Al Qaeta with arms.  In fact it seems that Ambassador Chris Stevens was in Benghazi that afternoon having dinner with the diplomat from Turkey making the arrangements for the arms waiting on a ship in the dock to go to Turkey then onto Syria… I believe this is TREASON punishable by death!!! This is the real reason obozo refused to send help!!

    1. Anna gee, you said a mouthful…LOL…don’t think you left anything out, ma’am…

  41. Kong1967, you hit the nail on the head.Voting will not get them out!! They are too deeply entrenched and too many people refuse to see what is right in front of them.

  42. Judge Jeannie Piro…needs to RUN AGAINST NY SENATOR  CHARLES SCHUMER in NEW YORK….
    TAKE THE U.S. SENATE back from Democrats!

  43. He is out to destroy America I say we get rid of him and all like him. he is a 2 eyed 10 fingered 10 toed 2arms 2 legs 1 head  1 brain Human being Just like the rest of us. How do we know he is not under threat under control why don’t a heap of people rescue him and his wife and children from the Position he is in  NO one knows where he stands and what he has got himself into How do we know he doesn’t have a implant ready to blow a hole inside his head the moment he speaks out of turn and all the past presidents for that matter we need to think outside this box Did it ever Occur to you that Obama does not want to die and is scared  Lets do something to protect him from his protectors.
    To protect him why don’t we have him and give him the right to be public examination . No but seriously why is Obama doing this. is it because he is Black because I know that No Real; Black African America would do this they are to kind of heart and to Angelic. They would sooner give money away than hurt The people. ands would rather die than go to war for any cause past saving their children and supporting peace.
    This makes me cry like a baby when I see what has become of the Only country in the world that I saw any hope in.
    Please bring back the America I once new The happy faces the peaceful protest with police standing by with a good old laugh and a pat on the back police that were friendly and not paranoid because they would rather protect us from hurting ourselves than hurting us. Oh God I would give anything even my life so that my children could grow up in a world where all was restrained and their was no harm in drinking Pepsi or Coke because the manufacturers didn’t know better that the ingredients were toxic but still not that bad to completely murder us while we slept. Where we could pick fruit right of the bush or tree and eat it without any harm to our bodies or the profits
    Please Universal Lord bring back the unity the pride in doing something right the first time to America and let us have another chance of showing the world we are not an Evil administration and we can work together with the entire planet for peace for all mankind .
    Please Peaceful Universal Lord help the people and give them power to help bring us back from the brink. Inside of us all is a child screaming out  stop this madness we want love we want happy we want smiles we want life Ide give my life one more time to see all the children grow old and watch the children of their own grow old in happiness.
    Pass this on. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our futures Come on America We/ You Can do it.

      1. Debby, you are kind beyond imagination, dear. LexLindsa needs more than English lessons, he needs ATC (around the clock) shots of Haldol, and an I Love Myself Jacket. Better yet, he needs an exorcism…lawd a mercy, I do declare the bats are loose in that man’s belfry…

        1. doofuschmartz Who are the four nut cases that “liked” his comment??? I think the IRS is bored now that they can’t play whack the conservative!

    1. LexLindsa
      I think you have passion and maybe your general sentiment is in the right place.
      But this statement: “Did it ever Occur to you that Obama does not want to die and is scared  Lets do something to protect him from his protectors.” Kinda throws a wet blanket on anything else you say (imo).
      Obama is a self-serving, arrogant, greedy, insane monster. What he has done to this country – the environment he has cultivated is NOT America. He’s a destroyer. He and his twisted regime is the least transparent, the most criminal and devastating that this country has ever had to endure. He is a liar. He is the great destroyer. He is a corrupt devil in his own right. He has no soul and I don’t believe he is scared at all – unless the truth gets out. He is a traitor to this country and I won’t shed one tear or one drop of blood for this man.
      Get rid of him and his ilk, then the children have a chance and you can dry your tears. But not before.

      1. The Sentinel  LexLindsa What I meant about his protectors was they are actually his minders and he is secretly imprisoned he is a puppet. but what can he do and his hatred for the people is born out of our misunderstanding of what he tried to do.

        1. LexLindsa The Sentinel  
          I don’t accept the “victim” card on his behalf. I have no sympathy for him. He sleeps with the enemy all the time and he deserves anything he gets. However, as we’ve seen time and time again… he seems to be Teflon and for some unbelievable reason, he remains in control. He should have been thrown in jail on numerous occasions.
          I don’t misunderstand him or his intentions. He’s a devil.

  44. Judge Jeanine, please do a commentary on Extortion 17 and incredible loss of Navy SEALs.  They are trying to cover up the largest loss in the SEALs history.  The parameters around their mission were amazingly awful.    
    These SEALs did the dirty work  Osama.  They were used as political pawns, “I got Osama.”  Really?  They were set up as sacrificial lambs.  Who was supposed to be appeased?  This story is even  worse than Benghazi.  It needs to be publicized, they are trying to bury it.    
    The press conference is three hours long, but it is jaw dropping.  Please demand this be investigated. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/05/breaking-seal-parents-demand-obama-explain-why-their-son-was-allowed-to-be-desecrated-at-his-memorial-service-by-islamic-cleric-video/

  45. It is so hard to believe that finally someone has the nerve to speak up for what is right and defend America. We stand for justice, liberty, truth the freedom of speech. This President does not realize we are fed up and are not going to keep taking this sitting down. He is out to destroy America. God is telling the profits he is going to reveal all that has been sweep under the rug. I truly believe he will, If MY people will Pray and turn from their wicked ways,  he said he would hear from heaven forgive our sins and heal our land,” 2ND CRON 7:14 Prayer still changes things.

      1. 57thunderbird lilliang7  Please keep praying. I have also been praying and standing on this verse more than 4 years probably. God’s promises are true and I truly believe if we Christians will earnestly seek him and pray, he will turn this around for our good and his glory. What God said he will do he will do. Abraham waited 20 years for the son of promise. It happened. It is time we believe his word. Abraham staggered not at the promise of God, and it was accounted to him as righteousness. God will prove himself faithful.

  46. can somebody please make 3 clones of her.
    Clone 1: Special Prosecuter for Obama Impeachment
    Clone 2: President of the United States
    Clone 3: My Wife. I wana marry this women.

  47. HarveyA 50% of the American public are in a coma. I was in it myself until I started listening to Rush, Beck, Levin and others. I am a Puerto Rican American who was favorable for years toward the Demo-crap party. I and many of my friends now vote Republican although I wish there was a viable Conservative party as an alternative.

    1. HarveyA P.S. I live in the Bronx-which is a wasteland of liberal thinking. The Corruption in N.Y.C. seems to be an epidemic with more politicians getting in trouble-mostly democrats.

  48. I really respect Judge Jeanine Pirro……very intelligent individual.  So, I have to agree with all that she said in her video and more respect for even venturing to keep us informed and updated. I have the same thoughts regarding the 3 ‘scandals ‘ of this past week and way earlier. I sign a lot of petitions and comment to my own Sen. L.Graham quite often. It’s a change to get into conversations with people who basically have the same thoughts, opinions and comments…we would like to see OUR America get back to her values and KEEP the LAW OF THE LAND in tact and never infringed.

  49. EVERY WORD she says is true.  
    Obama IS the scandal  – His actions since taking office have been criminal –  corruption, cronyism, power-grabbing and persecution of conservatives.

    1. Conniption Fitz Don’t forget the tyranny as a high crime against America…and the ‘transformation’ that he is so determined to have come about….an illegal alien at that (proven).

  50. I am not putting anyone down, but I liken and I could be off here, but when an abusive relationship is heard of or comes to light, we always say, “why didnt the victim say something,
    why didnt he/she/they call the police or ask me for help, I lived right next door?” This is basic human nature fear, and sometimes I have seen it people say, ” the victim was dumb for staying or going to bail their attacker out of jail”. I think that the victims in all these cases feel how they deal with their individual situation is the best way to maintain self preservation. Also I know myself having 6 sisters have taken a loss in a fight or two with crappy boyfriends they had, because I was trying to protect them. I think because of this peaceful individuals who

    1. jjones734 This “self preservation” you keep speaking of, within context of the subject being discussed, is just another way of saying, “coward”.  Having said that, the rest of what you write is senseless. Good grief.

  51. I can not understand whit so much information and proof of wrong doing how WE as American’s have allowed this person and his cohorts to remain in the position of power. We are American’s, not sheep, we do not need a Shepard.

    1. Viralusion I agree..we have a lot of proven info…we are up in arms (well, not quite )….about just everything. From our our documents written 235+ years ago: and while we are arguing THAT point, he’s doing some other criminal thing behind our backs…and now, that these 3 scandals are out in the ‘open’, it makes me worry about what he  is upto today.  As far as our not doing anything…the hoi polloi can only write and call to their Sen/Reps and let them know how we feel and what we feel should be done..constantly…ad nauseum….until they get that we are not to be governed with a tyrant behind the desk.

      1. CarolChadbourne Viralusion I am unfortunately in the district under Rep.Maxine Waters. Even though I have sent letters requesting investigation and impeachment, she is a one of the Marxist progressives and will probably send the IRS on me.

        1. CarolChadbourne Viralusion …Oh no I feel sorry for you.  Maxine Waters is a real pig and stupid to boot. She should NOT be allowed to breath our air.  She has mostly low information voters in her district and they keep her in office.  She is as disgusting as that Elijah Cummings who insists on making everything racial!!  I live in Dallas and Thank God we have good people in Congress.  I hope you don’t get the IRS sicked on you.  I am afraid of themand I think they are obscene as most government is.  What a nightmare thinking that the same person who was running the department who targeted the TEA PARTY, even Billy Graham, his son Franklin and churches were targeted by the IRS, is going to be run by her!! This is without a doubt the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States!!

        2. CindyJeanMaloney CarolChadbourne Viralusion They have already done it to me…and everyone else in SC. We all were informed by letters that somehow all their data on us was hacked, searched, etc. And I did not know until last week that it was the gov’t looking for red flag words like: Tea Party, Conservatives  and anything else that sounded like the opposition of his  liberalism ( i.e. marxism/socialism). I’m sure I’m on one of “lists” …..I don’t care..I still have the 1st amendment. FB, google and snopes..all send whatever they feel is ‘telling’ right on to the gov’t. fb also has ‘monitors’ who feel they can delete, hide, and anything else for the gov’t.

  52. I can not understand whit so much information and proof of wrong doing how WE as American’s have allowed this person and his cohorts to remain in the position of power. We are American’s, not sheep, we do not need a Shepard.

  53. Actually l am NOT a muslim, I am not defending anything other than simple fact, that SELF PRESERVATION is very hard to give up. if you had a choice… Speak up, take a beating andor your son or daughter, wife gets beaten. What would you do? I dont believe in this Administration, you are missing the point, personally, this government to me has never been perfect, I dont believe in organized religion, I do believe in God, I am also living in the real world, and I know that it takes TRUE courage , I belve in the constitution, every major religion has terrorized, coerced and controlled its members and non members in some way. No religion alone is perfect, its what we do as individual human beings, if the Judge is retired then of course she has the right, I would never deny that. But my point is still valid, I do not feel I have the right to judge others who are afraid. specially when the threat is loss of life and safety of their loved on. I have read post after post on this subject, and THERE ARE Muslims who disagree with AlQueida, but many many Americans have found a common enemy in ALL MUSLIMS. Does that mean ALL CATHOLICS condone child molestation? Or ALL BLACK BAPTISTS hate whites and/or homosexuals? You see even in the latter two topics the generalization is unfair. My belief is that individuals commit crimes, do terrible things, and HIDE behind the cover of some belief system or ideology. Sometimes when the crimes are terrible we forget the religion is inanimate, its still an individual who does the deed.

    1. jjones734 Their silence only serves to make them all suspect in most peoples minds.

    2. jjones734 “Self preservation”….well, if ever I’m in trouble, I’ll know who NOT to call upon.

    3. jjones734 Christians abused their religion when they of the “Holy Roman Empire” (Anti Christ to many) murdered so many.
      But Muslims simply are devout to their religion when they kill an infidel (anyone including Muslims they disagree with).  If you see a jew behind the tree kill him.  Murder and Paradise for Murder is what Islam is about.  About fulfilling lust and demeaning all men.  There is no love in Islam.  No respect for fellow beings.  Just a balancing of good and evil deeds.  To many christians it is a religion designed by Satan as it makes so many bad things good and good things bad while turning believes on their head.  But unlike Muslims that hate Christians Christians pray for Muslims to understand the real God.
      You have no clue about what love and helping others find love means.  You call that coercion.  I feel very sad for you I will pray for you that you might eventually find God and understand he is all about love.  That you will understand praying with and helping others brings pure happiness and love.

    4. Generalize much? Ignore most history often?
      Besides, Erdogan himself said, and I quote, ‘There is no moderate Islam and extremist Islam, there is just Islam’. You, like many others, better wake up and smell the roses, pal.

  54. In Short Shari’a Law: All man made governments (Democracy) and free speech are abominations and MUST be Eliminated, orders Death for both Muslim & Non Muslim CRITICS of Muhammad, the Qur’an and Shari’a, Commands Offensive Aggressive & Unjust JIHAD, as written in the Qur’an SHARI’A is the Law of Allah any other Form of Government is a sin, it is the Duty of All MUSLIMS to keep Striving until all Governments have been Converted to SHARI’A LAW, MUSLIMS ARE ALLOWED TO DECEIVE NON MUSLIMS IF IT HELPS ISLAM, this is called TAQIYYA, the Qur’an instructs muslims to lie to non muslims. lying is always useful in war & ISLAM IS AT WAR until the Whole World follows SHARI’A LAW
    Obama Fits the Bill

    1. jc1522122A child’s religion in Islam must follow the
      religion of his father.  There is no such a thing in Islam (of freedom
      of religion.)  If a Muslim chooses to leave Islam, he or she must be put
      to death.  As it is written in Quran 6 :15
      Therefore, Obama, like it or not, is a Muslim. If he prayers or fasts
      during Ramadan or visits Mecca, he is a Muslim.  Muslim men in the West
      marry Christian women or other women, but they will never allow a
      Christian man or other to marry a Muslim woman.  If she does marry a
      Christian man or other, she will be put to death.

  55. Judges should NOT be involved in political process, no matter how well meaning she is, its grandstanding. The issues we have always had in our court system is impartiality, very tough to get a judge and jury that truly understands that term. That aside, the arguments about the Muslim brotherhood… And how the “good” muslims need to speak out.
    Most don’t truly remember America post freedom of all slaves pre lets pick a number 1949. There were many “good” baptists, catholics, protestants, mormons, and other christians, who although they might of been 100% against the brutality towards another human being based on race, would not step in the middle or speak up for fear of reprisal against their own family by the radical members of the KKK who many of were members of churches of these religions. Some people did at great risk to their own life family and safety, that is proven fact. So condemning them as being “weak” is not right. Not everyone has the courage to risk everything and everyone they hold dear, to truly put what they love at risk to protect the rights and safety of another, no matter how heinous the crimes or injustice. That does not mean they are weak, bad, or anything else, it means they have a strong survival instinct, and 95% of all human beings will protect themselves and their loved ones at all costs including hiding from retaliation from some radical.sect of any organization they may share common beliefs, traditions, but unequal interpretations of those beliefs.

    1. jjones734 You might want to be informed, I know.,..LIV don’t like that, however, this judge is retired. She lives in America too, the first Amendment gives her that power.
      Not everyone has the “courage”, well guess you are the one with the “courage” to speak up for muslims..do you get paid for that, or what? Were you around to keep everyone safe from the democrat KKK?
      The fact is that the majority of murdering and mayhem is perpetrated by muslims. You’ll just have to own that, unless you want to encourage muslims to grow a pair and speak up!

    2. jjones734 I do not believe she is grandstanding. What I do believe is that like everyone else, she has simply had enough and has the public voice to speak out, where we do not. That I greatly appreciate, judge or not.

    3. jjones734 If a judges intentions are Constitutional, then yes, they do need to speak up when it comes to politics. Especially against a deceiving, tyrannical regime like the one we have now. 
      We just need to get these judges to bring criminal charges against Obama and his administration.

    4. jjones734In Short Shari’a Law: All man made governments (Democracy) and free speech are abominations and MUST be Eliminated, orders Death for both Muslim & Non Muslim CRITICS of Muhammad, the Qur’an and Shari’a, Commands Offensive Aggressive & Unjust JIHAD, as written in the Qur’an SHARI’A is the Law of Allah any other Form of Government is a sin, it is the Duty of All MUSLIMS to keep Striving until all Governments have been Converted to SHARI’A LAW, MUSLIMS ARE ALLOWED TO DECEIVE NON MUSLIMS IF IT HELPS ISLAM, this is called TAQIYYA, the Qur’an instructs muslims to lie to non muslims. lying is always useful in war & ISLAM IS AT WAR until the Whole World follows SHARI’A LAW
      Obama Fits the Bill

  56. If only there were some way to predict a politician from Chicago would be such a corrupt president.

    1. hyacynths That picture with the umbrella  shows the contempt this president feels for our men and women in uniform…..I felt uncomfortable watching. What is wrong with this picture kept playing through my head. Today I see a picture of Ronald Reagan holding his own umbrella  I realized right away that was the way Obama should have gone.

      1. joy47 hyacynths How you speak! El presidente holding his own umbrella….you can expect an audit anytime now! 😉

    1. hyacynths Sadly those who didn’t vote for El presidente got what the stupid people voted for too.

      1. badbadlibs hyacynths Exactly!And we have to suffer the consequences of their stupidity!

  57. HarveyA It would matter if the majority of Americans paid attention to anything but themselves. To be fair, many of those same Americans are entirely too busy trying to keep their heads above water since El Presidente took office.

  58. At a news conference in the White House Rose Garden with
    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Obama the Puppet in Chief of the
    Dirty Pimps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmECnHjxgZc armed with umbrellas to rescue them from a gentle rain that
    fell for about four minutes, which was long enough to let the world know that
    the Dirty Pimps poses the U.S. Marines, the entire U.S. Government including
    the people and also that they will continue to do whatever they damn well please,
    and as far as they are concerned they know that the servants of Satan the
    Godless American population will continue to put their headdown and do as they say, like they have been
    doing for the last one hundred years.

    1. hnrast I was just going to post about this!! His SECRET SERVICE hold umbrellas! Not our Marines! It infuriates me to NO END how he has no respect what so ever for our men and woman who fight for him and this country!!! Flippin Sheeple!!

  59. Obama is either a blithering, blameless idiot or an arrogant, conniving liar.  This is a GREAT monologue!  Rather than her mother running the country……Judge Jeanine Pirro should run for president!!

    1. CindyW I’m not understanding why it has to be either or? El presidente is very obviously both! 😉

  60. WH aide Dan Pfiffer said it is “irrelevant” about if it was legal for the IRS to target conservatives. An independent investigator has to investigate the IRS contact your reps to push for an independent investigation. His comment signals the WH had something to do with this.

    1. tinlizzieowner
      I’m back. You missed ‘Coastie’ today.
      The link makes this look like a kids toy but it’s actually a 4 foot tall ($13,000), robot that talks to you and answers your questions while rolling around, blinking it’s eyes and ‘peeing’ on you with it’s fire hose, (if you’re not careful). 😉 😉
      If Disney made a movie called ‘Boats’ (instead of ‘Cars’) ‘Coastie would have to be in it.

        1. AmericanborninCanada tinlizzieowner 
          The complexity was amazing! It actually talks back to you (not some guy with a remote control). It’s Boater Safety Week and the Coast Guard decided to set up their exhibit right in front of the museum. A plus for both of us. 🙂

  61. I’m really happy to see her so on fire lately. She says exactly what needs to be said, she pulls no punches, and she’s absolutely dead on point! I’ve always liked her, but more than ever now. I might actually have to break my Fox boycott and watch the show -or just watch the highlights on here. 🙂

  62. What difference does it make?  We got reelected!  We got away with it!  We got to stay in power!  What difference does it make now, you idiots?!

      1. gerardpy BartF1 Wrong target, Gerry. I am just putting Hillary Clinton in clearer context.  This is what “What difference does it make!” really means.

    1. BartF1 As long as the Obama Crime Syndicate sticks together there is nothing we can do about it.  Holder was found in Contempt of Congress and rubs it in their face by claiming this corrupt Judge is honest.  The stupid Republican praises this corrupt Judge before pointing out his corruption.
      This is a fixed game but Republicans are also in on it.  Most of the GOP leadership is in on it getting their pay offs.  The GOP leadership had their day made when the IRS went after the Tea Party.  They approved of that 100%.

  63. SherriMezouari
    “Most Muslims stay out of it because they do not want the problems coming to them.”
    All that’s needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
    “And in today’s time the more you speak up the more problems you face.”
    The Tea Party can attest to this, however, they still had the courage to speak up.

  64. Great Speech. We do deserve to know and we are continually being lied to. Bill Clinton was crucified for a blow job, yet these are all matters that are far worse and Obama has not yet received the same treatment despite his continued lies and incompetent approach to handling the situation. He’s ridiculous, as is how this is being handled. Shouldn’t take this long (for Benghazi) or be this complicated. She just provided a normal, typical procedure with how to investigate these issues. It shouldn’t be a media circus unless they continue to make it one. Do what’s right based on the crimes and actions taken by those involved, which includes your resignation if in fact Obama was involved and has continued to lie and cover-up, and it will be over as quick as one could expect.

    1. Clinton was not crucified for a “bj”.  He was impeached because he lied under oath.  Additionally, much of the coverage of the press was mostly hostile toward Clinton’s victims and the whistleblower, Linda Tripp, not Clinton himself.
      The acceptance of a president receiving a bj by an intern young enough to be his daughter, using a cigar as a prop, leaving solid evidence on a blue dress (not even offering to pay for dry cleaning lol), lying about it to the American people, then lying under oath, bombing an aspirin factory (or whatever it was) as a smoke screen on the day of important testimony, denigrating the witnesses and whistle blower and shuffling it all aside as “just sex” or “its not sex” or whatever the media theme of the day was………was the beginning of our society crumbling.  We now have ended up with no standards whatsoever.

  65. Great as always. But, it boils down to one of her last statements. Obama supports Muslims and fights against Americans.

  66. I agreed with you up until some thing you said. You are part of the problem on Islam-phobia  I was so upset to hear you say that, “Why is it that you apologize to Muslims but lie to Americans”, really i am a Muslim, and i am American. If you really want the truth, the truth is, Muslims do not = terrorist. There are more than a hundred branches of Islam. That is like saying every christian is a child molester because a preacher or priest molest a child. Do you know what its like to be a Muslim in American in today’s day and age? I can not even get work. Obama is crap, he is a liar, but if the truth be told, he and his department is most likely to blame for the bombing at Boston and framed those two boys. He wanted focus on something else rather than the bills he was trying to get passed. We live in a country were most of our food is poisoned  our water too, where the government is working on setting up martial law,so they can go in our homes and patrol our streets, and they can already arrest anyone without cause for an extended length of time and imprison them for as long as they choose, if they feel they are a treat, (So he can come in your home and arrest you if he wanted), and wanting to take guns out of the hands of the people, so that we are defenseless and completely dependent on them. Our government is the biggest terrorist there is. I am a Muslim and i would never hurt another human being or animal. Most Muslims wouldn’t. Please do not use Islam in that manor. Because being Muslim doesn’t have anything do with being a terrorist.

    1. SherriMezouari You need to convince the terrorists, not the rest of the world.
      Since there are relatively so few ‘terrorists’ compared to the world’s population, and since you have a shared culture and language with them, I’ve just made your job easier.

      Convince them; I welcome your effort.

      1. No_BlahBlah SherriMezouari No – it is the weak minded liberals like yourself who need to be convinced. But of course making idiots see the light is impossible.

        1. gerardpy
          That’ pretty funny stuff.
          It is the weak minded who are not able to follow simple statements that have gotten America into the fix we are in today.
          I find it laughable that because I encourage a self described muslim to condemn terrorists (which they don’t do) I am somehow a liberal.
          A person, BTW, who roundly condemns oCommie and the intrusiveness of government .

You seem to be the poster child for a quote by Frederic Bastiat;
          “The worst thing that can happen to a good cause in not to be skillfully attacked, but to be ineptly defended.”

          Thanks buddy. For helping the enemy.
          Next you will tell me you don’t know who Frederic Bastiat is, right?

    2. SherriMezouari If a Christian kills an abortion doctor, Christians hunt him down, capture him, bring his to trial and punish him. If a Muslim commits an act of terrorism, other Mulsims hold his coat. That is the problem.

    3. SherriMezouari we appreciate your opinion and have no problem with you as Muslim. But, you of all people need to pay closer attention. Obama has done everything he can to facilitate the spread of the Muslim Brotherhood and by all appearances has been supporting the opposition in Syria, which is linked to Al Quaida. And at the same time, he has not been a friend to Christians.

      1. Ewil99 SherriMezouari I agree with you Ewil99 but spreading hatred towards Muslims is not the way to get that done. Everyone who claims to be a Christian isn’t necessarily so. Just as everyone who claims to be a Muslims isn’t either. Many have distorted the religion to suit themselves, and get away with Killing innocent people, and those people will most likely rot in hell for it. I agree that Obama is a horrible man who is spreading hate, but no need for us to spread that hate here by using the wrong choice of words either. I just think she should have worded that a little different. I am a Muslim but i am just as american and anyone else in the USA. I am a southern girl with southern roots, from Arkansas. I would stand with my neighbors and fellow Americans and fight just as much as the next american. My children serve in the Military also. We are red blooded true to the core Americans, i just happen to be a Muslim too. I stand up for anyone who is being mistreated. I am the one who will stand up for someone being judged for color, race, religion, sex, or disability. The stop of prejudice starts with all of us. If we can not take a stand it will never stop. Its time to make a difference in the world. That’s what i do.

        1. SherriMezouari states “Many have distorted the religion to suit themselves”.  In this we agree but not as you implied or intended.
          The religion, as written in the Qur’an and supported through the Hadith and Sira reflects Islam and terrorism against ‘the other’ accurately, which is why you have so much difficulty defending your ‘moderation’.  Not the other way around.  The law of Islamic abrogation undermines all attempts to moderate the faith which is http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?ARTID=297 in nature. 

          Our first clue about the dualism is in the Qur’ran, which is actually two books, the Qur’ran of Mecca (early) and the Qur’ran of Medina (later). The insight into the logic of the Qur’ran comes from the large numbers of contradictions in it. On the surface, Islam resolves these contradictions by resorting to “abrogation”. This means that the verse written later supersedes the earlier verse. But in fact, since the Qur’ran is considered by Muslims to be the perfect word of Allah, both verses are sacred and true. The later verse is “better,” but the earlier verse cannot be wrong since Allah is perfect. This is the foundation of dualism. Both verses are “right.” Both sides of the contradiction are true in dualistic logic. The circumstances govern which verse is used.

        2. wtd 
          I’m on the ‘outside’ here. I believe there is ‘A God’ but I don’t subscribe to “a religion’. 
          Religion is a product of man, not God.

        3. tinlizzieowner wtd It is not about religion,it is about having a personal and loving relationship with your creator.

    4. SherriMezouari 
      Sherri, I have a suggestion. Since there are some odd Billion of you (Muslims), get out in the street and protest for the ‘righteous Islam’. Grab all your fellow ‘believers’ and protest ISLAMIC TERRORISM.
      We who are not Islamic are more than happy to take down those use our religions as an ‘excuse’ to terrorize.
      “. I am a Muslim and i would never hurt another human being or animal.”.
      I believe you, great 1st post. 🙂

      1. tinlizzieowner SherriMezouari I would love to do just that. I would love to protest terrorism. But protesting against it, will that stop it? I think educating our Muslim youth will stop it, and educating our young men, because they seem to be the ones those idiots are targeting. So for all Muslim young men wake up before you become part of the problem. Don’t fall for the lies of the whisper, cause he will lead you to hell.

        1. SherriMezouari tinlizzieowner
          ” I would love to do just that. I would love to protest terrorism. But protesting against it, will that stop it?”
          NO, it won’t BUT what it would do is demonstrate that there are Muslims who are as disgusted with ‘Islamic’ terrorism as non-Muslims are. That would go a long way toward dispelling the ‘stereotype’ that ALL Muslims are 7th century Barbarians.
          And Yes, it’s up to you in the Islamic community to educate the Islamic youth, WE (outside the Islamic community) can’t do it. We are ‘infidels’ and outside the teachings of the Koran. It’s up to you to teach the Islamic youth that there is more than meaning to the word ‘Jihad’.

        2. tinlizzieowner SherriMezouari I agree with you TLO.  Until the “muslims” speak out against their terrorists brothers, they silently encourage it.  It is not lost on me that muslims have been taught to lie to gain trust of their enemies Christians!

    5. SherriMezouari Sherry…….answer this question for all of us islamaphobes……why don’t the “peace loving” muslims speak out against the terrorism inflicted on the rest of the world by the violent muslims?….I’ll answer that for you….because all muslims seek to take over the entire planet and force your religion on the rest of us…but someone has to kill the infidels..right….not all muslims engage in violence…but all muslims agree with it….

      1. JamesCanady SherriMezouari  That is not true. Would i like to see the whole world become Muslim of course. Would i want to kill, and torture people to force them to believe no way. And most do not. Most Muslims stay out of it because they do not want the problems coming to them. And in today’s time the more you speak up the more problems you face. The ones here in the USA almost all of them are against terrorism, but afraid to speak out because of the hatred towards Muslims. And not all Muslims agree with it. Most are horrified by it just like us!

        1. SherriMezouariJamesCanady 
           “The ones here in the USA almost all of them are against terrorism, but
          afraid to speak out because of the hatred towards Muslims.”
          The fear is not the hatred towards Muslims, but fear of retaliation from the radical Muslims.
          We have great respect for any Muslim that publicly speaks out the radicals and their terrorist activities.

        2. SherriMezouari
          You wrote: “The ones [ muslims] here in the USA almost all of them are against terrorism, but afraid to speak out because of the hatred towards Muslims.”
          That is not true.
          They are afraid because they fear retaliation from their own imams, and from their own co-religionists. Furthermore, there is the hatred towards American Christians as reported here on this site, in e.g. Dearborn, which show clearly on which side the hatres lies.
          That Americans ‘hate’ muslims so much that these afraid to say anything critical about muslim terrorists has been proven wrong so many times, it is astonishing you bring that argument. Just because some hack writes this in the NYT doesn’t make it true.
          Did any mosques burn after 9/11, or after the Boston Marathon bombings?
          I rest my case.

        3. colliemum SherriMezouari Well said mum!I agree 100%!.Her argument is full of holes.

        4. The Islamofauxbia argument is utter nonsense.  Western leftists and progressives provide a well worn/torn welcome mat out for you to present your case against Islamic violence.  It’s not the unbelievers you fear.  It’s the truth, pushed deep down into your psyche that frightens you most.   It is your own co-religionists you fear most, and based on well documented history, realistically so.

        5. SherriMezouari stated “Most are horrified by it just like us!”
          ‘it’ meaning Islamic terrorism is what you and ‘most’ muslims are horrified by, right?
          Are we to believe that you are familiar with, and equally horrified by the terrorism described in your holy texts?  Are we to understand that you reject the verses which call for devout Muslims to force humiliation and  submission upon the people of the book either as dhimmis or reverts upon the threat of death until all worship your allah? 
          There are many of us non-Muslims who have taken the time to read and become familiar with your religious texts and studied it’s history of conquest..and. as you can see here on this board, many more are taking the time to do the same.  
          Perhaps it is you that should take a closer look at your religious texts and consider it’s clear message.

        6. wtd That is not true, that is another part of Quran taken out of context. The deal is they were allowed to fight for their right and freedom to protect their lives, and homes. They did not start fighting the unbelievers until they were attacked and many killed, and their homes destroyed as well as their possessions.

        7. wtd Truth be known it doesn’t take a whole lot of research to understand the evil that is Islam. Just as it didn’t take much to figure out who Obama is.

        8. SherriMezouariJamesCanady “Would i like to see the whole world become Muslim of course”  You just confirmed that you are in fact a supporter of the elimination of Christians.

        9. 57thunderbirdcolliemumSherriMezouariCatch my post above: ” Would i like to see the whole world become Muslim of course.”  Says it all!

        10. colliemum SherriMezouari But further they are taught by their Imans to lie to us.  To lie to our faces they do not support Terrorist even while they send them money through the groups they give money to.  They claim they are not violent while paying others that are violent to be violent.
          It is just a shell game designed to fool all peaceful people on Earth.

    6. SherriMezouari Maybe it’s time all you good Muslims show anger and outrage at the extremist terrorists that have and are makijng your religion look like an evil one!  Standing silent and letting these monsters continue their radical ways, only condons them!!

      1. AlisonDraperMcguire SherriMezouari I agree with you alison, that is why i spoke up, but downing islam or muslims is not what this was about, and she shouldn’t use words of hate towards one group when talking about it. There are muslims in this country who do not like Obama also. I am one of them, he is a liar, and a terrorist his own self and using our government to rain his terror. I was just trying to make a point that Islam and Muslims have nothing to do with that and there is enough hatred towards muslims already. And there have been mosque burned broken into, spray painted, and people harassed, it just doesn’t make news. I myself have been targeted, and had someone try to pull of my hijab that i had pins in and it pulled out part of my hair. Do not tell me it doesn’t happen it happens all the time. I can not wear hijab and work, if i want a job here i have to take off hijab and put my beliefs aside, how is that fair or right? The deal is this is off topic and i should not have to sit here and defend myself to others. I am trying to make a point that it isn’t about Islam and Muslims it is about Obama and his group of neeandrathals that are not doing their jobs. Muslims are not a part of the topic and she shouldn’t be spreading more hate and that is what she was doing. You can not solve one problem by starting another.

        1. donward7 SherriMezouari AlisonDraperMcguire The Quran does teach love, peace, love for others, and animals. It also teaches mercy and patience. Things you do not see in media.

        2. SherriMezouari donward7 AlisonDraperMcguire Then prove it with the use of the word love from the Quran.. Any verse will prove your point! Lack of any verse proves my point!.. Waiting

        3. SherriMezouari AlisonDraperMcguire May I ask where it is you work, no need to give address. Everywhere I go and I live in a very small town, I see women in their hijab working. In particular a grocery store nearby there is a muslim woman clerk.

        4. I do not trust the news media as it is full of progressive parasites, I read the Qur’an and accept it as face value. When it reads the following I take heed that as a Christian YOU want to murder me..                                        Quran 2:216 War is decreed to you, and it
          is hated by you. And perhaps you may hate something and it is good for
          you, and perhaps you love something and it is evil for you, and Allah
          knows and you do not know.
          Qur’an 9:5  So when the forbidden months are passed, so kill the
          polytheists wherever you find them, and take them (as captive), and
          besiege them and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush, so if they
          repent and perform the prayer and give the legal alms, so leave their
          way free. Surely Allah is forgiving, merciful.
          Qur’an 9:14 Engage in war with them, Allah will torment them by your
          hands and put them to shame and give you victory over them and heal the
          chest of a believing people.
          Qur’an 8:65 O you prophet, provoke the believers to engage in war. If
          there will be twenty patient ones of you, they will have victory over
          two hundred…
          There are over 30 verses in the Quran where Allah and Mohammed commands
          Muslims to perform jihad against Christians and Jews for the purpose of
          spreading Islam.
          I see nothing but hate for Christians and Jews, what do you see?

        5. SherriMezouari AlisonDraperMcguire Lets not forget,this country was built by Christians. And is now being deluted by Muslims. Pretty simple,if life is so bad here for you,take a hike. We wont try to stop you.

        6. SherriMezouari
          ” love, peace, love for others, and animals” are all things we do not see practiced in abundance anywhere Islam rules or has ruled throughout its 1400 year duration.
           As harsh as that sounds, I  give you,SherriMezouari, the benefit of the doubt as  I want to believe you are sincere.  
          But just as those who would dismiss my point of view out of hand as ‘Islamophobic’, recognize that I have no argument with Muslims who practice their faith as a love of their creator AND make no attempt to inflict their will upon non-believers.  
           It is when that line is crossed, where the will of allah, through his messenger Muhammed and  is forcibly  foisted  – either through creeping sharia or violent jihad – upon those who reject his entire message  is  where I take my stand.   
          You are more than welcome to practice your faith as it inflicts its will upon you.  Once your faith attempts it’s influence upon me, you and I are enemies.

        7. donward7 SherriMezouari AlisonDraperMcguire  I believe there are 2 chapters devoted to making love to camels.

    7. SherriMezouari If you are peaceful than you are as much a Muslim as Obama is a Christian. The peaceful parts of Islam were borrowed from Christianity to fool people like yourself. Mohammed was a fraud.

      1. strangernfiction SherriMezouari I am a muslim and Mohamed was no fraud, and peace is part of islam and if read correct you would understand that. but i am guessing you have never read a quran. They have it for free online so before you judge and make statements educate yourself.

        1. donward7 SherriMezouari strangernfiction Well i think you need to do a little more research my friend, or something because love is everywhere in Quran, it even talks about loving god, and god loving us. And according to Islam the Torah (old testment) and the New Testment are all books sent to people by God, they were sent to men for men, and Quran was the last book. But like i said before i am not here to defend myself to you or anyone else. My beliefs and what i believe is my right. I am not prosecuting you for your beliefs leave me alone for mine. And please educate yourself a little more because you apparently did not educate yourself enough on it. And i am sure you did not read the whole quran or even try to understand because if you did you would know that statement is not true.

        2. SherriMezouari donward7 strangernfiction Not in its original context. The Bible has had its share of translators from which the Mormons , Jehovah Wittiness and other false sect have risen. The Qur’an was written in Arabi..

        3. SherriMezouari donward7 strangernfiction You came here to tell us that Islam is a religion of peace, something it most definitely is not. That is what we object to. Believe whatever you want to believe, but don’t try to sell us a bill of goods.

        4. When Mohammed spoke of Allah throughout the
          Quran, he meant the god of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, the Creator
          of heaven and earth. 
          The question we must ask is  – is the god of Islam the same god as the
          God of Christianity?  The answer is absolutely not.  For the god of
          Mohammed is the Satan of the Bible.  We can see this clearly in Quran
          1:1 which indicates that Muslims worship the god of this world who is
          Satan (See 2 Corinthians 4:4) who is known as the best deceiver

        5. donward7SherriMezouaristrangernfiction 
          There is no reason to offer misleading information here donward7.  The word ‘love’ indeed appears 93  times in the qur’an., for example:

          Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike
          it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that
          ye love a thing which is bad for you. But
          Allah knoweth, and ye know not. 
          (  سورة البقرة  , Al-Baqara, Chapter , Verse )

        6. SherriMezouari strangernfiction Why don’t you singlehandedly go save Pastor Saeed out of Iranian jail because he will not turn from his Christian faith and turn to islam? The sole purpose why he was charged for 8yrs+ prison time, tortured, beaten, inernal bleeding, all because he will not turn to Islam. savepastorsaeed.org

        7. SherriMezouari I’ve read it.  Also read the Hadiths and history of Islam. Mohummad was not a man of peace, he wasn’t even sure if his visions were from an angel, he believed they were probably jinn.  The spread of Islam has not been peaceful and still is not.

    8. SherriMezouari Mohammed was a sinful man, a child
      molester, a sex offender, a womanizer, a prophet pretender, a thief, a
      killer, an adulterer; therefore, he cannot be a prophet

    9. Are you out of your mind?  Why were these two “boys” (I say terrorist thugs) making bombs, throwing them at police, etc.?

  67. Look at a couple of Obama’s friends. Bill Ayres, who once stated a couple of years ago that the only regrets he had about the bombings is that they didn’t do more of them. The Rev.Wright that HATES America and we are supposed to believe that Obama sat in his church for years and had no idea. To give a view into Obama’s thinking, look at the title of one of his books, Dreams “FROM” My Father. His father was a marxist /socialist .His fathers dreams were passed on to him to be carried out in this country.WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  68. The SOB marxist should be impeached already. The media is protecting it ( him ) , get after them NOW!

    1. rapidcraft I would like to. Any ideas other than ridiculing their work product and boycotting their programs and getting rid of my tv and not subscribing to newspapers since 1998?

  69. When you have Muslim sympathizing, liberal patronizing, PC loving idiots at the very top of your government, then this is what you get. Nothing less than impeachment for Obozo, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, Holder, and especially Carney, Jarrett, and Rice. We’ll talk about the Muslim Brotherhood operatives Oblamer has working for him later.

  70. The problem is not that our system of government doesn’t work.  The problem is we have allowed an amoral, elitist, Marxist crew of people to take over our government!  They lied, bribed and deceived to get into office and they have lied, bribed, deceived, and even committed murder to stay in office.  This administration ignores laws, Constitutional rights, or even perverts Constitutional rights in order to get their way.  What these people make in salary is flat out obscene for the public sector and unsustainable, yet each one claims they have no idea how all of these injustices occurred on their watch.  Gee, I am not allowed to claim ignorance as an excuse in my job.  If I pulled this stunt, I would be fired.   Why should someone be paid a six digit salary get to feign ignorance and still claim their paycheck?  Yet not only are they claiming their paycheck, they are partying, and vacationing on our dime!  The icing on the cake is that we have low info voters, desperate to keep their free stuff, claiming that they don’t see what the big deal is.  Their public school teachers served them well in believing that communism is good.  Neat.

  71. The problem is not that our system of government doesn’t work.  The problem is we have allowed an amoral, elitist, Marxist crew of people to take over our government!  They lied, bribed and deceived to get into office and they have lied, bribed, deceived, and even committed murder to stay in office.  This administration ignores laws, Constitutional rights, or even perverts Constitutional rights in order to get their way.  What these people make in salary is flat out obscene for the public sector and unsustainable, yet each one claims they have no idea how all of these injustices occurred on their watch.  Gee, I am not allowed to claim ignorance as an excuse in my job.  If I pulled this stunt, I would be fired.   Why should someone be paid a six digit salary get to feign ignorance and still claim their paycheck?  Yet not only are they claiming their paycheck, they are partying, and vacationing on our dime!  The icing on the cake is that we have low info voters, desperate to keep their free stuff, claiming that they don’t see what the big deal is.  Their public school teachers served them well in believing that communism is good.  Neat.

  72. I am so tired of him saying he’s “commander-in-Chief”; he’s an anti-American bum.

    1. rapidcraft why hasn’t he been impeached already? what’s taking so long?  he is LYING

      1. Ruby Tuesdayrapidcraftapparently lying isn’t illegal unless you are giving sworn testimony.
        Impeachment articles must be drawn up by the H of Rep. One would think they have plenty of material to use, but some are afraid and some are colluding.
        “Treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors

        Federalist 65 as, “offenses which proceed from the misconduct of
        public men, or in other words, from the violation or abuse of some
        public trust. They are of a nature which with peculiar propriety may be
        denominated political, as they relate chiefly to injuries done to
        society itself.”

  73. Yesterday, Saturday, I attended three youth baseball games.  For the first time EVER I heard parents and grandparents talking about Obama.  “What do you think about what is going on with Obama?”  “Do you think there is something to that Benghazi story?”  “Boy, the IRS are exactly who we thought they were”.    Not a huge topic of conversation, however, just a few people here and there remarking on what was going on.
    I have never heard one word about “politics”, if you will, at any youth sporting event, even during the election.  And I attend many (soccer, baseball, hockey, track, cross country).
    What I take away from this is that people are starting to notice the scandals.

  74. I watched last night and just had to listen again this morning. She is awesome but the “wrong” people aren’t hearing her. We know she is right but more than us need to hear her.

  75. Truth is, Al Qeda isn’t the enemy.  They are a distracting disturbance to Obama’s narrative and agenda.  He doesn’t give a twit about Al Qeda and he wishes they would leave him alone to his main purpose of wanting the power of the Presidency.  To sidestep the Constitution and create a more totalitarian / communist state.  One party rule. 
    With the voting fraud and IRS destroying the opposing voice, this last election was a sham.  If our system is unable to stop this type of crime in the WH, we are in serious trouble.  The left has found a way to bring us down in order to create their socialist, one party rule utopia.

    1. kong1967 Well said Kong1967…….It sounds so melodramatic but this is where we are at I am afraid….I hope we can get “them” out of power now that they are so entrenched…..

      1. joy47 I hope so, too, but I have lost all faith in our system.  This WH has made Nixon look like a child’s play, and no one can touch them.  One party is so corrupt that they will not ever vote to impeach this guy no matter how bad his crimes are, and all they have to do is say “I don’t know” to all the questions and refuse to turn over the evidence.
        It is unbelievable to me that the President is so protected that he can do whatever he wants to the people and we can’t stop him.  I have lost all faith.

        1. kong1967 joy47 He can be touched, but I’m interested in what his administration’s response will be.  It’s always hubris that takes down the Tyrants, and he has plenty of it.

        2. debw777  Under the circumstances, how can he be touched?  The WH and Holder refuse to release any documents demanded by Congress and Congress seems pretty helpless to get them by force of law.  It’s like the leader of the mafia guilty of racketeering and telling the police that they can’t arrest him or collect any evidence.  It’s surreal.

        3. donward7  I knew he wouldn’t because he released those two Black Panther thugs, but I never knew he actually said it.   In a “just” world he would have been fired on the spot.  Justice is supposed to be blind.

        4. kong1967 debw777 And Obama’s reaction was to flip us off (aka put Ingram in charge of Obamacare). Yet I have not seen anyone acknowledge that this was the message he was obviously sending. Obama flips us the bird and most conservatives don’t even see it. It is indeed surreal.

        5. strangernfiction  Exactly, and I keep seeing liberals say it’s over because he fired the head of the IRS.  Really?  He wasn’t even there at the time and he’s being made to take the fall for someone else that Obama put in charge of Obamacare.  Obama thinks the public is very stupid, and he’s right.  The media will not report it that way and most people will never know the difference….they’re dumbed down.
          I’m afraid to see how Obamacare is going to be implemented.  It will be used to target the right.  This is why the left wanted government control over our healthcare.  A weapon at their disposal to control whoever they wish.

    2. kong1967 And the kicker is that as the ruling class uses the war on terror to distract us from their efforts to subjugate us, they are actually aiding and abetting Islam.

  76. Please people, calm down. President?, no, she’s right where she needs to be, on national television shouting truth from the rooftops. We need a man like Ted Cruz or a woman like Sarah Palin to lead America back from the edge. We the people must encourage all of our friends to go and vote next year. If we can take the Senate, and keep the House, we can shut down Obama’s agenda. Then in 2016 we get Palin/Cruz or Cruz/Palin in the White House, then, we have a chance to really fix America.

    1. MacWell I don’t know that it can be done.  With the fraud and the criminal methods used by the left they are setting up rigged elections.  We may have passed the tipping point and are at the point of no return, because the left has also found a way to avoid prosecution and the keep right on trucking with their crimes.

      1. kong1967 MacWell kong, you’re right to a point but I truly believe Obama stole this last election. The IRS scandal proves it. Between stuffing the ballot boxes in Philadeilphia, Cleveland, & St Lucie County Florida, which still hasn’t had a legit recount, he pulled three major states out of the GOP column. Now add voter intimidation & the IRS targeting Tea Party groups and you’ve got “Reverse Community Organizing”, something Obama is very well versed in!

        1. boats48
          That is exactly my point.  The left is rigging the elections using a variety of illegal tactics.  They have proven that we can’t stop them and no one of importance is ever held accountable so they keep building the strength of the crime ring.
          Fast and Furious, Benghazi, voter fraud and ACORN, the IRS squashing any opposition to Obama, intimidating the press, etc.  No one is ever held accountable except low level peons, except for one guy in the IRS scandal that wasn’t even there when the crimes occurred. 
          If we can’t stop their crimes or punish the ring leaders…..Obama and many Democrat government officials, we cannot stop them from stealing (rigging) the elections.

        1. strangernfiction  Yeah, and I fear there’s going to only be one way to clean up government and the massive corruption, and it’s not to vote them out.

        2. kong1967 strangernfiction I see more than one way, but voting them out is not one of them.

    2. MacWell No Conservative will win with the voter fraud!! the question is How do we Trust any of the machines or the counters..It’s not the people that vote, but the people that Count the vote!

  77. 2014 is going to be a political whitewash for the republican party in the house and the senate. Democrats are going to lose more seats than a classroom of kindergarten students playing musical chairs,

    1. LaughHammer 
      I sure hope you are right…..we can’t win anything if millions stay home like they did for the presidential election.

    2. LaughHammer I really hope you and others that are saying this are right, but we still have to fight against a rigged election.  The left has proven they are above the law and they protect the crimes committed to keep themselves in power.  No one is ever prosecuted…..save lower lever peons that take the fall.  The left has built a giant coalition of organizations that they use to destroy the free election process….totally tainting the reliability of the results.  Obama chided Iran for it’s rigged elections, but the left does the same thing here.

    3. If the GOP plays its cards right then 2014 midterm would be great for them. Which means drop the moderate stances, and tie liberals to wanting to abuse power by using the IRS. There are several Dems that asked the IRS to specifically target Conservatives, and that should be brought up too. Reince and the old guard are terrible.

  78. Too right, Judge Jeanine – your Mom could do a better job – and so would’ve mine, who also knew everything!
    Any one of those scandals would have toppled a Republican President by now, never mind getting him re-elected in the first place. But with the lapdog media, who can’t even get that riled about one of them having their constitutional rights interfered with, and who fall into line after one week, the POS and his administration know that they can get away with everything. 
    Worse – they know that they can go on lying to Congress and to the American people because thanks to Free Stuff, thanks to voter fraud and thanks to a Race Industry which sends representatives to Congress who shouldn’t even have been allowed to stand for dog catcher, they can keep on shutting up the voices of the ‘bitter clingers’, who btw not only cling to their bibles and guns, but also to their Constitution.

    1. colliemum   For me the two worst things which happened last week, other than Benghazi which always bothers me, was watching Miller essentially laugh at congress as he played the Gingerbread Man, and when I found out that the same IRS official who orchestrated the attacks on the TEA party is now going to be the person who will determine the necessity for my getting another refill on my Vytorin.

        1. PicklePlants americalsgt colliemum   Just between you, me , and the Pope, if Obama skates out of the current investigations, then we’re screwed, or as Candy so eloquently put it F,P.S,C,C,C.

    2. colliemum   If we can live through this winter (spring) unshaken and unafraid, the rest will be money for jam.  – British M.  P. December 1940

  79. Thank you Judge Jeanine, you are truly a breath of fresh air in wilderness of political deception.

  80. Call to arms from Tea Party Patriots.  Protest taking place nation wide at local IRS offices at Noon on Tuesday May 21st.  Check with Tea Party Patriots and your state and local Tea Parties for locations.
    #End the IRS
    #Flat Tax
    #Fair Tax

  81. I wish Congress would allow Judge Jeanine Pirro to question the IRS, Clinton, Holder and the rest of obamas pond scum suckers during these Congressional hearings. She would be all over them like a pack of dogs on a 3-legged cat. We need people like  Judge Jeanine Pirro in Congress representing we the people. Obama is a traitor and he is arming our enemies to the gill with fighter jets, tanks, and small arms this needs to be stopped. As congress begins to peel back the layers of  these scandals it is going to look much worse than we ever expected and all of these things were allowed because the main stream media failed to keep these chicago thugs in check. Most all of the MSM are left to far left liberal democrats and they fell in love with obama he could do no wrong, that is until they got hustled in a phone tap scandal by the king of their dream so now they are mad. A lot more of the Democrats will began to turn on obama as more of the information on who did what and when, because they do not want to be seen supporting a traitor. I honestly believe that obama, clinton, holder and some others from this administration will do some time in prison because of treason they are traitors and will be found guilty as such.

  82. You know BamBam is lying whenever you see those lips moving, or even sound coming from between them…

  83. Retire Bill Oaf Reilly and give her the show on prime time every night.  She’ll set Holder and Obama’s pants on fire.

  84. The Judge, Michelle Malkin, and Sarah Palin. Human torches of liberty. Such ferocity, like mama grizzlies…or wolves.
    The Mothers of America’s revival?

  85. When she said, “The system doesn’t need to be fixed, your administration needs to be fixed,” I gave her a big smile.  She’s exactly right.  Blaming “the system” is a typical cop out used by the very people who caused every aspect of whatever problem is at hand.  Blaming the system seems to be a universal conceit.  Years ago I was on a Bar association committee to investigate what was wrong with the legal system and how to change it so it would work better.  We might as well have been looking for a way to make pigs fly.  When I suggested that it really didn’t matter what system was in place if the same people were going to be running it, I was hooted down.
    Judge Jeanine is also right about how to investigate the IRS scandal. Start with the low level IRS employees and put them before a grand jury.  They don’t want to take the heat by themselves and they will quickly start rolling over on their bosses.  Then you do the same to the bosses and keep moving up the ladder.
    For a brilliant read on how this works, take a look at http://www.amazon.com/Diary-DA-Prosecutor-Fought-Corruption/dp/162087167X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1368940884&sr=1-1&keywords=diary+of+a+da by Herbert J. Stern.  IRS employees will be a cake walk compared to the gangsters Stern was dealing with.  This will take a special prosecutor because no one in Eric Holder’s Justice Department has the heart for it.

  86. A voice- it is about time someone took this administration to task, BIG THANK YOU to you!  Love the succinct way you put them on notice.  If ever you think about running for office how about this ticket  Pirro/West  or West/Pirro, either way a winning ticket.

  87. Judge Jeanine could run this country and bring integrity, respect and honor back to the United States…which BHO has not, can not and will never be able to accomplish – nor does he want to.
    BO…go organize something…like your underwear or sock drawer…

  88. The Judge put so much great detail into this 11 minute piece.  I am sure most of her references and points would go right over the heads of most people, and that is the biggest shame of this whole mess.  I wish that more people understood and cared about the travesty of government abuse and malfeasance she describes.

  89. there were too many logical fallacies to take this segment seriously. For someone that is supposed to be educated, she leaves a lot to be desired.

    1. DocYshuabenMoshe Hey, ironically, a stream of laughable unread cognitive dissonant logical fallacies on your part. Bravo. You’re a left liberal progressive, right? Gosh, ya fergot ta QUOTE the Judge and her alleged “logical fallacies”. That’s cos’ ya got nothing except your incurious fear of facts. You don’t read and never will. Judge Pirro is EMPIRICALLY CORRECT ON EVERYTHING, thus the Himalaya of public record EVIDENCE. No, really. Colonel Neville.

    2. There’s no “supposed to be” about it, sir/madam, Judge Pirro is quite well educated and obviously so to everyone but you…whoever, and whatever you are. If you believe that you are so well-heeled and so extraordinarily well credentialed that it is within your ability to delegitimize her education and expertise on the subjects she discussed tonight, I, for one would be more than happy to acknowledge them. You would, of course, need to provide impeccable references of your own that are beyond reproach and easy to certify. Barring your ability to do that, your conjecture about ‘logical fallacies’ are just so much hot air from yet another flatulent Libtard…sheesh…

  90. Judge Jeanine, your monologue absolutely made my heart squeeze my eyes. God bless you, God KEEP you, God shine His glorious face upon you, and may God always give you His peace that passes all understainding. You are such a treasure.

  91. when is someone going to Photoshop a Sgt Schultz type Nazi helmet  on our intrepid leader?

    1. boojum4  Oh, yeah! 

      I’d say, though, that we have more of a Colonel Klink in the Whitehouse:

  92. Absolutely great condemnation of Obama, and the rest of  his crony sycophant henchmen and henchwomen !!
    Truth and Courage are our weapons, and we the people will wield it against Obama 24/7-365, until we rid our Nation’s govt of these anti-American political parasites, all of them !!

  93. RS is fast! They had this up before anyone else. On the Google search, RS was at the very top for this video!

  94. Our jug-eared moron-in-chief better consider himself damned lucky the judge isn’t a special investigator for a Congressional committee.  I can see why she was a prosecutor.  She would have destroyed Miller, that guy from the IRS with the chia pet hairdo.

  95. Miller wasn’t even fired.  He was allowed to resign and receive full retirement benefits.  Sure he was punished.
    Obama thinks we are idiots!

    1. Pinkflowers Same as Hilary taking full responsibility for death of 4 brave men she needed to be jailed that day , she also has full pay , that is not punished that is rewarded by obummer !  He should be in jail for not firing her, but we all know he is the one behind it all !1

    2. Pinkflowers  O is banking on most of America being idiots…..so is Hilary. So far they are getting away with things because of the uninformed voters out here……come on America don’t sit on your hands in the next election!!!!!!

  96. “You wouldn`t give the Cross Border Authority order….” You NAILED IT Sister !!!! May the Good Lord BLESS our Troops, wherever they are….

  97. When it all comes out the Obummer and all his work will be exposed to be in control of all false flags all evil works he is king pin for all ! He will poss never admit it but it will come  to a head with killing who ever he can not buy off or bring into his flock , Hilary , Holder should already be in jail , not sure what our supreme courts do anymore as not even a whisper out of them are they sold out to Obummer already, Be ready for next False Flag where ever DHLS has its next drill or their last drill , all things up on scandal right now are here to take our sights off the dead men ! that this group let die !! all that has been covered up is actors used for Boston , Sandy Hook, Bat Man , where are those people today ?? ID them and watch where they go !

  98. I would like for her to change her title from Judge Jeanine Pirro to PRESIDENT Jeanine Pirro.

  99. I Love this gal.  She has definitely made Obama’s enemy’s list.  Getting the real truth about anything Obama and his toadies have done will be damn near impossible I’m afraid.  Like Nixon’s missing tape gaps the Obama’s bots have made sure there are a bazillion gaps in any information on Obama.

    1. MadJack It’s amazing how much people will help when indictments begin to be handed out. Then the gaps will be filled in.

  100. After this speech, I hope her tax records are in good order and she has a good tax attorney on speed dial….she’s gonna need it….

  101. Hi Judge, I <3 you!! I kept trying to remember who Eric Holder looked like and just remembered, Speedy Gonzales. And now that I checked him out, his cousin, Slowpoke Rodrigues looks like obama!!! Interesting when you think of Fast and Furious…

    1. LMD That was my first thought.  My second was that Holder looks like an evil Charlie Chaplin without the bowler hat.

  102. Believe nothing Obams says but watch every move he makes carefully and you will be much better off!!!

        1. DCGere   Naw, Pyrran ain’t racist. He’s just saying that BHO has the brains the size of a monkey’s brain.
          Instead of “monkey”, I’d have used “spoiled-rotten, 2-year old brat”.

  103. Since all these “scandals” have happened, does anyone remember Obama saying, We are going to reward our friends and punish our enemies ” and does that thinking fit perfectly into what has happened?

    1. durtyboid Thanks for the reminder. El presidente has said and done so much it’s hard to remember and keep track of it all!

    2. durtyboid I’d like to see that quoted more. People need to connect IRS agents’ actions with the direction given by their boss the President.

  104. Quite frankly, a braindead goldfish could do a better job than Obama and company. It’s telling that in order to get past these scandals Obama, Holder, Clinton, et al, either have to plead guilty to lying and criminal activity, or incompetence. No surprise that they went with incompetence.

      1. YoJoe JeffWRidge That’s no way to talk about braindead goldfish. They’re nowhere near as dense as Joe.

  105. Although the THE Judge is 100% correct  
    Unfortunately – I doubt anything will happen to either Obama or Holder 
    I am sure that they heave discussed a plan to handle these situations which is deny everything 
    By denying EVERYTHING – They have put the burden of proof on the people 
    They are both arrogant and hate America – 
    This is corruption beyond imagination 
    I blame the GOP for dropping the ball – 
    The Republicans are STUPID – The democRATS have NO scruples 
    This a bad situation for this Country!

  106. This is the BEST 11:02 minutes of television news reporting EVER  !!!
    Judge Pirro would make a complete cabinet in her own wright.

  107. “Why do you apologize to Muslims and LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?” “We have the right to DEMAND IT (the truth!” AMEN.

  108. Hot dang, Judge. Good job! “in over his head Holder” LOL  For being filled with a bunch of lawyers our gov’t is filled with the biggest bunch of KNOW NOTHINGS.

    1. Skylark57 That’s because they know implicitly that to keep your mouth shut means they can’t prosecute you for being ignorant.

    1. warpmine I have no doubt. I know my four year old grandson could, he’s much wittier and sharper then the leadership America has at this moment.  I was singing to him yesterday, the old Frank Sinatra: “fly me to the moon”…he says to me….what am I, a rocket ship? 🙂  !

      1. badbadlibs warpmine Cute and smart as a whip!
        I cannot wait until my grandbaby starts talking real words. Lotsa gibberish now and fun to listen to but he’s got a lot going on in his little head and I want to hear it all!

        1. patriot077 badbadlibs warpmine I love it. My granddaughter is 5 and in Catholic pre-school. I’m lucky enough that I get to take care of her after school every day. She has an amazing vocabulary, and when you talk to her, you think she’s 10. My daughter is pregnant with her second so grandpa gets to do it all over again. Who said retirement can’t be fun?

        2. patriot077 I love the “gibberish” too! So cute! OH MY GOODNESS! Everything and I mean everything grandbabies do and say brings the most joy anyone can imagine! You will love every word! My grandson use to count “YO”, two, tree, four, five……Where he got yo for one we do not know, but now it breaks my heart he says one. 🙁

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