Judge Jeanine: Putin Is ‘Bitch-Slapping’ You, Mr. President

In tonight’s opening statement, the Judge talks about the perception of power: why Putin has it, why Obama doesn’t.

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“As our president continues to fumble on the world stage, he single-handedly is bringing about the decline of the United States as a world power.”

The Judge goes through a laundry list of dropped balls on the part of the Obama administration, including reducing the military, removing our missiles, and failing to protect our own in Benghazi. “Weakness encourages aggression,” she says.

“While you’ve got a pen and a phone running around wagging your finger, Putin’s running around with tanks and eighty-thousand soldiers,” she adds. “Russia is on it’s way to becoming the dominant world power.”

She plays Obama’s ridiculous “wrong side of history” comment, where he laughably touts “condemnation” of Russia’s actions as some kind of actual action – One of the more embarrassing moments of the post-Bush years – and then asks who really looks like they’re on the wrong side of history.

Then the Judge puts her trademark ‘tude in overdrive: “With all due respect, Mr. President, Putin is a pig. But he’s been bitch-slapping you since the Edward Snowden mess!”

Once again, the Judge declines to mince words, and drops a rhetorical grenade on Obama’s doorstep. Too bad he’s too weak to listen.

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