Judge Jeannine RIPS INTO Ann Coulter over Trump deal with the Democrats!!

Oh boy Judge Jeannine went after Ann Coulter for saying that Trump lied about building the wall when he made the deal with the Democrats to re-open the government. And she defended his making a deal with Democrats to re-open the government.

The whole segment is really worth watching, but the end is when she attacks Coulter, at about the 3 minute mark:

Jeannine says that Coulter JUST DOESN’T CARE ABOUT REAL AMERICANS like the federal employees who were missing their paychecks, because Coulter is SO RICH. Ironically, this is literally, exactly, what the mainstream media is saying about Trump and his cabinet, like Wilbur Ross!!

Jeannine also says that closing the government “tore” at Trump in the first place, but I seem to remember him saying that he was happy to do it, that he would take the blame for it, and that it didn’t matter that federal employees went without a paycheck because they’re all democrats anyway. I’m not sure Jeannine’s reasoning really fits the facts there.

“He did not cave! He made a tactical decision!” she says.

She also blasts Coulter for comparing Trump to Reagan, who fired the air traffic controllers when they had a strike during his term. She says that the big difference is that Reagan could do fire them legally, whereas Trump could not legally fire workers because they weren’t striking. That’s true, and she has a point. Reagan was directly challenged by workers that he could fight back against, but the federal workers that were furloughed did NOT themselves choose this course of action against Trump, the Democrats did. So score one point for Jeannine on that one.

In the next portion she says that Trump is being criticized here by the elites, just like with North Korea and with tariffs. Again, I’m not sure the jury is in yet on whether his meetings with North Korea have been fruitful. And again with the tariffs, the economy overall is doing very good, but the stock market has dropped significantly in the last year, and there are many companies that are being hurt by tariffs.

“Remember Donald Trump is a man willing to take the shots to change the norm in order to do what he thinks is best for the country!!” she says.

The problem I have with this characterization is that he didn’t change anything. The shutdown started, he was trying to force Democrats to pay for his wall, they didn’t, and then the shutdown ended. He came out in a much weaker position. And Democrats are in a much stronger position. What changed for the better because of the shutdown?

Jeannine says that this was “nothing but a hollow victory” for Democrats because Trump is going to really win what he wanted very soon. The ONLY way I see that happening is if he declares a national emergency, which will be immediately challenged in the courts. Jeanine says he has to avoid the ninth circuit, but…. uh, the president just doesn’t have the power to declare that his decisions cannot be weighed in a certain court circuit because he doesn’t like them. I mean.. I don’t think he does. Does he?!

Jeannine is definitely 100% behind Trump. I’m not sure the facts are 100% behind her.

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