Judge’s EPIC rant against the media is AMAZING. Even MORE amazing, it was on Marc Lamont Hill’s show and blew him AWAY.

This is amazing. One thing I love and hate is when I see someone say something that is so perfectly awake as opposed to woke, so daggone darn tootin’ right on the MONEY right, and they don’t even know that what they are saying is ON and OF the RIGHT.

What I mean is, when someone says something that any modern Republican conservative would say, but they think or intend it from the left. Or, even more rarely, they simply observe something as the actual facts of reality and state it as such, with no partisan intent or aim in mind. Which is the way that WE see so much of what WE say and yet are excoriated for it.

This calmly and logically delivered takedown of the media wouldn’t normally merit the word “rant” or “screed” but I’m going to call it both things because the telling of truth in the face of bias and lies is, in a way, always a rant, in that it is always an act of defiance and outrage. In the age of lies truth is outrageous.

The media does the things he says here. They do. We say this all the time. The left refuses to hear it. But in the Cosby case it really is a clarifying moment. There is no better judge of one’s commitment to a principle – be it justice or truth – than that they apply unsparingly even to those who are despicable or despised.

To add to the flavor here, Brown absolutely smacks the living eyetooth outta Hill, and that is a worthwhile endeavor for any man to set upon.

Obviously, Judge Brown goes into other topics in this long clip, but the media part is the MONEY. Just listen. It’s totally fantastic. I might make it my screensaver.


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