Jussie Smollett is calling the brothers LIARS, denies he planned the hoax attack!

Late last night a lawyer representing Jussie Smollett released a statement about the hoax attack, and he said that he IS STICKING TO HIS STORY, and denies whatever the brothers are telling the cops!!

This is amazing!

So we’re supposed to believe that his personal trainer just came up with this crazy idea to beat the hell out of Jussie Smollett for what reason? Because he hated Trumpers? That’s it?

OR is it more likely that this guy, who appeared on MSNBC preaching liberalism, could have created the hoax himself?

Yeah I’m not buying it.

But I’m absolutely ecstatic that he is denying it so that we can drag this story on foreverrrr!

Here’s one of the few videos I found on YouTube about the latest developments:

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67 thoughts on “Jussie Smollett is calling the brothers LIARS, denies he planned the hoax attack!

  1. Class 4 felony! Smollett should consider three years in prison a holiday, a place where he won’t even need his Gindr app.

  2. This was a Democrat hate crime towards white people and those who voted for Donald Trump. The actor was motivated by his hate not by love.

  3. Seems Don Jr. has a wicked sense of humor:

    Donald Trump Jr.
    Verified account

    Kathy Griffin: No one can ruin a career faster than I can.

    Jussie Smollet: Hold my bleach!!!

    That’s funny; I don’t care who you are!

  4. He was dumb enough to believe that he would get away with it. Dude, your massive ego is not supported by your low intelligence.

  5. so just how would ‘victim’ Smollett Not Recognize 2 work mates, he’s prior called friends who were in Smollett’s cell phone contacts, that Smollett’s contacted… #SMH

    the Foot-Long Subway is the clincher

  6. Lying and denying that you lied isn’t a winning strategy, but you go ahead and keep digging that hole.

  7. Smollett tried to hide his phone records from police. The phone records show, according to some reports, that he called or texted these guys prior to the “attack”. No way this is a surprise.

  8. If me and my buddy are going to beat the crap out of somebody, we would add insult to injury and steal their sandwich. Or at least stomp on it or throw it in the gutter. These MAGA bullies were awfully nice to let Jussie keep his tuna melt.

  9. You are the liar! More so, people like you fan the flames of hate! I hope no one will hire you! Maybe you can work at McDonald’s or dig a ditch?

  10. His real concern is the letter .Sending the letter with the hoax white powder is terrorism by mail and a felony
    18 U.S. Code § 2331.

  11. The New York Post is reporting they also found the magazines with the words and letters cut out that were used in the threatening letters supposedly sent to him a week before the actual hoax.

  12. Did the Nigerian brothers use the Dirty Harry defense: “Any body can tell [we] didn’t do that too him [without being directed to] because he looks to **** good!”

  13. Smollett made it up and tried to blame white MAGA folks. This sort of thing happens all the time. In 2008, a McCain volunteer faked an attack. We have the fake rape Rolling Stone published a story about in Virginia, Tawana Brawley, the Duke LaCrosse case, Anita Hill accusing Clarence Thomas, and Dr. Ford accusing Brett Kavanaugh, and media runs with it, until they find out it was hoax or a fraud — then they drop it.

    That’s bad, but this is like example 9243209234434320 of media bias and failed journalism.

    What about the Nigerian Osundairo brothers Abel and Ola?

    Apparently, they went to high school (Lakeview HS) in the US. They went to Quincy University (Illinois) where they played football. Ola was also a college student in Nigeria and a business grad student in the US.

    They’ve had a few failed businesses, including a defunct party store. One is a failed wannabe rap artist. Both are minor wannabe actors with extra roles on shows like Empire and Chicago PD. They’re body builders and recently were hocking head-wraps on Facebook.

    How did they enter the US legally?

    Lakeview is a public high school. They don’t generally issue student VISAs for public high schools except in rare instances like the parents are on student VISAs. Nothing in what we know about them suggests they are wealthy enough to qualify for business or tourist VISAs (the test is usually whether they have ties to Nigeria — home, debts, jobs, etc. — making them likely to return). For student VISAs for university, they’d need to show financial resources sufficient to pay for four years of school at the private Catholic college they attended.

    The media will never ask their immigration status, but if they are legal, then the most likely scenario is chain migration through a relative. Who? We don’t know.

    What we do know is these two are not skilled engineers, experienced nurses, or talented sushi chefs. They have no discernible practical skills and, as aspiring actors/rappers, they don’t even appear to have steady gainful employment.

    Put bluntly, they are not contributing to American society. There is no reason they should be here and no reason they should have attended US schools at taxpayer expense.

  14. Didn’t he claim they were white, and MAGA guys? What a lying piece of scum! He deserves three years behind bars!

  15. As a Trump supporter I have never worn a MAGA hat. I wouldn’t especially in Chicago at 2 am. But I did hear it was cold that night so maybe the hat would help. The story itself is so sterotypical of what these waco leftitst think of what a Trump suppprter is. I mean, Jessie, we don’t give a rats azz about you and would never bother to go out in the cold with bleach and a rope to bother to do anything to your stupid dumb selfish azz. Two white MAGA Trumpers attacked you with bleach and a rope. And you were so upset you managed to keep that rope around your lieing azz neck until the police came. STUPID you have mental delutional issues…. see a theropist when in jail for using a false report to perpatrate a hate crime against white men.

  16. Well, of course he’s denying it…in perpetrating this hoax to save his TV career he’s committed some felonies…

  17. He might end up upsetting these brothers so much that they really will beat him up.

    And looking at them, that looks like it would hurt.

  18. Leftist playbook to defend oneself from law enforcement

    1) Hire two high-profile lawyers (done)
    2) Call the “civil rights” charlatans (in progress)
    3) Have a clown show– AKA: press conference (to do)
    4) Sue the City (to do)
    5) Get a nice settlement

  19. This could just be part of the Kamala Harris presidential campaign.
    If that sounds crazy, then nowadays it’s probably true.

  20. When I first heard this case, I commented that this has to be a hoax – what was the chance that two men would be roaming around Chicago during Arctic temperatures and high winds carrying a noose and a bottle of bleach and would happen to run into an anti-Trump activist actor and would happen to assault him stating that Chicago – a totally leftist dominated city – was MAGA territory. Zero chance of that happening. It is excellent that great police work aided by the ubiquitous cameras in the city enabled the Chicago police to pin it down so quickly and conclusively and turn Smolllett’s accomplices against him. Brilliant.

    Hopefully they prosecute and convict Smollett so he does time for the hoax and the waste of taxpayer resources. If enough of the hoaxers are convicted, eventually the common event of leftist hoaxes falsely claiming racism or rape will die out as leftists, slow-learners that they are – realize that even in Chicago lying has consequences.

  21. Proving yet again when caught red-handed the best defense is a good offense. Pound on the table and yell, when facts and law go against you.

  22. If a white man lied about being attacked by two black men, the media would brand him a racist.
    But when a black man lies about being attacked by two white men… crickets.

  23. If soy boy continues to (lie) insist the attack was real, the filthy Left can avoid addressing their racism.

  24. This was a hate crime perpetrated on Trump supporters or you could say “white people” and should be treated as such. At the very least Smollett should be charged with writing a false report.

  25. The police would have questioned both the other two guys separately. They would twist them in various ways to reveal inconsistencies, and they confirmed that the men bought the rope themselves. It was obviously a hoax. The only question is by who.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s pretty obvious who the liar is (to me), and it’s not the two Nigerian men.

  26. Another week, another false narrative proven. Still no retraction from the hollywood elite that jumped on the lie when it first hit the air.

  27. Whether it was to boost his singing career (didn’t know he sang outside the show), or remain/increase his relevance in the show, he got caught.

    The police should charge him, and if the SJWs make a stink, tell them to pound sand that they dont tolerate anyone making a false report.

  28. I guess the rumor that Fagpants Squarehead is being written off Empire is true, and he’s trying desperately to remain relevant.

  29. Follow the money………. I can’t believe this guy paid to get “attacked” by a couple of Hillary supporters.

  30. I love how he is going to play the “unnamed sources” card much like the Dems do when there is a negative story about a politician. But we are all supposed to believe unnamed sources when its against republicans. This story just seems too political and manufactured. Here’s where he went wrong –

    1) Took place in Chicago ( A very liberal city)
    2) Declined body-guard protect
    3) Decided for a 2 AM stroll alone
    4) No Surveillance camera footage of any attack
    5) Cooperated with police but only to a point with what he wants to share – true victims would share all they knew.

  31. LOLOLOLOL! Look at the pot talking about kettles.
    He called them liars! I thought all Bs, should be believed? Oh, only the ones that falsely accuse whites.
    Lock his lying ass up.

  32. The statement if from his lawyer – not Smollett himself. It’s clear that Smollett won’t be making any more public statements.

    Just a few days back, Smollett declared – “BEYOND ANY DOUBT” – that the two men captured on video were the guys who supposedly attacked him. The Nigerian brothers ARE those two men, the two “persons of interest” captured on security video walking in the area, according to police.

  33. Y’all ever watch that show Cops where ever suspect denies their crime despite the fact that the police watched them do it and they’ve been caught on camera? Now every time I see this Smollet dude the theme song from that show plays in my head because he’s exactly the same as every crack slinger and car thief that lies to the po-po, he just speaks more articulately and has less face tattoos!

  34. Wow….just wow.

    This little P.O.S. is really really really determined to stick with his fake victimhood scam.
    You know someone is dedicated to their scam when they reach out to the infamous pool of Nigerian scammers for assistance.

    Give it up, Dipshit…..the entire world is pointing and laughing in disgust at you.
    Just shut up and go away…….

  35. Yep he’s toast! Bad enough that he pulled off the original hoax but keeping up the charade when the cops have him red handed basically guarantees that he’s gonna be charged with something, plus calling his coconspirators liars and claiming that they committed a hate crime against him means that they’ll be able to sue him for slander too.

  36. Jussie Smollett tried to manufacture a hate crime to make Trump supporters look bad and most of the media not only uncritically accepted his lies as facts , but also attacked those who questioned the validity of his false story.

  37. Well if Smollett won’t hand over his phone records that possibly show him talking to the brothers, can’t the brothers show their phone records that show calls with Smollett?

  38. Would his lawyer tell him to say this to keep the cops from charging him for filing a false report or is he just sticking to his story because he looks like such a lying idiot to the world right now?

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