Just A DAY after performative wokeness in Georgia, MLB inks major deal in COMMIE China with anti-Democracy firm

The execs at Major League Baseball moved the All-Star game under pressure not from fans or players but from people like Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann. They claimed it was because of their values about Democracy or whatever. The next day they closed a deal with a major CCP-connected and -backed tech company.

Some values. The company, Tencent, previously dropped a deal with the NBA because one executive said he supported pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. They punished the NBA for supporting democracy.

So MLB is cozying up with a firm that literally opposes Democracy, and is backed by (run by) an oppressive regime that currently spends its non-baseball time operating concentration camps.

“Fair access to voting continues to have our game’s unwavering support,” they said, in attacking Georgia. Tell that to Hong Kong and the Uyghurs.

Mike Pompeo hit them on Twitter for it yesterday.

Interesting side note? The state they are punishing, Georgia, has 4 of the top 20 highest percentage African-American cities in the U.S. Exactly who are privileged whites Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann trying to punish, here?

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