“Just because an officer can use deadly force doesn’t mean the officer should” – Valerie Jarrett blames hero cop in Ohio shooting

Democrats just can’t help themselves. They keep stoking a race war even on something as clear and justifiable as yesterday’s police shooting in Columbus.

Here’s Valerie Jarrett playing her part:

“A knife fight”? Seriously? That is absolutely ridiculous for a myriad of reasons, but among the biggest is that the other girl DIDN’T have a knife, she was a victim of a crazed woman with a knife.

Also, the officer DID de-escalate a violent situation in the only way he could, with appropriate force. That’s what was required and happened to be the ‘minimum force necessary.’ Otherwise that victim would undoubtedly be in the hospital in critical condition or possibly dead.

That cop SAVED HER LIFE. Yet these socialist hacks just can’t admit the truth because it doesn’t fit their ‘systemic racism’ narrative. This Columbus police officer saved the life of a BLACK woman, yet they are still going to try and paint him and all cops as racist. They want civil unrest and will say anything to get it.

Here’s a few responses to Jarrett’s BS:

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