Just embarrassing: Obama caught repeating same lines to every country

Thomas Buch-Andersen, host of Detektor from Denmark, has done an analysis of Obama’s press conferences with different world leaders, starting with his own country’s leader, Prime Minister Thorning-Schmidt. What he found is that Obama has used the same language, “x country is our closest and strongest ally”, with every country. Which means, none of them are.

Ugh. This just makes me hold my head down in embarrassment.

(h/t: Mediaite)

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126 thoughts on “Just embarrassing: Obama caught repeating same lines to every country

  1. Zero is so confused about issues, he doesn’t remember from when to now what he said on a specific subject.
    He really needs to come clean on ALL the issues about his past and his qualifications to be POTUS.
    He is the biggest disgrace/joke to America since Jimmy Carter.
    Someone, please stop this fool before he completes his efforts to ruin America.

  2. It’s good to be a closest and strongest ally that can hit above your weight so you can impress the mixed race president that also has a nobel peace prize….

    Yes, the best POS for a POTUS that money can buy. But wait! Theres more … You too can help extend the damage this ‘executive suit’ is doing to a once great nation. Please donate and vote as many times as possible, and don’t forget to blame Bush.

  3. I don’t believe it took this long to drop the hammer. Surely others have seen the bob and weave before this.

  4. I might be alone here but I don’t see what the big deal is. The punching about their weight class is pretty stupid. Pulling that out all the time really does look bad. However, the countries mentioned Obama said that they are “One of our strongest allies” and for all countries mentioned that is true. We are very close allies with the UK, Germany, Israel, Japan, Australia etc. While he didn’t say the same about Denmark, lets me honest. They just aren’t an important player. If he did call Denmark one of our strongest allies we would be giving him a hard time about being over the top. I have a lot of friends that I can talk about my “best friend” around them. They aren’t insulted because they know that they are not my closest relationship and I am not their closest relationship.

  5. That’s fact checking the American media will never do. That’s real journalistic investigation. No wonder Netanyahu can see behind Obama’s veiled statements.

  6. Notice how he speaks in generalities, “we appreciate the partnership and alliance we have with the Danish people on a WHOLE RANGE OF ISSUES.”

    You KNOW he couldn’t name any one issue. These are just platitudes. These are just lines he uses so he can phone it in at every meeting. He knows no one is going to challenge him or ask him to clarify on specifics.

    1. Like a rubber, Obama doll, a limp, paranoid caricature of what could have been a man.

      This is what becomes of a child conceived in indifference, raised like as an afterthought and suckled by a stranger.

      I feel pity the little kid. I detest every breath of the adult.

  7. Drudge posted a story about how Eurpoeans are mocking him. They suggest the “copy key on the keyboard of his speech writers is stuck.”

  8. **************OBAMA IS THE STEPFORD PRESIDENT******************

    Look at the video again, how the pimp does the same lines over and over as if they were practiced. He seems nearly unconscious while repeating them mentally searching for the name of the country.

    “I inherited this situation;” “Our strongest, closest ally,” “2% of the worlds oil supply and 20% of its usage.” Certainly there is an intelligence under this activity, but it not Barrack Obama’s intelligence.

    In the fall, Obama will be replaced his Ken-Doll brother, Mitt STEPFORD Romney, Mr. White Robo-candidate.

    Obama is a mental moron. Sure he’s got talent. He can lie, spin a tale and step between the raindrops like the most successful pimp on the South side. Joe Louis had talent, Picasso had talent. Bette Midler and Justin Timberlake have talent. Jimmy the Greek, Joseph Goebbels, Fat Tony Acardo, and Whitney “Where did it all go” Houston had talent. And like the rest ignorant humanity who have nothing to offer civilization throughout history, they were used, manipulated and discarded by smarter people who kept the money and stayed out of the light.

    It really won’t matter which of the 2 Manchurian candidate stand-in’s gets the nod in November because the only thing that will change for the US is what kind of sauce the First Lady will lick from her fingers–Béarnaise or Barbeque.

  9. …and the WORLD KEEPS ON LAUGHING , what a JOKE you all have sitting in the OVAL OFFICE .” (period)

    P.S. …Elections have CONSEQUENCES ,AMERICA WAKE DA F _ _ K UP !”

  10. Obama lies to all even US and he is ruining US with his policies. He threw Israel under the bus several times, who will be next?

  11. Empty rhetoric from an empty suit, it is indeed embarrassing to pretend this man is the leader of the free world.

    Check out the clip at the 2:05 mark, when our im-potentate nearly forgets which country Prime Minister Gillard is from.

  12. So, this is the fruit that Harvard and Columbia University yields???
    Hmmm, I’d rather be self educated and retain my integrity.
    Obama is our “National Shame.”

  13. Obama….liked by many, respected by few, and feared by none. He will go down in the annals of history as the worst president ever. He will be laughed at the likes of Ford times 100. Need we not forget this is the same man that took his podium and teleprompters into a 6th grade classroom.

  14. Why won’t some reporter find enough strength to put an article together that highlights just the truthful statements that this president has made since taking office? Is it that the only words in the article will be the title?

  15. That is just painfully embarrassing. The more I interact with you guys and the more I understand the American mindset (which seems much more farsighted than the European voters mindset – I know people who decide who they vote for on the merits of one policy and how that policy benefits them personally!) the more I can’t understand how you ended up with this clown.

  16. It is pretty bad when a foreign country points out what a fake our president is. Where is our press? Where are the people who can tell you what Newt Gingrich had for breakfast two years ago. It is very sad indeed.

    1. Excellent video.

      Much of that information is now coming out, every time Obama speaks, and that’s a good thing. Back in 2006-2008, very few of us were ‘strongly opposed’ to Obama. Now, that number is vastly higher.

      Sadly, he was elected with ‘hope and change’. Well, we got that change, don’t like it, and now we hope it never happens again.

  17. Uh…um…uh….(insert country name here)…uh…uh….um…..uh….consistently….uh…um…uh….um….to use a phrase…uh….um….uh….uh….

    My God media, you can say over and over this guy is a genius and the greatest “orator” ever….but WE CAN HEAR HIM. Did you figure that out? Yes, we can actually hear him attempting to speak and fumbling all over himself.

    Please Oh Lord, (I’m actually kneeling as I type this), whether it’s Romney or Santorum or ANYONE else on the Republican side….let this guy LOSE the next election. Pretty please?

  18. It’s too late to be ashamed. I’m proud. We all stood up and told the world that Obama is a fraud and a fake. Yet, the world didn’t listen. They praised Obama and even gave him the Nobel Peace Prize. Who has egg on their face now?

    None of us here believe that Obama is representative of America. Quite the opposite. This man is an imposter and maybe the world is starting to agree.

  19. Obama – the man who made me leave the Democratic Party. Yes, world not only the Right Wing hates him. The Middle may hate him even more.

  20. There you have it Folks ,, even most World Countries ,, think that potus is ,, way over his Dumbo-Ears .

  21. Come on Guys and Gals give him a break. You have no idea how difficult it would be to reprogram the teleprompter with an authentic speech for all of those Anglo-saxen countries.

  22. What do you expect from someone who is ignorant of any history other than his own. Scary that he is in control of the levers of the most powerful country on earth.

  23. Sadly this is my new favorite video. On a side note, they could have added one more example of America’s “strongest” ally when Sarkozy visited the White House in Jan 2011:

  24. It’s what I’ve always said, ‘When Obama speaks, keep one hand on your wallet, while the other hand grabs for your holster’.

  25. Obama and his entire administration has been a total and complete embarrassment from day one. If something happens but it never gets reported did it really happen? The National (Obama Slobbering Love Affair) Media will continue to Lie, Cheat, and distort the truth to protect their Messiah and their Socialist Utopian Dream. We are dealing with Mobsters and Thugs. It will not end well.

  26. Don’t know what’s worse; this, bowing to foreign leaders or bad mouthing America overseas. Thank God people around the world know his presidency is short lived.

  27. This so much reveals the character, that is the lack of character, the lack of judgement, the failure to prepare for anything that is the trademark of this pathetic, primping a**.

    Maybe liberals will be embarrassed, but I’m not. Any fool could listen to prezzident bulls*** and pick up the phony in him after 4 or in 5 minutes of his puffery.

    He went to Europe and pulled off that Rock Star/Messiah/Adolf Hit*** pose crap and the kids went wild. But Europe loves a dictator. They are fascinated by Fascism—Belgium. Need I say more? As long as a euroguy can retire at 48, he’d elect a Muslim monkey. But nobody’s fooled by a fool except the fool himself.

    I’d just chalk this one up as another stop in Mr. Dipstick’s 57 state tour. Maybe it’ll give an idea to the RNC. You no how creative and brave the Republicans can get after an idea has already been tested.

  28. Ugh…and I thought Biden was the one making the USA a laughingstock. Thank you so very much, Mr. President. Empty words from a man with no core.

  29. This just proves how fake this President is.This is what a nation gets when ego filled buffoons are ushered in to the Highest office with little or no credentials.

  30. All of our little “strongest and closest allies” “punch above the waist” while Obama bows below the waist to kiss the %*&# of his Islamic Masters.

    It’s such a shame that most of America will never see this.

  31. well at least the Crap for Brains in Chief is consistent and has limited brain power so it is to be expected from a light wait in intellect…

  32. what a pathetic dear leader. Imagine dear leader was the one who was supposed to change America’s image around the world, yet the only time I hear legitimate criticizm about him, it comes from foreign news. what a disgrace.

      1. THANK YOU NJK for the link to a MOST XLNT American history lesson !!! This event should be covered by every first year American History class in every school in every state of this Great Nation. If the Good Lord`s willin`, in time it will be.

  33. How long do you think that it will be before Soros takes control of this media outlet? A month? Mr. Andersen could be in trouble.

    1. Just wow. In 1965, Paul Harvey was able to tell us what 2012 would look like. What a brilliant man. I just wish he would have told us ‘the rest of the story’.

      NObama 2013- GOOD DAY!

  34. Ahhh Harvard-trained in form letter speeches. I know they have a class named How To Talk To World Leaders 101. The syllabus reads: Dear _fill in the blank_. You are so important and special…

    UGH!!! When, when, WHEN will this country wake up to this guy?!?!?!!? More frustrating every day. Not just an empty-suit, empty-headed and oh so wrong too!

    1. If it’s fellow Muslim tyrant or a cherished communist brother, then prezzident “Knee-Pad” will lip their garment or their tiny hand.*

      After the first lippery, the poor lip-pee has to shoo bammie away or risk a continuance of the now-famous, “Obama Obeisance.”

      *REMINDER: Lip either hand of a communist but only lip the right hand of a Muslim.

    2. It drives me mad that it takes a foreign journalist to do the proper job. Our own media have abdicated a sacred trust handed down to them by the Founding Fathers. They are watchdogs who turn the other way and lick at the heels of the intruders. Shame on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and the lot of them! Propagandists, one and all!

  35. Look… my “Obama’s a dufus” bona fides are pretty sound. So it’s not often I come against a temptation not to polish out the patina even further. I’ll just say that his pro forma accolades are just that… pro forma. The unimaginative of the world’s leaders run out of original things to say…and Obama is the most unimaginative of the bunch. It’s “doormat diplomacy” in its most disinterested form.

    But what I find even more telling is that all these “white” European and Anglo Sphere leaders get the most blase and dead fish welcome possible from Obama. And it’s painfully obvious. You have to be a dictator, an Islamo fascist or a serial abuser of human rights to warrant Obama’s best and most heartfelt bow and gratitude.

    Contrast Obama’s dead fish welcome mat greeting to the “Shamrock Summit” of 1984 with Ronald Reagan and Brian Mulroney.

    My my! Times have changed.

    1. The CBC is a slavish imitator of the BBC. Ergo, it fails.
      (Don’t get me started on the beeb…!)

      Edited to say thank you for the link las1.

      1. Wow…Thanks steprock.

        Obama is great! Isn’t he? He provides the material and Scoop provides the forum. I’d say it’s a win-win all ’round. And we can all get in on the act.

      1. He did, didn’t he. I miss him. I’m not a fan of Mulroney, however.

        But Mulroney and Reagan were very good friends. Mulroney was such a good friend that Nancy Reagan personally informed him after Reagan’s passing and said, “Ronny is gone, Brian, he’s gone”. Indeed, Reagan had class and he loved God.

  36. How refreshing! The teleprompter President caught reading the same script over and over again! How proud his parents must be …

  37. Nice. It takes a European to bring this up. Interesting that all other countries “punch above their waist” while Obammy is just a panty-waist. Or how about an old boxing term: Obama is a palooka with a glass jaw.

  38. If I were, say, from Trashcanistan, and King Barry the Petulant told me that “my country was the US’s closest and strongest ally” I’d move.


    Far away from King Barry.

    1. Say Flash…excuse me while I wipe the tears from my cheeks…(from laughter)…did you come up with “Trashcanistan”? If so, I would like your permission to spread the word. Ironically, I just heard the debris from Japan`s tragedy is beginning to beach on the west coast of Canada. All affected are in our prayers. Anyway, thanks for capping a Chamber of Commerce day of weather in Wichita Falls, Texas with a smile !!! Happy Easter everyone and may God Bless our Troops and America………

      1. Please, Sir, use the word (or description) with all due haste, everywhere and anywhere.

        God Bless all the good folks in Wichita Falls, and Happy Easter to you all, as well.

        Remember what to do in November!!!!

  39. Denmark can at least be relieved Clinton isn’t around anymore. That Prime Minister would have needed added security.

  40. YoBama:’Duh, well, jeez, it is Tuesday and she’s white so this must be Australia….I hope.’

    Scoop: You needn’t feel any shame about yo-man’s blank brained, repetitive responses. He’s not being arrogant or condescending. We should be more charitable to the brother. We are not the only family in the world to have a retarded funcle.

        1. Yes – but some Euro self-appointed elites still think the sun shines out you know where – and even that he is still relevant to anything, and more than a lawless punk.

    1. you’d think they would love us since he is trying to make us over in their socialist image.

      1. I ran into some Danish people that came over in ’08 in support of McCain. THe Danish people I had met were really nice and very worried about Obama getting into office. They are more awake in other countries than here in the US. That, in itself, is so sad.

      2. That’s the Ironic thing about Obama ,for all his sucking up and butt-kissing of foreign leaders and terrorists he does,he fools nobody,but his own people!

  41. The sad thing is Denmark’s media had to the job of this country’s LSM because they refuse to do it!

    1. Hippie…I think the other countrys are realizing that and slappin him at every turn…good for them…our journalists here need to return their degrees or paychecks…

      1. Kelly, it is evident we do not have enough REAL journalist in the MSM to make it a worth while request.

    2. Obviously Obama is spending too much time at the punch bowl.

      Haha, Obama without his electronic Charlie McCarthy holding his script.

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