JUST IN: Here’s the gun control document that AG Barr and the White House are discussing with Republicans

The Daily Caller has gotten their hands on the document that AG Barr and the White House are discussing with Republicans on Capitol Hill regarding potential gun control legislation.

Many are saying this is basically the Manchin-Toomey Senate bill.

Read the document below:

Here’s what The DC says about the meetings in which AG Barr and a White House official discussed this document with Republicans:

“Consistent with the Manchin-Toomey draft legislation, a background-check requirement would be extended to all advertised commercial sales, including sales at gun shows,” the handout reads. “Background checks would be conducted either through a [Federal Firearm Licensee] or through a newly-created class of licensed transfer agents.”

Attorney General Bill Barr and White House Legislative Affairs Director Eric Ueland were both present at the Tuesday meetings, which took place on the Hill and included North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, and Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley.

One source familiar with the meetings said that Barr pitched the legislation by warning that a lack of action could electrify the Democratic base prior to the 2020 election. Barr also did not consider the background check legislation a gun control measure, instead painting it as a tool to assist law enforcement in cracking down on gun smugglers, the source explained.

Another person familiar described the efforts to get Republicans on board as superficial, noting that there was no draft text or other follow-up action promised to them after the meeting.

While all gun sales through federally licensed dealers currently require background checks, private sales do not. The Manchin-Toomey legislation would ensure that any advertised gun sales through an unlicensed dealer would be subject to a background check. It would not apply to sales between family or friends or to loans, provided the firearms are not first advertised elsewhere.

The legislation would not address straw purchases, which account for nearly half of all illegally trafficked firearms, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

I’ve bought several guns myself and I’ve never seen the opportunity to buy a gun from someone who isn’t licensed to sell them. What are these dastardly commercial sales that they want to regulate? Is it when a gun owner brings their own personal gun collection to a gun show and sells them to people?

The White House can’t be talking about the licensed sales that go on at a gun show, because they are already subject to federal background checks. They must be referring to someone selling their private collection. Note that the DC says these new background checks “would not apply to sales between family or friends”.

So it sounds like Trump and Barr are also attacking the so-called ‘gun show loophole’, which is Democrats have been wanting forever. This won’t end well for Trump, if true.

Since this document has been leaked to the media, the White House has told a reporter from The Atlantic that Trump hasn’t signed off on this yet:

An update from the White House: Hogan Gidley tells me that just because WH legislative director Eric Ueland is among those pushing this on the Hill, it does NOT mean Trump himself has signed off on it. “Not even close.”

Why would the White House be pushing something in Congress that Trump might yet still reject? That doesn’t make a lot of sense to be honest. Maybe Barr and Ueland are ‘poll testing’ this idea among Republicans to see what they can and can’t get, but my guess is that Trump is at least tacitly supporting the idea or it would be a no-go.

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91 thoughts on “JUST IN: Here’s the gun control document that AG Barr and the White House are discussing with Republicans

  1. what makes me damn mad is every restriction we try and place on murdering babies the courts overturn it
    so why should law abiding accept anything…………?????? just makes me so angry how the lives of babies mean nothing….thugs gang bangers they want to leave alone…….but law abiding let’s PUNISH them

  2. Key word is “advertised gun sales” by which they mean all private sales to people you don’t know, whether advertised on public internet forum (e.g. ar-15.com), in local throw paper, or just hung a “for sale” sign on as you walked around a gun show.

    They’re creating a new word for ‘private sale’ hoping we don’t notice.

    The reference to Manchin-Toomey is especially disturbing because that is a registry disguised as “background checks”.

    Remember, Barr is pushing this and he has a long history of opposing gun owner rights.

    More from Jared at Guns&Gadgets:

    1. I was looking for info on NRA v. SAF v. GOA and the AR-15 forum came up. Some of those guys are real morons.

  3. Trump has already signaled that he’s going to cave to the Democrats.

    In a meeting with Congressional leaders, he promised to “get it done.”Blasted other presidents who didn’t get it done, and bragged “you have a different president now.”

    He bragged that he had already told the NRA, tough cookies, we’re doing this.

    I’m a big fan of the NRA. But I had lunch with them — with Wayne and Chris and David, on Sunday — and said, “It’s time.” We got to stop this nonsense. It’s time.


  4. Damn fake news again. There is NO SUCH THING as a commercial seller who IS NOT an FFL! If you import, wholesale, repair or eve JUST make custom PARTS or repair parts for a firearm YOU MUST have an FFL. there are NO exceptions allowed.
    TXGRunner, Some of these “internet forums” (not all) are actually hidden behind an FFL so they can act as a transfer dealer. The owners of these sites have started doing this to protect themselves, however not all have caught on to the fact that the BATFE is quite literally operating as an entrapment agency, even though under the Second and Tenth Amendments The Government Has NO authority over firearm taxation or enforcement whatsoever. Firearms and ammunition ownership and possession is a basic civil right under the Tenth Amendment

  5. this is why we need to primary these R.I.N.Os out it’s too late once we get to the general election and we have to choose the lesser of 2 evils .i blame alot of this on people like Hannity , coulter ,ect. as they pushed Trump when we had a true Conservative in Cruz .

        1. When he completely ignored the only Conservative running for the presidency the last primary. When he spent three hours a day, five days a week, doing nothing but making excuses for his friend Trump.

        1. Rush only cares about Rush, and the bottom dollar. He doesn’t care about advancing Conservative policies , only making money off of gullible people, who buy his books and listen to his show.

  6. MANZ
    Make America New Zealand Mr Trump?
    It’s sure looking that way.
    Any homeowner and surving families in NZ who are injured/killed by a firearm during a home invasion should sue thehorseface pm for not being able to protect themselves.

  7. I must be getting to old for hearing and reading all this c r a p.
    We have a 2nd amendment that passed a majority of all states. If they want to change it pass a new amendment.
    But background checks are worthless. They accomplish nothing except to harass the honest citizens.

    Do you actually think a felon or gangster or ? is going to fill out any of the forms?

  8. Trump will go down in history as a one term president and will be known as the Father of Gun control. As people eventually get their guns confiscated, the people will be cursing the Trump family until the end of the Republic.

  9. My hair is not on fire about this yet. He should announce at a rally that all submitted legislation was infringement, so it’s a no go.

  10. I’d feel much better about the whole thing if it said in capital letters, “THERE SHALL NOT BE A GUN REGISTRY OF ANY KIND”.

    Without a registry, law enforcement can’t detect an illegal sale, rendering the whole thing just another paperwork trap for gun owners.

    1. If FF licensees are required to keep copies of the 4473 forms, for twenty years, there is already a registry of sorts.
      At least, under the proposed rule, buyers would be able to have their information left in the hands of the seller, not retained by a federally controlled agent.
      What should happen is that a no-buy list be created of those, who have had a due process removal of the right to buy a firearm – felony conviction, declaration of mental illness, etc. The due process including the ability to present a defense.
      If a “background check” doesn’t show the potential buyer on the list, the sale goes through and information included in the request must be deleted from any records. This way a process could weed out those not supposed to purchase a gun and the names of the ones, who can legally do so, aren’t put on any list.

  11. “…a tool to assist law enforcement in cracking down on gun smugglers,…”

    REALLY?? Law abiding citizens are NOT that stupid!!!!

    `Imagine all the “gun smugglers” going, “crap, I can’t smuggle any guns because I have to fill out a Form 4420…crap” Imagination is mandatory because it WON’T HAPPEN!!!

  12. this bill is still a background check for any gun sale or gifting, it also creates a national registry if implemented

    1. Try reading it, again.
      It only covers advertised sales – no gifting or intra-family sales – and it makes no more of a registry than already exists with FFL’s holding 4473 forms for 20 years.

  13. I think we should calm down. New laws need not effect law abiding citizens… and will do much to quell the hysteria on the left. Think strategically, don’t knee jerk reject everything… what law could be passed that would not infringe, yet make the left think something is being done?

    This is a less emotional issue for me… I rarely shoot, I grew up around guns, my husband, kids, grand kids occasionally target shoot, none of us want to eat game, so we stopped hunting, it seems crass to kill for the sake of killing. And who has the time? I’m old it’s so much easier to buy meat.

    I think instead of getting emotional we should pretend to give in on some small things, because they don’t know anything at all about guns and will think they’ve won some kind of victory.





  15. NO ONE has ever committed a mass shooting with a gun purchased at a gun show or through a private sale… FULL STOP.

  16. WTH… ALL sales at gun shows are ALREADY FREAKING BACKGROUND CHECKED… These cowards are repeating the left’s blatant lies.

  17. Trump hasn’t committed to anything:

    Chad Pergram
    From colleague Jason Donner. Barr on CapHill after mtg w/senators: “The President right now is gathering information. He’s studying a number of proposals. I talked to him today but he himself has not made any firm decision on any particular proposal at this stage.”

  18. Apparently daddy’s little girl hasn’t given up on her big Rose Garden 2nd amendment obliteration party. And apparently daddy’s going to give her one. Welcome president Pocahontas!

  19. Is it when a gun owner brings their own personal gun collection to a gun show and sells them to people?


  20. I’m hoping that this is an exercise for the benefit of the screaming mimi Dems on this issue. At least look like they are doing something? Is that it? If not, Trump needs to tread carefully if he wants to keep the 2nd A voters on his side. A lot of them may stay home in 2020 instead of voting for their rights to be taken away.

  21. Remember all those thousands of weapons Obama bought for various Federal agencies? I think We the People should get a complete accounting of exactly where those weapons are kept, to which employees are they assigned (including their names, home addresses, office addresses, car license plates, phone numbers), when and how are they to be used, are any of them “assault rifles” or other “weapons of war,” etc.

  22. Let’s do it the way politicians do. Give the guns away to “friends,” in return for donations to our campaign funds or PACs, or payments for our making forgettable speeches.

  23. The democrats had complete power for two years and knew better than to do anything like this on their own.

  24. Good grief. I wish the Republicans would stop the one-upping legislation war just to appear relevant to people that they shouldn’t care about. Instead of one upping on the law making in order to seem relevant to the gun grabbing segment they need to come back and counter with sane, firm and LOUD argument that grabbing guns is unconstitutional and why. I’d like to see more standing behind the Constitution and the Second Amendment and telling people that living in a free and independent society is neither easy nor always safe. It’s the price we pay for less government intervention. But, sadly we’ve become a society with too many lazy bums who can’t see their way to policing their own actions and teaching/training their children to do so as well. But that would require everyone to act like adults except most of the aforementioned want Daddy/Mommy/Non-binary Government to do everything for them. The scary part is when we expect someone/thing to control us we then have no incentive to do anything about controlling our own selves. Eventually, the government will grow so strong in order to control everyone that we’ll literally be living in a police state or the government will cave altogether under the weight of a Purge-like populace bent on murdering any and everyone who displeases them. Complete totalitarianism or total anarchy will be the choice of the moment.

  25. Russia and China killed 40 million of their own each. I doubt since we became a nation we’ve had even a few thousand murdered in mass shootings. And sorry don’t tell me it can’t happen here. Did not our government sanction tyranny in the form of slavery?

  26. Does the federal government even have the authority to regulate private gun sales when buyer and seller are both in the same state?

  27. This morning DOJ IG Horowitz testified before the House Oversight Committee. He said that he criminally referred Comey for criminal prosecution. Not now Mr. Horowitz. AG Barr is too busy pushing gun control.

  28. I’m sure all our local drug dealers and sex traffickers are going to stop by their local Federal Transfer Agent™ to make sure they’re authorized to buy the gun they’re planning to use in their criminal enterprises.

    There is nothing, nothing, noting in this memo that will prevent felons from buying on the black market. This is a craptastic bad idea.

  29. “Infringe” doesn’t mean what We thought it did, and “shall not” to politicians is taken as a “hold my beer” challenge.

  30. So basically this is adding another layer of NICS checks to the system, and it’s for advertised sales (they’re saying “commercial”, but all commercial sales are 4473 required already). So if you put an ad to sell your gun on the internet, then you have to find SOMEONE to do a 4473/NICS. And you get a federal bill of sale and indemnity from prosecution.

    This is another step towards national gun registration.

    There is no way to keep chain of custody without registering every firearm. ATF already keeps records of every firearm I manufacture on a Form 2. This gives ATF the data to track that firearm through private sales.

  31. If these background checks were free to the seller and buyer democrats would not go along. There must be financial pain.

  32. Hawley and Cruz should set this document on fire and throw the ashes back in Barr’s face.

    For all the people who suspected Barr, you were right. It all comes down to this, and it’s for this moment that the Dems let him through, I’m sure.

  33. I see a loophole folks! “that the DC says these new background checks “would not apply to sales between family or friends”. – Well ok then, I buy the gun dealer a dinner or two at a nice restaurant, and voila! Instant frienship.

  34. How about mandatory tough sentencing guide lines for crimes committed with guns. How about mandatory armed guards in gun free zones? How about mandatory armed guards at all public places including schools.

  35. Why try and pass a bill that will do nothing to address any perceived ‘problems’ with gun control? These lawmakers are all about optics… Stop passing laws just for the sake of passing yet another pointless law!

  36. Once again Republicans show they are the opposite side of the Democrats coin with the same ends. Willing to further compromise the Constitution for political reasons.

    Par for the course really.

  37. The election in 2020 will be close and the RINOs in congress who don’t like Trump will want Trump to sign this because they know that this will deflate Trump’s base and they know how 2A defenders feel about gun control laws. Trump will go down in history as the Father of Gun control. Obama passed zero gun control.

  38. Ted Cruz already hinted if Trump goes with the Manchin Toomey disaster, it will ensure Liz the win. I’m going with Ted on this…There is Zero on higher ups and political activists purposely ignoring warning signs on wack jobs nor is there anything on the criminals who shoot people…

  39. NO! I can’t say this any louder.

    “lack of action could electrify the Democratic base”
    Why do we always care what the Democrats are going to say or do? Why are we always on defense?

    Why are Republicans, including Trump, so spineless?

  40. Does anybody know how many gun regulations are already on the books, 20,000 in my research. This is stupid.

  41. Doesn’t all of those new regulations make you feel all warm and fuzzy? I got chills just thinking that finally something would be done. It won’t stop anything and criminals will do do their thing. But hey, something was done.

    “Barr pitched the legislation by warning that a lack of action could electrify the Democratic base prior to the 2020 election.”

    Seriously? That’s what we need to worry about? If he sticks to his guns and doesn’t infringe then a lot of people will overwhelmingly vote him back in. Can’t say the same if he does decide to infringe. But have they seen the people running against them? You have people that are so far left, they are turning the stomach’s of some moderate democrats that I work with. So in other words, we should accept their infringement because they are scared of the left and want to stay in power? You don’t want any of that leftist infringement! It would be really bad. Ridiculous.

  42. Exactly which mass shooting would this proposal have prevented?

    The need by GOPrs to just “do something” is a cancer.

    How about we just enforce current law, punish violent criminals to the fullest extent possible, require all law enforcement agencies and DOD to report timely and accurate information to the NICS so that felons from one state or branch of service actually get flagged by NICS. A database is only as accurate as the data inputted into it.

    Let’s start there, before we make it even harder for law abiding citizens to arm themselves.

    This is a base demoralizer and Trump better figure that out quickly or he will be a one term POTUS.

  43. We make better arguments here regarding 2A than the dummy inert politicians we elect to protect them.

  44. When Chicken Little swings by my house yelling “the sky is falling” I’m going to shoot him with my 12 gauge. Until then, I’m going to take a wait and see attitude.

  45. Why not a background check, fingerprints, and photo in order to vote. Pay a substantial fee and requirements to reapply to vote every five years like I have to do in my state in order to exercise a constitutional right, second amendment.

  46. By far, the vast majority of gun deaths and other gun related crimes are caused by inner city gang bangers with hand guns, who won’t be affected by any new gun laws. I see in my local paper that many times, when a gang banger commits a crime and a gun is involved, the gun charges are dropped. Until politicians address inner city gang bangers committing gun related crimes, all of this other stuff is just a political pony show.

  47. How does THIS stop an evil person with a gun? Republicans are truly some of the dumbest people in government.

  48. Sure would like to know what is the definition of “advertised”?

    And how do you officially unadvertise a gun?

    And how long after it is not advertised can you sell it without a background check.

  49. I want constitutional carry for all 50 states, I want to be able to provide protection for my loved ones and myself, a state line shouldn’t dictate weather or not if I’m a criminal or a law abiding citizen.

  50. It’s more regulations put on the law abiding citizens, while it does nothing to prevent criminals from advancing their agenda.

  51. More election year theater. If the Stupid Party thinks that the Evil Party will be satisfied with something like this, they are really stupid.

  52. I would prefer to see strong efforts to prosecute those who violate existing laws and possibly harsher punishment for gun related crimes especially violent or threatened violence with a gun. One thing I have never understood is how is attempted murder not as severe as murder. Just because you fail when you try to kill someone shouldn’t mean you are punished less. Anyone who shoots someone on purpose other than in self defense should get the same punishment as for murder. This might I say might slow down the shootings in our large cities.

  53. last i checked the 2A say’s nothing about background check’s this is going against the 2A they want to know where all guns are so if we were to need them to stop a tyrannical Gov, they can stop us. plane and simple

  54. Donald Trump is fast approaching a Trifecta. Gun Control, a runaway Federal Budget, and a Deep State surrender. Hell, add in a failure to secure the Border and he will have a Grand Slam.

    Here is to keeping promises, for We ARE watching.

  55. This does NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of criminals! Cruz better have another conversation with Trump.

  56. The bill sounds innocuous, but I still don’t trust it or them. Remember, Barr has a history of being anti-gun. We have plenty of laws, they just need to be enforced. Also, “licensed transfer agent” has an Orwellian sound to it that I don’t like.

  57. If Barr thinks this issue will “electrify Democrats,” he has no idea how it will “electrify Republicans!” Sorry, but what are these people thinking? OMG!!!

  58. It sounds like Barr is worried about democrat turnout while ignoring how toxic gun control would be to Trump. So instead of educating all voters on gun facts and statistics he’s busy selling out the Constitution.

  59. My first instinct is to give the gun grabbers nothing and tell them they’re welcome to it.

    However, if this law specifically excludes sales between friends/family, I am less concerned. That has been the one true hang up for gun owners like myself. It represents the government’s desire to get a way to track every existing gun and begin to compile a database….which ALWAYS historically ends in confiscation.

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