JUST IN: House ethics committee to investigate Rep. Katie Hill for inappropriate relationship with staffer

The House Ethics Committee has just announced that it will investigate Rep. Katie Hill for having an inappropriate relationship with one of her House staffers:

Here’s more from the LA Times:

Rep. Katie Hill (D-Santa Clarita) is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee after allegations that she engaged in an affair with a congressional aide were made public last week.

In a statement, committee Chairman Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) and ranking member Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-Texas) said the committee was aware that Hill “may have engaged in a sexual relationship with an individual on her congressional staff,” an allegation Hill has denied. House rules were changed last year to prohibit such relationships between members and their employees.

In a letter to constituents Wednesday, Hill again denied the alleged relationship with a House staffer, but acknowledged she was involved in a separate relationship with a member of her campaign staff “during the final tumultuous years of my abusive marriage.”

“I know that even a consensual relationship with a subordinate is inappropriate, but I still allowed it to happen despite my better judgment,” the letter read.

Over the weekend, the conservative website RedState published a series of articles alleging that Hill had engaged in relationships with a member of her campaign staff and a House staffer.

She admits the relationship with her campaign staffer, but not with the House staffer:

On Tuesday, Hill denied having a relationship with the House staff member and said she had contacted U.S. Capitol Police after intimate photos of her and another person had been published by the website. The statement Tuesday made no mention of the alleged relationship with her campaign staffer.

Hill, who is in divorce proceedings with her husband of nine years, Kenneth Heslep, claimed Heslep “seems determined to try to humiliate me.”

“The truth is, distributing intimate photos with the intent to publish them is a crime, and the perpetrator should be punished to the full extent of the law,” Hill said in the letter Wednesday. She added that she is cooperating with the House Ethics Committee and Capitol Police.

In the photos at Redstate, Hill is seen in one photo kissing her staffer and in another photo brushing the same staffer’s hair while she sits naked in a chair. The photos were blurred, of course, to hide the naughty.

The one Hill is denying is the one that could get her in trouble as a House member, so we’ll see where that goes with the Ethics Committee.

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41 thoughts on “JUST IN: House ethics committee to investigate Rep. Katie Hill for inappropriate relationship with staffer

    1. My bet is on her not surviving that one. It’ll be interesting to see how it shakes out in the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee. 😐

  1. And this is a story worthy of anyone’s attention? I know the cultural rot in this country is very real, but really Scoop this is something that has caught your attention with all the available news out there that has far broader consequences?

    1. Yes, this is a story. Much like bill clinton using a female intern as a humidor. People can multitask, we can have more than one news story at once. You know darn well if she was a republican, this story wohld be everywhere.

    2. Well,
      Yeah, it kind of is a story.
      It would be a HUGE deal if said person was a Republican.

      So yeah…..it’s worth discussing

  2. Sorry, Katie – your party requires us to “believe” every “victim” – so, just confess – and resign. That poor staffer whom you molested “MUST BE HEARD”!

    1. Trump caused her all that stress, K. She had to alleviate the stress any way she could… bad orange man!

  3. Who amongst us has not been naked while combing the hair of a subordinate you are absolutely, definitely, not in a relationship with?

    1. Isn’t that just part of an employer’s responsibility?
      To take care of an employee’s needs?
      To keep them satisfied?

      Sarcasm mode: OFF

    2. Yes, but I don’t see the necessity of combing anybody’s hair if you are already naked…….I just love the situation……..

  4. House ethics committee == no big deal. They still haven’t figured out Ilan Omar’s multiple marriages. They couldn’t get to Cummings pay for play PAC before he died; maybe they will get to it while his wife is in office.

  5. This Katie Hill is a real piece of work. When she was running for Congress last year her campaign ads were plastered all over Southern California TV stations, i.e. she was VERY well funded by someone or some group. And her ads were really good, portraying her as the “All American Girl, just looking out for the Middle Class.”

    Here’s an example of her selling it last year:


  6. House Ethics Committee = Oxymoron.
    House Judicial Committee headed by democrats = Oxymoron.
    Voting places run by democrats = Oxymoron
    Democrats voted to positions of power = Blame the morons.

  7. Yeah, and if she were a teacher… Well, thank goodness she’s not a teacher…it’s representatives like her that’ll fight for organizations like nambla… that’ll vote to make it legal to take it to your nearest farm animal.. I hope she slinks back to the cesspool she came from, that is CA…

      1. Exactly. The “Ethics committee” is where things are sent to die…….witness the years’ long multi “Ethics committee” investigations of Maxine Waters for corrupt, illegal and very questionable “Deals” with banks that involved her husband while she served on the banking committee. I’m still waiting……….

  8. The world is falling apart like a three dollar watch and the government is worried about who she is sleeping with? Give her house arrest, she and her aid can stay at mine.

  9. Republicans must convene a secret tribunal in a SCIF, deny access to Democrats, gather testimony from unnamed, possibly uninvolved individuals and leak salacious, made-up ‘details’ to the press.

    How loud would Democrats scream?

  10. Tomorrows news:
    The house has completed the ethics investigation of Katie Hill by a majority vote condemning Donald Trump for his involvement.

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