JUST IN: House may vote on Trump impeachment TODAY

Al Green has had articles of impeachment against President Trump now for some time, and because the House voted yesterday to rebuke Trump for his earlier tweets, Green says he’s going to try force a vote on impeachment today. Because the resolution is privileged, he can force a vote on it:

It’s not set in stone yet, but Green says he’s going to push for the vote this afternoon.

Green says he wants to get Democrats on the record on impeachment, but if Pelosi has her way Democrats will shoot down the resolution.

I do think it will be interesting to see who goes on the record for impeaching Trump, without any legitimate proof of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’. Red State Democrats will surely vote against it as well as those in league with Pelosi. And in conjunction with all Republicans voting against it (it better be all of them), the resolution should easily fail.

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83 thoughts on “JUST IN: House may vote on Trump impeachment TODAY

  1. As someone earlier pointed out..let them keep themselves ‘busy’ w/ all the harping and tail chasing, it keeps them from doing any real damage to the country before 2020.

  2. This al green?

    Alexander N. “Al” Green (D-Tx). Al Green’s resume includes accusations of sexual assault of a former employee as well as failure to report $300,000 in campaign contributions

    Representative Al Green, Democrat of Houston, has been accused of sexual assault by a former employee in his Congressional office…

    Green’s former district director, Lucinda Daniels, claims she was assaulted at her home in May 2007. “He sexually assaulted her, she did not give consent,” said Daniels’ attorney, Chip Lewis. “He tried to pursue a romantic relationship after that, she spurned his advances.”That’s when Daniels claims the Congressman made things hostile at work. After her resignation Daniels says Green then smeared her character to possible future employers. Daniels, according to Green’s attorney, allegedly demanded $1.8 million from the Congressman.

    Democrat, Rep. Chris Bell (D., Tex.), filed accused his 2004 Democratic-primary opponent, former local-NAACP leader Al Green, of violating House rules by not disclosing the source of $300,000.

    Representative Al Green, Democrat of Houston, has been accused of sexual assault by a former employee in his Congressional office…

    2020- Impeach all demoslime

    1. Justin Amash changed his affiliation to Independent, but there’s little doubt he will vote for impeachment.

      1. He changed cause the wind from the Mitt Romney’s Paul Ryan’s Flakes was blowing in their direction…There is not one of them anywhere on the planet that can beat Trump at this point…Spoilers is all they will be…

      1. 3 of those four(Congresswoman Brooks is retiring) signed their walking papers with that vote and so will any Republican who votes with the Democrats on this.

  3. Nothing like handing Trump the 2020 re-election on a Gold Plated Platter. Well done Dims!

  4. President Trump can be beaten in the election next year but the dems are doing everything to ensure he wins reelection.
    As for impeachment, I’d take President Pence any day of the week!

      1. At least he didn’t pay off porn stars that he cheated with or claim that he could get away with sexual assault.

    1. I think it is next to impossible for Democrats to inject any sanity into their platform. They have gone so far down the road to crazy town, that trying to convince the average American they have returned to any semblance of sanity is a tall order. Can Trump be beaten? Of course. Anything can happen, but it is not going to be because the Democrats suddenly became the party of fiscal and policy sanity. It will be because the majority of he American Populous is as insane as the positions the Democrats support. I think if the economy continues to chug along, the likelihood of many people wanting to sign on to the lib clown show is highly unlikely.

  5. Well, Pelosi dare not say anything against it… she’s already fighting off accusations of racism from “The Squad!”

  6. So impeachment only means who like who.Wow I thought it meant more than just another word to smear someone

  7. Go ahead and impeach him. If they do that then we don’t need to wonder who will win next year. Trump might as well run unopposed. I really want to hear their fascist reasoning as to why they impeached him. I want to hear them explain that they impeached him because they didn’t like his free speech that most sane Americans agree with. If the Democrats are wanting to win a race to the bottom, they are sure have a hefty lead, and if they think the American people want someone with the philosophy and IQ of AOC to run this country, I think they have another thing coming.

  8. The dems are the Punishment Party! Punish for religious beliefs, punish for skin color, punish for free speech, punish for being a conservative…

    No wonder they hate America – the land of the free!

  9. They are flinging mud from all sides: a new vid with Epstein showing next to nothing from 1992, allegations of racism, etc etc etc; The Democrats are not above trying assassination by hiring hit men if all this does not work-they are evil!

  10. I do think it will be interesting to see who goes on the record for
    impeaching Trump, without any legitimate proof of ‘high crimes and

    But …. but … racist tweets!!!!!!!

    (which are not at all racist, in spite of everything CNN has claimed)

  11. What a colossal waste of time. They got nothing better to do?

    Meanwhile, there are children at the border being TRAFFICKED by unscrupulous people who are using them to game our broken asylum laws. And who can fix those laws? These idiots in Congress!

  12. Impeach? For WHAT?!!!! If not liking someone is now grounds for impeachment then we need to impeach most of Congress. This is a snotty spoiled brat maneuver on the part of people who if our Founders were alive would never ever have seen office at any level. THEY are the treasonous ones with their talk of socialism, scrapping of the Constitution, destroying the moral underpinnings of the very fabric of society and incitement of violence against anyone who disagrees with them.

    1. The fact that they’re in office, period, is indicative of how far our society has fallen. An awful lot of people have become ‘gimme dat’s’; whereby the thought of working for things you desire just isn’t part of their game plan. No foresight, no deep thinking, and certainly no concern for the direction of the country, or what other’s fought and died to preserve. It’s a very ‘immediate gratification’ type of world we have anymore.

  13. I thought they would have already impeached but the apparatchik old guard was not there. it still is not. I would put yeas near 100 including 4 republicans and whatever Justin Amash is. Last time I think it was in the 60s range for yeas.

  14. If the standard for impeachment now is not liking whom the people elected we are going to have lot’s more impeachments down the road.

  15. I’ve said their hatred is going to destroy them. If the Dems vote on impeachment today they have officially imploded as a viable political party.

    1. Can you hear that loud glub glub glub sound, sjmom? That’s the sound of the democrat party sinking into the abyss, just like the Titanic did.

      1. They won’t. They’re only 1/2 of the country. The rest of us are strong enough to handle it.

        1. I doubt it’s even half. There is about 25%, my guess, who are just ignorant and nuts but have big mouths and the media to help them along.

        2. Actually they’re much less than 50%. The media wants us to believe that there are that many democrat voters.

  16. Meanwhile, antifags are storming ICE detention centers, one was killed trying to shoot up and blow up a detention center, dozens of MS13 savages are on trial in California and the democrats are doing this.

  17. This move by Green clinches it: Pelosi has totally lost control of the House.

    It also reveals that these Democrats are mocking our system of government and American citizens. That being said……“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” ~
    Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  18. I keep hearing impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. On what grounds are they going to file these charges? Having the temerity to beat the Hagfish?

    1. I don’t think they know they have to have a reason other than not liking the out come of the election. And then of course there are all those, millions I would guess, who think he stole the election because the hag won the popular vote. Tell them that is is a Republic and you get a deer in the headlight look and then some rant about Nazis or Racist their two favorite unfounded allegations.

    2. ‘legal scholars’ are looking into whether he can be impeached on ‘bigotry charges’ DESPITE his never attackign anyone because of color- These 4 women couldh ave been white america-hating anti-semite women, and trump would have said the very same thing “If ya don’t like the US- get out”

      1. oh, and they want ot make a case that he is ‘unfit to be president’- it’ll likely include a lot of false accusations of racism

      2. Technically according to the Left.. One of them is white. If George Zimmerman was labeled a White man. Then AOC is a white woman. End of Story.

    3. Excessive Tweeting!
      It is in the Constitution….somewhere…..oh wait….
      I’m waiting to see how many Democrats will actually fall on their sword.

  19. They can take their impeachment papers and shove them where the sun don’t shine. I’m so darn sick of these freaks and haters of our Country. I hope their hate eats them alive !

  20. Oh God, do it!


    Show how off the rails the party has just become!

    Put red state Democrats on the record if they support impeachment or not, making their re-election less likely regardless of their choice!!!

    Illustrate further how the socialists & communists have taken over the Democrat Party to the American people, pushing independents further to the GOP

    Show how the Democrats are now the political party of Antifa

    DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

  21. Oh Please, Please, Please… Vote to Impeach President Trump.. Put a huge smile on my face.. The more radical these people are acting the Better for Everyone..

  22. The democrats are really this stupid. Please, go ahead, Green and push for articles of impeachment because if you do you will not only guarantee a Trump victory in 2020, but you dumbocrats will lose the House and Senate.

  23. without any legitimate proof of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’.

    They don’t need any. They can argue just the same that he’s the sort of leader that should be impeached. The standard isn’t that he did something wrong. Rather, that the country needs to be protected from him against future abuses.

    Frankly, I think it’s a bad idea. But I will state again for the record that I think his end-run on Congress by abusing the NEA – while not criminal – was absolutely impeachable conduct. That he was willing to do that, hits that standard of future abuses square on the head.

    But again, I think it’s a bad idea. Our society is barely holding together as it is.

  24. Good luck having it pass the Senate. And any Republican who votes for it should pay the price by losing their seat come midterms. McConnell HOPEFULLY refuses to try it if it passes in the House. This is yet another noose the Dems are putting around their own necks. They are so desperate to get power back in the WH, they are willing to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to get it back. The blowback will be Biblical….

  25. This column must have been written early in the day yesterday. The resolution was defeated in the House 332-95. Maybe this will shut the Democrats up about impeachment once and for all.

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