JUST IN: Senate Democrats BLOCK bill to protect baby born ALIVE from abortion….and here’s how they VOTED

In another disgusting show, Senate Democrats again blocked a bill that would protect a baby born alive from an abortion, or any other circumstance for that matter.

The vote today wasn’t on the bill specifically, but on allowing the bill to proceed from debate to the floor for an actual vote. The Senate was voting to invoke cloture.

60 votes are needed to invoke cloture, but only 53 could be obtained. Three of the 53 votes were Democrats:

  1. Casey (D-PA)
  2. Jones (D-AL)
  3. Manchin (D-WV)

You might be wondering if any Republicans voted with the Democrats, against cloture? The answer is NO.


There were three Republicans that didn’t vote at all:

  1. Cramer (R-ND)
  2. Murkowski (R-AK)
  3. Scott (R-SC)

Three more Republicans wouldn’t have been enough to invoke cloture, so their absence for whatever reason was inconsequential.

In any event, almost every Democrat and Independent Democrat chose to block the bill. Only three, who are in red states, voted for cloture.

Given how many liberal states are moving to radical extremes on abortion, this is no surprise. But it shows, as these radical abortion laws do, just how radical Democrats have become all across the country.

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94 thoughts on “JUST IN: Senate Democrats BLOCK bill to protect baby born ALIVE from abortion….and here’s how they VOTED

  1. The scum who voted against this are just a reflection of the scum that voted them in. We’re quick to tear apart elected officials who pull this crap, but remember, they are there to represent the citizenry who elected them. All the more why the country needs to split.

    1. Considering that 81% of voters disagree with 3rd term abortion , id say this vote doesn’t represent their states.

  2. The failure of this bill only points out the truth of those who fought abortion from the beginning. They knew that the Dems claim that all they wanted was for it to be “safe, legal and rare wasn’t true. This is where that slippery slope led. To allowing babies to be abandoned to die.

    1. Yes, Joy, this is a must see movie. The R rating was given to discourage people from going who don’t go to R rated movies. Glenn Beck and Steve Deace were discussing this movie because they screened it together and both said it would definitely change the discussion about abortion. It is a true story and shows the abortion industry for what it is.

  3. I guess the question is will the Republicans do the right thing and excercise the nucler option and only require 51 votes to pass the bill?

    If they do not then IMHO they will be just as complicant as the Democrats. Kind of like they were all upset over PP selling baby body parts then would not stop their funding.

    Getting kind sick of these poiticians that want to score political points while they are legally allowed to slaughter the most innocent amoung us.

    If this is not worth pulling the nuclear option, what is?

  4. For once I agree whole heartedly with the GOP and with Trump. This is the most disgusting Senate vote I have seen in my lifetime.

    But now we know exactly where the baby killers stand. For infanticide!

  5. Sad women have been duped by this ruse of men to be able to have sex with them and have zero responsibility.

  6. I hate this new comment format, which I still cannot set up an account for. And, why are avatars jumping around between commenters?

  7. “…then God said, “be fruitful and multiply…” and the democrats said, “hell no to God, we’ll do things our way, abortion on demand up to and including birth.” DESPICABLE!

  8. I would not call PA a red state….it has not reliably voted republican in probably forty years. Casey, ran on being his fathers son, his father was catholic and pro-life, a democrat but pro-life. Manchin is the closest you are going to get to a blue dog democrat, because it works for keeping him elected in WV. Jones is from Alabama, he votes against this bill and the people of Alabama likely string him up…lol

  9. If McConnell want to push this vote through he could but murdered babies are convenient on the campaign trail when he needs votes and inconvenient al all other times when actually saving some of them requires a little energy.

  10. Angels weep while demons laugh.

    No one should ever vote for any democrat anywhere. All they want is death… The people that vote for them should be wary of the time the dems come to murder them.

    1. And they must remember that this grew from a Democrat promise that all they wanted was for abortion to be safe, legal and rare.

      ” Between 1970 and 2015, CDC reports nearly 45.7 million legal induced abortions.”

      Liars and murderers!

  11. I think Republicans need to pounce on this and clearly educate the public that Democrats are fine with murdering babies. They are all murderers. And people need to know just exactly how far they will go to maintain power. Because I don’t think most people want to give power to people with no conscience at all.

    Abortion failed

    Baby is born alive

    Baby is breathing

    Baby is crying

    But Baby is killed

    That is murder there can be no other word for it. It must be reported and the media isn’t going to do it. The RNC has got to step up.

    This new system does not allow formatting… irritating. I like the other one better.

  12. Evil…evil…evil….evil….evil….evil
    How does anyone vote democrat anymore without feeling…EVIL?

  13. Evil bastards! It’s horrific that the fight isn’t against higher taxes ONLY, but against murderous monsters who care no more for children than they do a piece of trash. Evil, evil, evil bastards.

      1. I can’t explain it either. Maybe I’m special?… Na that’s not it.
        I’d delete it if I could but that option for me doesn’t exist. At least I can’t find it.
        It’s a great video though.

  14. First of all, that is such an adorable baby girl. Second, this just further corroborates that the democrats are the party of progressivist communism and murder and, clearly, they are all fine with that. You truly have to be mentally ill or evil to vote democrat. Many RINOs also fit into that category.

    1. Even though three Republicans were “not present” no Republican voted “no.” That counts.

    1. It may be disappointing, but didn’t you expect this from democrats? They all march in lockstep to the dictates of their overlords who pay them to be evil.

  15. At least we have them on the record. This is so disgusting. I’m sure anything I have to say about this has already been said and then some.

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        1. Yeah, it takes a bit of time (I’m HORRIBLE w/ change, I’m an old dog, no new tricks lol!)
          Scoop wrote a good thread yesterday that was helpful in navigating…might wanna refer back to that! 😉

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        3. I have the same problem. I have been trying since last night, every which way I can think of. My original picture of my little chihuahua or something, anything. Can’t do it. Very frustrating.

  16. This was Ben Sasse’s bill. He has made the TV and radio rounds making the point that, even though he is 100% pro-life, this was not about abortion but strictly about infanticide, about babies born alive.

    In other words, even pro-choice Dems still could have voted for this without compromising their position on Roe v Wade, but the Hard Left has such a tight hold on them even this was too much for them.

    Thank you Sen Sasse for putting them on the record, the country needs to know how disgusting this is and how evil the Dems have become.

  17. Love this site, really do, but it is not abortion. First and foremost, abortion is just a sanitized way of saying Murder, to make it more acceptable for the left. Secondly, even more so, it is even more outrageous to use their language in calling it abortion when referring to a baby who has already been born alive.

    It is MURDER, they are advocates for murder. They now want the right to perform murder on an innocent baby, whether or not that baby is inside or outside of the womb. They want murder, on demand at any time. Except for criminals who deserve the death penalty, for them they want compassion.

    They are sick and deserve far worse than I would be able to say without going overboard. They are evil.

  18. I’ll edit myself and simply say that there’s a special place in Hell for these people who support the murder of babies.

    1. Demons indeed! This country has gone completely insane. Every day, another evil worse than the day before. But, then this is what happens when there is no right or wrong, no laws, and God’s name is only recognized as a curse word.

  19. This stuff makes me absolutely physically ill. I am APPALLED at my country for allowing this extreme, amoral, gut wrenching act to occur, and supposedly LEGALLY. Just horrific.

  20. Be on the right side of history MITCH, require actual filibuster on this bill. Cloture is a senate rule. We need this to be televised and let the nation know evil is amongst us.

  21. When lawmakers legalize wholesale murder…………….I have no words for this evil.

    Jesus come quickly.

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    1. I often wonder the same thing. They’re really not a “mother”……….just a woman who gave birth but even at that after carrying the child for nine months I really don’t understand how they can murder it.

      1. I think I have this right. I recently read that if a baby is born alive from a botched abortion, the abortionist/clinic ask the mother to put the baby in a bag, where it obviously suffocates. That way the abortionist/clinic can’t be accused of murder, the mother is actually committing the murder. That is pure evil, and any woman who participates in that should be held responsible for murder.

        Remember how many times murderers have been charged with a double murder when a woman was murdered who was pregnant in the past. That is going to change very rapidly, even if the baby was considered viable outside of the womb.

        1. People who do these things are evil!

          BTW I’m not so sure the double murder charge will change because I think it’s federal law………..different from these states’ laws on abortion but I could be wrong.

  22. This is so evil. I weep for America. They will have to answer to God some day. I think of my precious 2 month old grand-daughter–they would have been willing to kill her. (Thankfully, my daughter would never do that.)

  23. My heart breaks for the innocent babies . 😥
    Evil runs freely in Congress and we pay the evil slugs.

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