JUST IN: Senate Republicans trying to make a DEAL with Trump on the National Emergency

Senate Republicans reportedly don’t want to send the national emergency resolution to Trump’s desk, so they are trying to work out a deal with Trump so that they can support it.

Here’s the low down:

POLITICO – Senate Republicans are trying to head off a collision with President Donald Trump over the border wall this week, even as his new budget demands ensure the painful political battle will extend into the fall.

Some GOP senators are discussing a potential compromise with the White House in order to limit Republican defections on a vote this week to overturn Trump’s emergency declaration, according to GOP senators and aides. The matter was unresolved as of Monday evening, senators said, but the discussions underscore the reluctance of the GOP to fight with the president on the Senate floor.

Republican senators queasy about the legality and precedent of Trump’s unilateral move to fund his wall are exploring whether the president will commit to signing a bill amending the National Emergency Act and curtailing presidential power. In exchange, they would consider standing with the president and potentially vote against the House-passed disapproval measure.

Four Republicans have already signaled they would vote with Democrats: Tillis, Paul, Collins and Murkowski.

However both Tillis and Mike Lee, who is still undecided, are among the senators in negotiations with Trump:

“If there’s a chance to make progress on the National Emergency Act, which I think has been revealed to be problematic, then that would certainly be something I would consider,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Two GOP senators, Mike Lee of Utah and Thom Tillis of North Carolina, discussed the potential changes to the law with the White House over the weekend. Tillis opposes Trump’s national emergency declaration and Lee is undecided on how he will vote. Roughly a dozen GOP senators are weighing whether to vote against the White House.

“There’s a lot of different discussions going on and really I thought the White House has been great in speaking with a number of members, me just one of them,” Tillis said. He said they were discussing how to balance the president’s “individual power” and Congress’ role.

Lee has pitched a proposal requiring Congress to approve any emergency declaration after 30 days, though the White House wants that period to be significantly extended.

Another possibility is Trump agreeing to change the law in the future to prevent abuse of the law in the future:

It’s unclear whether the last-minute negotiations will work. Changing the law would require 60 votes in the Senate and buy-in from House Democratic leaders, in addition to Trump’s signature. And it may not be able to prevent the disapproval measure from reaching the president’s desk given deep-seated disagreement some GOP senators have with Trump’s use of the emergency powers.

One senator familiar with the talks said, “We may be getting to a point where the president will give an assurance” to senators on changing the law to avoid future end-runs around Congress. But no final decision has been made and winning over Democrats angry with Trump’s emergency declaration will likely be difficult.

“There was some conversation about it … it’s probably going to be a pretty tough sell. No president wants to constrain their power, but I hope we have a good conversation about it,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas). “Anything like that would be purely prospective, so I think we’re going to deal with the current declaration on its own terms.”

The one Senator I still haven’t heard from on this is Ted Cruz. Last we reported he was still investigating whether the law was constitutional before he voiced his support for it. So I don’t know if he’s a part of these negotiations or not.

Since they are actively negotiating with the White House, I expect they’ll probably come to a place where enough of them can support it without it going to Trump’s desk.

Of course Trump doesn’t want to have to veto it either, as that would establish a rebuke by at least some Republicans.

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170 thoughts on “JUST IN: Senate Republicans trying to make a DEAL with Trump on the National Emergency

  1. I’m starting to wonder about what I’m seeing here. Folks need to think beyond, “Gosh, that’s a lot of power.”

    Nevermind that it’s a freaking border barrier, and not an actual policy change. It’s not a “lot of power” being “usurped,” or whatever fever dream has taken over.

    Clue: Congress was not designed to deal with emergencies. It’s why their one obvious emergency power is to declare war.

    Logic fact: The Constitution relies on logic to understand most of our laws. And most of our laws are logically consistent, and thereby recognized as constitutional.

    One foundational fact of logic is this: one cannot comply with the mandated, Article II duty to defend this nation if one is disallowed from recognizing and taking action in emergencies.

    No amount of loaded questions about potential abuse, or tap dancing about words present in the Constitution will ever breach that foundational fact of logic.

    What The Constitution Mandates: Only one branch is explicitly charged by the Constitution with both defending the Constitution and seeing to the faithful execution of the law, as well as being charged with being the head of the militia and commander in chief of the military.

    That has been taken to mean “national defense” since it was penned.

    Because of the foundational logic above regarding emergencies, *and* because of the structural factors that prevent Congress from responding to emergencies, it’s clear that the Executive Branch must be able, and is thereby empowered to:

    • Recognize a state of emergency, and
    • Take action to respond to an emergency, at least until such time that Congress can craft a more permanent solution.

    Now we come to the point where a Political Question must be answered by the polity as the Executive is deciding on a course of action. This requires predicate logic:

    Trump’s emergency declaration is made with respect to *all* of the following factors…

    1. It’s an actual crisis that effects the entire nation, and to varying degree, each citizen.
    2. His proposed response is supported by a majority of citizens.
    3. His proposed response is economically sound, and inexpensive, especially over time.
    4. His proposed response (a wall) has been accepted by people and nations all over the world, and throughout history as a rational means of defense.
    5. His proposed response is an Article II constitutional duty (see above).
    6. His proposed response is fully in compliance with the law.
    7. And please note: Said law was written by Congress in recognition of the foundational logic above, back before the massive culture war began, and when people were using reason as a basis for action, not emotion.

    A President must have all of these factors behind him in order to take a specific action.

    So no, a President cannot “do whatever he chooses.” This is obvious. The President is forced by political considerations to take all of the above into account before acting.

    People declaring otherwise, or raving about this as a “power grab,” or worse, making unsupported claims that it is unconstitutional simply cannot be taken seriously.

    To see conservatives fall for that emotional blackmail over prudence and logic is a sad thing.

  2. Mitch McConnell can settle the issue by refusing to pass anything that he knows the president will veto.
    If he has the votes to override a veto then do it and since over 90% of Republicans are Trump supporters let them answer to their constituents next year.
    The law passed in 1976 did not specify that all presidents EXCEPT Trump were allowed to use it.
    There should be no problem.

  3. Republicans didn’t fund the wall when they had all the power, now they want to come up with options. I personally don’t want the national emergency declaration (even though it IS absolutely a national emergency) but this is all beyond ridiculous at this point. We are dealing with large numbers of problems along our southern border and yet these politicians want to play patty-cake politics. And Trump has pressed them pretty hard lately and made many of the right points but they all want to be Aholes. I don’t know what the answer is here… I’d personally like to see all of D.C. cleared out and for us to start over.

    And I don’t care if Cruz, Lee or other decent senators vote against it (for the right reasons – if there are any); what ticks me off is Collins and Murkowski ALWAYS being reliable democratic votes (for the wrong reasons). Primary these witches!!!!

  4. I will consider supporting the Senate Rs standing up to the President as soon as they get the activist Courts under control. Should happen anytime now…..

  5. When even the New York Times is saying there is a crisis of the border being overrun, there’s no further need to discuss it. People making the argument that a future president could argue that gun violence is a national emergency and repeal the 2nd amendment don’t get it. Aside from not having the numbers for that, they couldn’t realistically enforce it. But lets say they do, senators and congressmen would essentially be putting targets on their backs for retribution. They’d have court battles to get through as well as local municipalities who would refuse to enforce it. However, not stopping the influx of illegals will give them the numbers to do something like this. Stopping the influx is first, repealing the Hart Cellar act should be second. We need to go back to quotas on immigrants from specific countries. This map alone should have you sh*tting your pants.


    We are already in a sinking state in this country and every day we do nothing about it cements our place to the dustbin of history. Leftist hate us. Everything they do is based on eliminating us by eugenics. Universal healthcare, minimum wage, affirmative action, abortion, allowing illegals to vote, free college tuition, global warming b.s., etc… it all has to do with getting us to low enough numbers so they can force us to conform or die. I don’t expect much from Collins, Murkowski, Romney, or Mitch. Rand I’m not surprised by, but disappointed in. Lee and Cruz should know better, but then again, they’re politicians so getting reelected is more important to them than preserving the country.

  6. Didn’t Mitch McConnell promise to support the Emergency if Trump signed the budget to re-open the government? Where’s Mitch now?

  7. Why does the party that at least professes to have conservative principles have to be run by Casper Milquetoast, spineless, two faced, hypocrites? When Crooked Hilusein Barillary Opopo invoked this power and spent billions on the destruction of Lybia for no other reason than animosity Killerary felt towards Khadaffi and Barry’s need to justify his “Nobel Peace Prize” by killing a lot of people he didn’t know and who had done him no harm, did this trembling bunch of windy weeping willows show any concern about it’s constitutionality? Not that anyone heard of. When other presidents declared a national emergency and appropriated tax dollars for THEIR pet projects, did these fearless foreskins exhibit any doubts about it’s legality? NEVER. But the instant a conservative (mostly anyway) president grows a little hair on his chest, they are suddenly stricken with deep, dubious, and dark doubts. Why can’t at least one of them grow a pair and convince these poor shaking sheep to support the President when he steps out and actually begins to do what they had been promising they would do throughout their political lives, but never had the gonads sufficient to actually attempt? It has become intuitively to even the most casual of observers that U.S. politicians for the most part are as crooked as a dogs hind leg, and while the Democrats are demonstrably felonious by nature and willing to riot, rape, rob, pillage, plunder, and fornicate without the slightest hint of a functioning conscience, the Republicans lie, lease, dissimulate, pander, and pooper poke, all the while turning amnesiac with regard to promises they swore to during the peak pander period, AKA campaigning for office. The Founding Fathers of our nation may have gone a little overboard with respect to the Code Duello but at least they had an established understanding of honour and it’s importance, and could also carry on in intelligent conversations sans the use of the filth and profanity our current gaggle of goslings simply cannot express themselves without bathing in. At least Democrats are not ashamed of being unscrupulous far beyond the most distant frontier of scumbaggery. Like Reid, who lied about Romney’s taxes and later bragged about how effective it was, it does no violence to their self aggrandizement and over inflated egos to be openly corrupt. I am not a Trump afficionado but I have to admit, I had entertained some faint hope that some of his backbone just might take root in our “conservative” politicos, but it was obviously a doomed idea.

  8. If the Senate had a leader who is ALL about what’s best for America and the rinos grow a spine we wouldn’t still be stuck in nothing getting done about the invaders. It’s not rocket science in protecting Americas borders.

  9. @realDonaldTrump

    Republican Senators have a very easy vote this week. It is about Border Security and the Wall (stopping Crime, Drugs etc.), not Constitutionality and Precedent. It is an 80% positive issue. The Dems are 100% United, as usual, on a 20% issue, Open Borders and Crime. Get tough R’s!

    8:27 AM – 11 Mar 2019

  10. My confusion over knowing that girls have penises is in lock step with my confusion over Collins and Murkowski being called republicans.

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  12. Wait….!

    Senator Mike Lee I respectfully disagree with you on this and here’s why…

    You put the ball in President Trump’s court because the republican congress refused to act on the funding of the border wall. The republican’s silence on funding the border wall was deafening. So now when you punt the ball over to President Trump and he acts on a campaign promise the republican pitch forks get sharpened to try and kill the national emergency to build the border wall.

  13. Daniel Horowitz‏
    Verified account

    It’s gotten to the point where I’m now confident even Obama would have done more to stop the flow, as he eventually did in 2014, just from the embarrassment to his admin. I just don’t understand what this admin is doing.

    7:18 AM – 12 Mar 2019

  14. I don’t get why this president cannot declare an emergency when previous presidents have used this measure. Yes, they hate Trump but they are forgetting we the people.

      1. Why were the other presidents allowed to declare emergency then? Please explain about the constitutionality.

        1. How can Tromp constitutionally declare an emergency because Congress won’t give him money for his wall?

          1. The same way Obama instituted DACA. He said that since Congress would not act, he had to. Trump tried to get Congress to act for two years, but they wouldn’t. Consequently, just as Obama was “forced” to invent Daca, which I didn’y hear you trembling over, Trump has been “forced” to issue a declaration of National Emergency.
            Obama found it necessary to modify the implementation of Obamacare because Congress wouldn’t do what he wanted. Obama even expended unappropriated money to finance his changes. Did you wail about that very clearcut violation of the Constitution like you are shaking in your bunny slippers over this use of powers granted to the President by Congress? Dry your weepy eyes and suck it up. It is legal.

            1. Apparently, you don’t understand the very basic concept of a rhetorical question. Here’s another one: Why don’t you bite my shorts?

    1. I don’t remember some of these names standing up then, but then it was racist to criticize Obama.

  15. I can understand and appreciate why the republicans are taking this stance. However, the fact remains, Trump would not have been put in this position if the :exclamation: GOP RINOS didn’t stab him and us in the back, AGAIN, by not providing the necessary funding when they had control of the House and Senate.

    1. Yeah, stab him in the back about this then act like they are constitutionalists all of a sudden to try to stop him from doing what they didn’t want him to do in the first place. Hypocrits.

    1. While I agree, it does not follow constitutionally that the president can unilaterally “fund” a thing by declaring a national emergency. Yeah, sure, move some money around, no big deal, but to Pen & Phone it? No, unconstitutional, and Trump should know better.

            1. Noooo, I fully support secession. In fact, I believe it is the last best hope to save the rest of the union.

              If only a couple of states from either the right OR the left would secede, the rest of the states would immediately correct course.

              Say, if #Texit, then the US would immediately have to cut spending, downsize DC, slough off power back to the states, or risk bankruptcy and more states seceding, maybe even total collapse.

              If NY, Cali, IL, or any combination thereof left, the US would flip red and, again, cut spending, lay off government, close departments.

              Win/win, either way.

              1. Ah now you are speaking my language.

                Our Republic is done, time for the states to make their own way.

                #Texit sounds good.

      1. Mark Levin, a constitutional expert, cited the constitution, specifically giving the president the legal right to do what he wants to do. If you’re interested in listening to it, the podcast was 02/26/19 and you can listen to it whenever you have the time. The president is not in the wrong.

        1. The fact that the president went to congress first for the funding puts the lie to the story. Congress controls the money. Trump wiggles +/-$8 billion this time, but don’t think for a second congress will leave him discretionary funds next time.

          When the president changes the designation of funds without congressional approval, he is in direct contravention of the constitution.

          Whether you or I agree with the use of funds is irrelevant. Trump cannot constitutionally Pen & Phone his will any more than Obama could.

          1. You are so wrong. Follow the bouncing ball TC. The funds that Trump will use for the National Emergency are already Congress appropriated funds sitting around in agencies not being used. So stop with the Congress appropriates the funds not the president. The funds were appropriated by Congress which explains why these agencies have them to begin with. So stop with the pen and phone comparison. Now on the second note Congress passed a law in 1976. Are you still there? This law passed by the same Congress that appropriated the funds to federal agencies that are not being used gave the president the authority to use these Congress appropriated unused funds for national emergencies that in the 1976 law passed by the Congress that appropriated the unused funds said the president gets to determine what is a national emergency.

            1. There’s YUGE a difference between legal and constitutional.

              Only congress may appropriate and designate funds. No mere law can override the constitution, only an amendment, therefore congress cannot delegate that power to the president. Delegation is not a constitutional power.

              Now, Trump went to congress to get the funding, and they said no. He cannot, logically, constitutionally, then declare a national emergency and assume a congressional power to redirect funds to circumvent congress. Yes, there’s a law, 1976, national security, invasion, the sky is falling, Mark ‘Chicken Little’ Levin says whatever, I get all that.

              But if you are going to claim the mantle of constitutional conservative, you then cannot logically support the subornation of that document by a mere act of congress.

              Not for any reason.

              Neither can you complain when the next Progressive sits in the Oval Office and declares from on high that your guns are a national emergency; that healthcare is in a crisis; that carbon emissions must be slashed. No, no, you had your chance to hold the constitutional line, and you squandered it. For what? A wall that doesn’t even address the economic incentives that cause the emergency in the first place.

              A poor bargain for your so-called principles.

          2. You are wrong. You have the opportunity to educate yourself if you listen to the podcast I mentioned. But it seems that you just want to continue with this falsehood that he’s pulling an Obama. It’s just not true.

        1. Which is fine if the funds are discretionary. If they are, there’s no need for a declaration of emergency. Just move the funds, build the wall, done.

          But declaring a DoE and moving earmarked funds is clearly unconstitutional, was so when Obama did it, and is so now. It also adds the danger of President Bernie doing a DoE and trying to confiscate guns, or limit carbon emission, or confiscating pudding.

          1. Not… PUDDING! Yeah, I think that the lack of cooperation has bruised his ego, hence the emergency.

          2. What Trump is doing is Constitutional. Obama created and ignored the law. Trump is following the law.

      2. @texas-chris

        He isn’t doing any such thing.

        He’s using discretionary money that is actually for national defense.

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    I’ve added a “Back to Top of Comments” link at the very bottom of the comment section. It’ll quickly take you back to the top of the comments so you can see the alerts.

    Also if the comments seem a little snappier when posting, that’s on purpose. Trying to speed them up a bit.

    😀 😎

    1. I was hesitant, at first, about this system but I think it’s great. So thanks for the great efforts.

        1. I was resistent to the change, but I have come to like this system better than using Disqus.

        2. @ the right scoop

          Why is it with this new system, I get email notices of replies, I never signed up for? After hitting unsubscribe button, I’mtaken back to TRS, with a notice I’ve been successful in unsubscribing, then emails start piling in again.

  17. Where was all the indignation when Obama was signing his executive orders and giving $150 billion to Iran in in marked bills in the middle of the night?

    1. That’s an excellent point, but not one that justifies unconstitutional acts by future presidents.

    2. Not one of them said a word when Hussein sent those pallets of cash to Iran, because they knew it was being returned to those that demanded their money back when HRC lost the election. Not all of them have the option of loading up all of that American taxpayers cash to repay their masters.
      For two years they begged the President to sign their despicable funding plans with the promise of adequate Border and National Security funds in the next spending bill. Gave the Dems everything they could of ever wished for, and even threw in funding for Border Walls and Security for countries in the Middle East. Needless to say they never kept their word and now we have a full blown Humanitarian Crisis at our southern border.
      We would be fools to think to think they”re even capable of keeping their word . If they ever planned on representing their constituents and protecting our great country, they would have done it by now. I triple dog dare them betray the President on this when peoples lives are at stake. Everyone is watching, they will never get elected again.
      Mr President, we are done playing games. Build the wall, secure the border. We can address Emergency Powers after the Democrats manufactured Humanitarian Crisis and Invasion is fixed however you see fit. We got your back. God Speed, and where we go one we go all.

    3. Tromp isn’t declaring the national emergency in the middle of the night under secrecy.

  18. Senator Ted Cruz has said more than once that he supports using the funds from El Chapo for the wall. I don’t know why more people aren’t supporting this.

    1. @teri-smith Because it’s Cruz’ idea and because the GOP are jackasses and could care a less. GOP is completely out of touch with its own base of voters but support their big business donors. They lie to us constantly to get elected. Once in, their base means nothing to them. That’s why.

      1. I actually think Cruz took up the cause but the idea came from a Representative.

        It is a good idea.

  19. Trump better not cave in this ridiculous manuver. They want to curtail Trumps power, while giving it to a liberal president. Just veto the bill and be done with it!!!!! GOP you are just cowards!

    1. The Republicans for the most part are cowards. The Democrooks at least take action for what they perceive as wrong. Why are the courts not full with Hillary, Huma Abedin, Susan Rice, Page, Strozk, etc.??

  20. “so they can support it”,what a silly comment by Mike.Is it that hard for these RINOS to support the President on National Emergency issues.Mr. President,go ahead and veto what ever bill these RINOS are proposing

  21. Republicans don’t want a border wall but border wall talking points, they had control of both houses yet did nothing, how can the Republican party survive when they can’t or refuse to legislate as a majority to represent law abiding Americans against an illegal invasion.

    1. @marathon
      I’ve stated that exact same sentiment on here numerous times, but it’s always “Republicans are great & ALL IN for the Wall & Dems are evil”. To be fair, Dems are evil & God forbid the day they get back in power. Those who refuse to see the Republicans for who they really are & who they represent (certainly not their constituents) are simply ignoring reality.

      They had 2 years. What meaningful legislation did they pass?They are “supposed” to work for the people who elected them, not big business lobbyists.

      1. So, you’ve tried to educate this site’s commenters on the evils of
        RINOs and their fickle, un-conservative ways but to no avail?

        Really? Interesting.

        1. @nygino
          Come on NYG, I didn’t say one thing about Rinos. Everyone here knows who those individuals are.

          My comment was “Republicans”. IF they were representing “you” & what they ran on, we’d have a lot more barrier funding, might even have some common sense immigration laws, defunded Sanctuary Cities, etc

      2. They take money from Open Borders donners. That’s who they are afraid of, not the American Voters. American Voters have no power.

    2. Talking points is all RINO’s have. Notice how the Obamacare repeal is never mentioned? They just play along with the next ginned up crisis. Until election time…

      1. Yes, good point about the ginned up crisis – like in the times of Rome. Bread and circuses. The donkeycrats are by far worse. And the border is one of the greatest crisis our country has faced in a good long while. We’re being sucked down a slow moving drain as a country.

      2. Republicans once elected don’t do much of anything. Of course there are exceptions like Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Tim Scott, to name a few.

    3. Marathon: Yes, like talking about a delicious cake but never baking it. Thanks for the input.

    4. The republican party is and has been divided and thus compromised because of the existence of the establishment GOP RINOS. The democrat party doesn’t have DINOS.

  22. The GOPe was in control of both houses of Congress for 2 years and until “now” they want to do something about immigration by… stopping President Trump’s CONSTITUTIONAL prerogative, protect US borders!!!???

    The Koch brothers have all these checkered-pant Republicans by the ****s; bunch of rats all of them, including Ted Cruz. Where’s Ted?

    1. @sam perhaps they’re thinking if trump has this power and he does! Then they need to reign it in before the next POTUS is elected maybe a democrat in the future. But surely none of the idiot’s running as of now. God forbid.

      1. @afvet4america
        I actually agree with taking that type of power away from any President. We survived prior to its implementation & we’ll survive after.
        With the hatred, accusations, lies, innuendos, etc that have divided our country, I don’t want any President (especially a Dem) having that power without the Senate having a say.

        1. SALT LAKE CITY — Sen. Mike Lee says it appears President Donald Trump acted within the law when he declared a national emergency at the southern border Friday.

          “My initial assessment is that what President Trump announced is legal,” the Utah Republican said. “Whether or not it should be legal is a different matter.”

          Lee has long sought to return power to Congress that he believes the executive branch has wrongly taken from lawmakers.

          “Congress has been ceding far too much power to the executive branch for decades,” he said. “We should use this moment as an opportunity to start taking that power back.”
          That’s been Lee’s problem with this from the beginning. But he agrees it is legal. So IMO should vote in trumps direction on it. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900055990/trump-emergency-declaration-legal-utah-sen-mike-lee.html

          1. It’s congresses fault for giving the power to the executive branch. They just don’t want to do their job and blame the president for doing what they should have done.

      2. That implies that every Executive decision must be framed and decided upon along political lines If there is a real need, legal
        underpinnings, a President with the resolve to do what is right
        for our country and not the party, there should be no question
        about acting now.

  23. I think we are all now seeing why Mike Lee was never included on Trump’s short list of SC nominees. He has truly been wishy washy on policy/bills during the Trump admin. Mike Lee was a very early supporter of the “prison break” reform bill along with his Democrat collegues.

    1. @burntoast 76 thousand apprendened last month wasn’t it? That’s a National emergency IMO.

        1. GoldCartOne
          Would not surprise me in the least. How can we ever know when so many have waltzed across the border and had children as well.

  24. Sen Lee said from the beginning that even though he believed it legal he wasn’t sure it should be.

  25. This whole thing about border control has been bogus from the beginning. Democrats don’t want it because they’re building a new base with illegal alien invaders. Republicans don’t want it because it’ll upset their masters, the Chamber of Commerce, that is looking for cheap labor. It never stood a chance from the get-go. The country is in a state of national emergency on several issues, and the jackwads in D.C. couldn’t care less. All they’re concerned with is their power over the American people. Damn them all to Hell!

  26. This is the slowest national emergency in American History. Memo to Donald “Molasses” Trump: quit clowning around and start using the military funds to BUILD THE DANG WALL ALREADY! By the way, this is all meaningless rhetoric by Mike Lee since two thirds of the Senate is needed to override a National Emergency Declaration.

  27. What a major disappointment has Cruz become. I’m not surprised about Lee squirming. Too many goody two shoes in the RINO party.

    1. Yea, I know many here won’t support any trashing of Ted Cruz. In this particular legislation, he should have come out strongly against the usurping of presidential powers that are already passed law, by the very same Congress that Cruz is a part of. Cruz knows dang well that if the Dems regain power in the House, Senate and Presidency, they will ignore the Constitution, and procedure with their every last breath. It is disappointing. Has Beto scared him that badly?

      1. I have been picking up on some traits of his I don’t like. Once upon a time I was a big fan. Just don’t think I would get excited to see him run for president again. Levin keeps referring to friends of his in the Senate who are wrestling with this issue of national emergency and he seems disgusted about it. Wouldn’t be surprised if Cruz is one of them. Disappoints me also. These virtuous types are frustrating as can be.

        1. So there really is something in the water in DC. You can resist drinking it for a time when you first arrive there, but eventually they find a way to strap you down and make you drink it, or else. I think it’s called McConnellitis.

    2. I’m on the fence on this one, but Democrats have finally taken the mask off, and there’s a reason a disproportionate number of young men are crossing our border, and any logical thinking person can deduce the timing surely isn’t a coincidence. However, don’t bring this to the attention of the GOP establishment, and the elites who profit off of open borders, because they believe they’re insulated from the real world consequences.

    3. @kram-nivel I’ve been saying for quite some time now that Cruz is putting on his GOPe pants. As a Texan who worked on all 3 of his federal campaigns, I can tell you I’m disappointed in him. He’s working too hard to be liked by those dastardly Republican Senators.

      1. Can you blame him? Its pretty laughable watching people give Cruz crap after the crap show the base became during the primary. I’ve never seen the right behave so rabid until Trump ran and then anyone that wasn’t kneeling before him was trashed.

        Cruz along with the other candidates were savaged by the right the entire primary, their records were outright lied about, and their integrity / personal lives were belittled at every turn at the alter of Trump. The GOP barely moved to help him win Texas.

        Excuse me while I raise my fist in fake outrage because anyone dares to not tow the line for President Trump.

        I hate to say it but the reality is that a large portion of the Republican base has destroyed our chances of ever seeing a principled candidate taking the stage again on the right. Why would you? To be savaged when the next shiny thing comes along? What I watched happen during the primary was disgusting, and while Trump has done much good as president I just don’t see the point in getting mad because everyone doesn’t fall in line.

        1. @idahofunk Get over yourself and the 2016 primary. Don’t lecture me about Cruz. I worked for the man as a paid staffer on all 3 of his campaigns and I know him personally. I support him but he’s not the same fighter Texas sent to the Senate. DC does that to people. We (Texans) were the first to recognize the problems in DC and sent a fighter. I don’t blame the base of the party for wanting a fighter for President. Bannon played a huge part in Cruz’ defeat too by turning Breitbart against him, using Bannon lies.

          The GOP lies to get elected. Once elected, dumps their base and bows to their DonorGods. Standing on “principles” isn’t going to ward off socialism/communism. We need fighters not milquetoast BS principles. Because the commies sure are going to fight and destroy this country. I hope your kind never gets back into office because “principles” aren’t going to win this political war for the soul of this country.

          The base of party will never vote for another Bush, McCain, Romney type ever again. That includes the likes of any of today’s GOP Senators and most GOP governors.

          1. Nothing to worry about there bud. Unprincipled “fighters” is what you will have for whats left of our Republic and we can enjoy being a party that fights for nothing.

            As I said.. You don’t have to worry about me lining up to represent people that will stab me in the back as soon as its convenient.

            1. It is not about you. It’s about those like you (as I said) that go along to get a long. Never Trumpers think they’re the only principled human beings. They’re not. We’re willing to overlook certain transgressions because of one’s love of country.

              Trump’s base of support comes from Liberty loving people who want to protect this country from the other side (socialists/communists) who want to turn it inside out and establish a country that MY COUNTRY has never been.

              Those who think like you will never rise to power again because you have been a huge part of putting this country in danger. Take your negativity somewhere else because there’s one thing that unites the regulars on this sight and that is their love of liberty, something you don’t care about because you’re butthurt. Get your priorities and principles straight because you on the cliff about to lose them all.

              1. You don’t know me from a hole in the wall but you seem to have it all figured out.

                I can promise you I’ve got more small government conservative blood in my body then you could hope to. I’m a home schooling father of 6 kids and I work like a dog to keep my family fed. I moved across the country to get away from the blue hell hole that Donald Trump hails from at a detriment to my prosperity.

                You can defend it all you want but you are twisting what I said and it just shows your blind loyalty to party first.

                I don’t ever go along to get along, but again…. you have me all figured out… I just don’t throw everyone under the bus because they don’t fall in line.

                Fact of the matter is that a large segment of Republican voters weren’t satisfied voting for Trump. They needed to ravage the reputations of any candidate that opposed him. If you call that protecting your country from socialism then by all means…. keep on.

                Here is a sad reality. You would never vote for a founding Father of the republic. They would all be “milktoast” to you.

                The difference between you and me is that I recognize the root of the problem and you think bludgeoning the other side is going to fix everything.

                1. Talk about someone who knows not who they are talking to… it would be you. My grandfather taught me to vote for what’s best for the country and not what’s best for my own personal interests. He was Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. I’m an elected TXGOP precinct chair. I’m a former Dallas police officer who was on duty on July 7, 2016. I happened to be posting on this site when I got the all hands on deck call to report to duty (massacre) in downtown Dallas. My best friend was murdered that night. I retired shortly after because the Obama had left a target on my back using his race-baiting policies. My political roots and activism run deep in Texas. How have you served your community or state?

                  I’m now a law student where they don’t teach the Constitution. NOT ONE MENTION OF IT in any of my classes after 2+ years of school. I’ve openly complained about that several times on this sight and I’m studying milestone Constitutional case law on my own. How’s that for dedication to the Constitution?

                  You think Trump is the root of the problem. I think Trump is the outcome of the symptoms from the root of the problem: The UniParty. They are all STATISTS. My nickname on here was KMA GOP for a long time after the 2016 primaries, post nominating Trump. I voted for Cruz in the primaries. I was furious at what happened to him, since I know him, worked for him and believe in him. When Cruz decided to vote for Trump, I began listening to what Trump was saying on the trail. I decided he was a better risk than voting 3rd party, which I was looking at. I would never vote for a democrat, certainly not Hillary Clinton. The binary system doesn’t allow for a third party vote and I don’t waste my vote. I’m not loyal to Republicans. I simply work within that party as a Constitutional Conservative. In fact, I can’t stand many/most of them at all because they aren’t Constitutional Conservatives. They’re liars whose loyalties lie with the DonorGods.

                  Trump isn’t a conservative either but I believe he’s mostly governing from a conservative standpoint because I think he believes a conservative government is the best thing for this country. He isn’t perfect. NONE OF THEM ARE. I don’t follow him blindly and criticize him when he does something that matters to ME. This country has treated him as POTUS reprehensibly and the hypocrisy on display regarding Obama v. “any Republican” is stunning. Never Trumpers, like you, have made substantial contributions to the problems of this country over the past few decades.

                  My views are well known on this sight for 3yrs now. As far as I can tell, you’re new so I don’t know you but I don’t like it all when anyone goes after Trump because I believe this man is trying very hard and fighting a battle of epic proportions for Liberty. I can’t stand Never Trumpers and firmly believe your types are a YUGE cause of the downfall of this country. Trump isn’t the problem. The problems began long ago. I despise your kind as much as I despise the democrats.

                  You’re a yankee “republican” and I’m an active member of the Texas GOP, which is very conservative. YUGE DIFFERENCE between you and me. Yeah, I’d vote for any of our Founders so GFY and stay off my threads in the future.

                2. Wow….yet again you keyboard warrior without a clue.

                  You and I would probably be good friends in life and we probably see eye to eye on 90% of things.

                  The problem is you can’t differentiate friend or foe through text and have literally summed up my character without ever having met me. You presume I’m new to the site because you see no history but I’ve been a user / member as far back as I can remember. I simply don’t comment often.

                  You have literally fabricated an entire narrative about what I believe and it has zero basis in what I wrote.

                  1) I never attacked Trump. You are so hot to defend him (which is a result of the rabid leftists constant attacks on him since he took office) that you took my indication of not being an early supporter, and have now labeled me a never Trumper (also something Republican’s do the moment you don’t support him now) FYI I’ll be voting Trump in the next election, so yea… clearly never Trump.

                  2) You call me a “Yankee” Republican. You think its tough being Conservative in Texas buddy? Try it out in a dark blue state like NY. I’ve been a registered Conservative my entire life since 17. Not a Republican. I’m not from NYC btw… there is an entire state attached with mountains, and wildlife and people just as Conservative as you Texans (which we don’t look down on like self righteous jerks) Sorry… I can’t help where I was born. Its where my WWII vet grand dad settled us. I guess he was just a yank faux conservative as well.

                  3) I have since my first comment attacked the root of the problem but you have been to busy defending Trump from my non attacks to recognize it. I was and am attacking the people I grew up believing to be principled conservatives who behaved like the left during the primary and savaged any candidate on our side that didn’t bow to Trump.

                  My mom got caught up in it. I saw it first hand. I’ve watched my dad fall into it as well since he was elected. The right is so scattered right now because of the left that we are literally eating our own if we don’t fall in line. Its what the left has done since I’ve been alive and I never thought I’d see the better informed right wing voter descend into the same pattern.

                  My point from the beginning was that if I were in Cruz’s shoes I would probably have not even run for election again after seeing what I saw. He was mutilated publicly by people that should have had his back. I’m not going to throw him under the bus because he’s not as vocal as he was before. Same for Mike Lee. I don’t expect them to tow the line every time. I want men in office that believe in something and stick by it. Do you believe Cruz would have backed down on the government shut down we just had? I personally don’t, because I believe he BELIEVES in what he stands for and that is worth its weight in gold.

                  4) I don’t care who voted for Trump. I didn’t have a problem with anyone who did and I almost did myself. It was Hillary or Trump… not really a hard decision. So again… I’m not attacking people for voting for him. I’m attacking the portion of the base that jumped on the bandwagon to destroy several Senator’s and Governor’s personal character because they wanted to Trump to win.

                  5) Maybe you didn’t see what I saw down in Texas but I had acquaintances in Texas that were doing the same thing, so I’d assume it was everywhere.

                  6) I’ve been civil with you through this conversation and I’ve not attacked you once. Maybe you can reflect on how volatile you have been in turn to someone that in reality probably agrees with you on 99% of our political issues in this country and recognize whats happening on the right, right now is not healthy. You literally labeled me, separated me from your group so you could attack me, because I wasn’t fully supportive of Trump (which I actually was and made the point he’s done a great job so far).

                3. OK.

                  1. I’m tired of anyone who claims to be conservative bashing Trump. It has harmed this country and plunged it into chaos. Frankly, there’s no way Cruz could have shattered the Blue Wall. Believe it or not, I want real conservatives (not the NeoCon Krystol/Goldberg/French types or the GOPe types) to get it together. We need to stand with this man. Our country is on the line. That’s the way I see it. If I have a criticism of Trump, I don’t express it because I think it’s harmful. That’s how I think about this. The political environment is rabid on all sides of every spectrum, right now.

                  2. I think it’s a form voter suppression that NY makes people register for an ideology or a party. If I understand that correctly, you are forced to vote solely for a conservative on a ticket and can’t even vote GOP? That’s absolutely not the way it should be. We don’t do that in the Republic of Texas. I’m very familiar with upstate NY. I have a good friend from Albany. Thank you for your g’dad’s service. Texas Republicans are truly conservative and we don’t look down on yankees but truth is up North they’re just not as conservative as we are here. Your environment just can’t help but have an influence. That’s just a fact.

                  3. It pains me to say this but I see big changes in Cruz this second term. He was different on the campaign trail, too. It worries us down here. We know him. We see him moving into territory that many (not all but most) Texas conservatives don’t like. (I’m not talking about Texas moderates. I’m speaking about the grassroots activists, of which I am one.) He refused to engage O’Rourke until very late and damn near lost the election. He wants his Senate peers to like him and respect him. I despise McConnell, Graham et al that have trashed him. Cruz is the elected Senator from Texas. The GOP is nothing without Texas. That’s a fact, too. He’s a brilliant Constitutionalist (Madisonian) and he deserves respect. But he’s heading down the wrong path right now. He’s wishy washy now. Here’s hoping he changes course. To answer your question, I don’t believe Cruz would’ve shut down the government because of his last experience. I don’t believe Cruz would’ve brought the fight the way Trump has, honestly. Trump is like a pit bull on a bone. I don’t believe Cruz could have withstood the crap that Trump has. I honestly don’t believe he could have or would have. He likes to be “above the fray” and that’s not conducive to dog on the bone.

                  4. I didn’t come around to voting for Trump until Cruz said he was going to support him. I then began listening carefully to Trump. At first, it was exceedingly difficult for me to weed through the word salad to get to what he was saying. But I persevered and heard him. After lots of evaluation, I decided the day before the election that I would vote for him. Cruz was my guy in 2016. I can’t stand those people on either side, who cannot accept the results of the legitimate election. This is what irritates me more than anything. I think it’s disgraceful and downright damaging to the US. But it is what it is. I fight with those types because I’m tired of being called a 10 tooth hillbilly, Nazi, White Supremist, White Nationalist, racist, homophobe, islamaphobe, trans-whatever, etc. I’m tired of Trump voters being attacked physically. It isn’t Trump voters that are violent. It’s the Left. My God, look at the Kavanaugh hearings. Look at the Covington Kids. OMG! I’ve become very defensive because frankly, I’m not sure who is actually standing for Liberty any more. I love my freedom and I will fight for it. Verbally. Or otherwise, if required. I have no patience with or for anyone who isn’t supportive of the free and fair election that was held. I’m sick to death of the subversive media.

                  5. I’m not sure what your point #5 is? Saw what in Texas? I just can’t respond to that because I’m not sure what that’s about.

                  6. I don’t even remember what set me off about your comment and I don’t care to go back and re-read it and debate it. I didn’t separate you. I told you what I thought. We probably do agree on most things. IMO the problem on the right has been caused by the democrats, the media and Never Trump. That’s how I see it. I believe Trump voters were blindsided by the caustic vitriol. You seem to think that Trump voters started it all, during the primaries. I didn’t become a Trump voter until one day before the election. I saw the behavior at the convention. I saw the glares that the Trumps gave to Cruz. I saw Heidi being protected and escorted out of the convention. I saw Trump’s behavior during debates. And I resented him. I also saw Rubio’s behavior and the way the Bush’s responded. There are a helluva lot of Bushites in Texas who don’t like Cruz or Trump. They’re globalists. I don’t care for them. GW has a thing about Cruz that dates way back to his days as governor and Cruz was Solicitor General under AG Abbott. Bush could’ve helped him in the past election and refused. Talk about divisive and unhealthy. Supposedly, he’s a “conservative” too. I don’t see him as such. I see him as a dangerous Never Trump spreading the hate and twisting the truth. Laura Bush, too. They never spoke out and condemned Obama. But they have shown their true colors. I believe we have seen clearly who actually supports us within the GOP and who doesn’t. And, there aren’t many out there. So this is the 10% that we don’t see eye to eye on. I guess.

                  I won’t take responsibility for how you feel I’ve responded to you. All the current climate conditions tell me not to let my guard down ever. But I welcome, the 90% we agree on. If you care to elaborate on #5, please feel free. If you have something else to say, please feel free. Maybe we’re at a point where we can actually converse with a better understanding of each other. Thanks.

                4. #5 was in reference to the people I saw attacking candidates that weren’t Trump during the primary. I had friends in Texas that were doing the same thing as people in NY.

                  I’m not blaming the Republican base for the vitriol at all. What I’m getting at is that in RESPONSE to the left’s vitriol we have seceded the moral, and intellectual high ground that I have always believed the right had, in our desire to fight the left.

                  I know the left is rabid. I know the left doesn’t respect the rule of law. I know the left is in most cases embracing evil. I know the left seeks to destroy our nation through their ideas. My point is if we respond in kind then what are we fighting for?

                  I guess for me I’m pretty disenfranchised with our nation and the right of which I’ve been a part of my entire life. What I saw during the primary sickened me and I realized that a decent slice of the pie (not a majority) were nutjobs that ran national enquirer stories about Cruz on their media feeds daily in order to promote Trump and destroy Cruz. It really affected me.

                  Another example was Rush Limbaugh. I grew up listening to Rush proclaim “conservatism works every time its tried”, only to watch him literally give lip service to some the most conservative candidates I’ve seen in my life during a primary and instead talk about Trump day in and day out. I’ve been a talk radio listener for 30 years and I haven’t listened since 2016.

                  When you say that you are defensive because of the left’s vitriol against Trump let me remind you I lived in NYS. That has been my life. Yet here I am keeping my character in tact. In NY you are an uneducated moron, racist, sexist, bigot, homophobic loser with no heart, if you support Conservative ideals and yet here I am in defiance.

                  I have considered office in my life and I don’t think that will ever happen now unless the Lord makes it happen because while I have incredibly thick skin, I will not stand up for people to only see them tear me down the moment I fall out of line on a single item or I stand in another candidates way.

                  Lastly I think I can put my Conservative foundation next to any Texan and hold my own 😛 I moved to Idaho for the closest thing I could find to the wild west without the heat of the south (sorry… I like the cold)

                  BTW I lived 1.5 hours west of Albany in a little town called Jefferson.

                  PS… the solution to all of our problems reside in the Return of the King, the judgement of the wicked, and his eternal kingdom replacing this broken creation. The days we live in were prophesied about and it gives me great solace recognizing the madness can only last so long before THE Judge of all corrects all things.

    4. @kram-nivel
      If that is the case, We, the People are “joined to another object, by an incline plane,wrapped helically around an axis!”.

    5. Cruz has changed after the brutal primary, he realized that he can’t just be the fire bomber. He has not been leading the charge as much as I hoped he would, I thought maybe he was laying low until the reelection but that was months ago. Time for him to step up again.

      And he has built his entire political career as a constitutionalist, he has to think this through and not throw away his entire life over this one act.

  28. These same Republicans were quiet as slugs when Obama was committing one impeachable after the next. Vile creatures.

    1. The very same R’s never said a peep against Obama, and funded every last dollar, and then some, for every spending inititative the O admin. ever asked for. In some cases they even gave O more money than he even asked for for their agenda.

  29. So recapping the situation, Trump wants to do something…

    • It’s constitutional.
    • It follows the law.
    • It’s an emergency.
    • It’s what Republicans promised to do.

    …but now Republicans want to stop him.

      1. That’s exactly right. The Republican leadership, Ryan and McConnell have long supported open borders. THE COC, their biggest funders support open borders. The Republican leadership has long been in the pockets of the feckless, open borders R’s who will tow the line in exchange for dollars.

        1. To be clear, the CofC is not pro-open borders. They’re pro illegal immigration. Open borders would mean it’s legal to come here, get papers, and work. That’s not what the Chamber wants.

          The Chamber of Commerce wants it to be illegal for immigrants to come here so that illegal labor will remain cheap.

          Conversely, what the Koch Bros. are working toward is actual open borders. Come to a gate, get papers, come in and work legally, pay taxes, all legit, no ID theft or fraud. Totally different system, even if you disagree with it.

  30. “…commit to signing a bill amending the National Emergency Act and curtailing presidential power. In exchange, they would consider standing with the president and potentially vote against the House-passed disapproval measure.”

    “Consider? Potentially vote against?” Do they think they are dealing with a fool? Apparently.

    Just like the Dems telling Reagan, you pass amnesty and then we’ll secure the border.
    He did and they reneged. That situation should be the tip off on what to expect from
    the gang of RINOs here. But they’re not even saying they will, they’ll just “consider” and
    “potentially” act in the Country’s best interest.

    1. What is most disappointing is that Mike Lee’s name is in that mix. Whatever the heck has happened to Mike Lee? I understand the quest to reign in presidential powers, but now? at this time, with Trump’s National Emergency declaration at the border? Where was Mike Lee standing up against presidential powers during the Obama admin.?

      1. And to think, he was up there in the running to be nominated for the
        Supreme Court. John Roberts 2.0 ?

      2. He’s right where he was when Obama was in office doing the same things. I guess he missed the sign hung next to the GOP door that everyone else has walked through (drop principles in drop box before entering)

  31. make them override the veto!! make those senators stand up and be known for open borders! then veto every damn bill that comes across the desk! president trump you got there to fight this crap now fight it for once!!!

  32. I’m sorry that the once held as a conservative hero Mike Lee has glomed onto the Mitch McConnell ideas of “proper proceudure” Mitch McConnell. The Senate left the proper procedure agenda long ago, mainly when Harry Reid controlled that body. It’s only gotten worse since then with Schumer controlling his Dem. cats.

    I understand that you may want to follow the Constitution, but the Dems have left that agenda long long ago. To them the Constitution is a dusty old document, that needs to be modernized, and ultimately trashed.

    For me it is quite sad that Mike Lee seems to be still trying to argue for a system that is not in the present, along with Mitch McConnell. They don’t seem to care that the left is steamrolling right over them,. even when they agree with their polices such as jailbreak.

    For me, Mike Lee has become a mystery, at least. Looking for a SC seat maybe?

  33. Daniel Horowitz
    We’ve gone from, “we must give amnesty to those who’ve been here many years” to “anyone who wants to come now and in the future gets to stay.”

  34. Lets see here……
    There has been caravan after caravan headed to the US-Mexico border. The Border Patrol has testified over and over that they and their holding facilities are overwhelmed. And this isn’t a crisis?
    The majority of the GOP must be on the TAKE. It’s expensive to run for office and get keep getting reelected. That means ‘THEY’ answer to their big donors who want cheap labor and that requires open borders. America be damned.

        1. I do in fact see that coming. AOC, Tlib and Omar are insuring that. Old Mitchy is not even going to see it coming, but he will eventually.

  35. The only thing worse than a Democrat, is a Bush Boehner McCain McConnell Murkowski McCarthy DC Globalist Corporatist Est RINOcrat !! (aka GOP Democrat)

    Democrats at least tell you they’re your enemy from the front, not in the back on your side of the aisle !!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Mitch said they were going to rip out Obamacare root and brach if they got the majority. Never happened. They were going to defund PP, never happened. The R elites have lied and lied and lied, again and again. That’s why Trump was elected, because of the do-nothing party leaders. Yet here we are.

  36. Like they are trying to do him a favor? I guess the Senator’s missed one of the main reasons that they held the Senate it was Trump single handedly and largely that he was going to build the damn wall. Cruz’s position is more than a little confusing and disappointing.

      1. Just want to give you many thanks for the downvote Finrod Felagund. We’ve locked horns many times in the past. Some things never change.

        Your downvote was based on me saying that Cruz’s position was confusing/disappointing.

    1. They don’t really have a problem with the law. They have a problem with closing the border & Trump of course, in this case less Trump than closing the border.

  37. How can these Senators not understand the state of emergency we are in? If a sitting president can’t call for such an emergency then we are in serious trouble because Congress could care less about protecting the American people.

    1. @cheetobuster They understand the emergency, they just have their own, bigger self interest at heart. Whatever that might be..

  38. It’s funny, I don’t recall those same RINOs having any problems with the 13 emergency declarations signed by Lord Obama? Even the couple that were ruled unconstitutional by Federal courts. They want open borders just as much as the Bolsheviks do, they just want to hide it from the voters.

      1. You just answered your own question. None of Obama’s National Emergency declarations were declared unconstitutional because president has been given the power to declare national emergencies, by the Congress. Is Trump, the president, all of a sudden not legally allowed to declare a national emergency?

        1. It’s not the emergency declaration, it’s the fact that he’s using it to move around money that congress has designated for something else. Obama didn’t do that.

    1. That’s exactly right. Where were these Ahole Republicans when Obama signed 13 National Security orders? Where were these same R Ahole who ever fought against anything Obama did? They did nothing. Why? Because they are on the same globalist page as Obama.

      I was thrilled today to see that the Mike Murphy, Right To Rise PAK, that was organized to support Jeb Bush was fined today, one of the larghest fines in FEC history, for them taking more than a miilion dollars from a Chinese owned company.

  39. GOP Senators shouldn’t have a problem with the National Emergency Act…It’s legal.
    Between 2001 and 2013, George W. Bush and Barack Obama used their national emergency authority 18 times to authorize 18 different military construction projects—All to benefit other countries… Trump is using it to protect America.

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