JUST IN: Terrorist hijacks school bus with 51 children, douses it with gas and sets it on FIRE…

The worst of the worst almost happened today in Milan, Italy.

A Senegalese terrorist hijacked a bus full of school children, doused it with gas and set it on fire.

Fortunately, none of the children were seriously harmed.

Here’s more from the UK Express:

The man hijacked the school bus with 51 children on board as he was driving them back to school from a sporting event. He reportedly shouted to the children that he wanted to kill himself in protest to Italian migration policy in the Mediterranean. The driver allegedly told the schoolchildren he was going to take them to Linate Airport as he shouted: “No one is going to get out of here alive”.

One of the children called his parents to alert the police.

Once the police were able to track the bus down on the motorway, in an attempt to sidetrack police cars he came to a stop and covered the bus with petrol to then set it on fire.

This is a video of the bus being hijacked:


The 47-years-old man, originally from Senegal, was immediately arrested by the police at the scene.

Luca De Marchis, provincial commander of the Carabinieri in Milan said, explained that “the man was not armed” and “did not tie the kids”.

He is now under investigation for attempted massacre and kidnapping.

None of the children was seriously harmed but 12 were taken to hospital for minor burns and inhalation of fumes.

The Police helped the schoolchildren escape by smashing the back window whilst the man was still torching the bus.

Twelve children and two adults were taken to the hospital.

Despite being taken to a hospital the Emergency Services claimed no one is seriously injured.

The Senegalese man had Italian citizenship and was arrested by police. According to the UK Express, he had a criminal history of sexual abuse and drunk driving.

Thanks to law enforcement and fire officials, a horrible massacre was averted. The kid who called his parents is a hero and should be applauded.

Here’s a video of the aftermath of the bus:

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48 thoughts on “JUST IN: Terrorist hijacks school bus with 51 children, douses it with gas and sets it on FIRE…

  1. This incident smacks of retribution by the E.U. They’re going after Italy’s new Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini. Salvini is a pro Trump nationalist whom has committed to making Italy Great Again. Salvini thumbed his nose at the illegitimate E.U. government and the U.N. when they attempted to force him to knuckle under to their demand that he allow muslim invaders into Italy.

  2. So, now ban vehicles and the gas that fuels them? The vehicles are used to mow people down and murder them and the gas is additionally used to murder by fire. Pressure cookers are used to make deadly bombs. There is very little left that can’t be used as a weapon. What to do…..what to do.

  3. But yet, the Italian government is being ostracized by other European idiot nations for wanting to END illegal migration from muslim countries. Well, this incident is a perfect example of why they should. Note to Italians: Stay strong and free! Don’t forget the 1200 year war you fought against the muslim invaders. Brush up on your history and pass it on.

  4. I’m going to venture far, far out onto a limb and guess that this perpetrator wasn’t a Buddhist, Jew, Catholic, nor even an atheist

  5. Now imagine what happens when one party works to convince lawless invaders they have a birth right to immigrate to America, and the party in power is suppressing that right…

    1. Yeah. Too bad that isn’t just a philosophical thought anymore. The demonRats have gone full blown radical left wing murderous SOCIALIST. Even worse, they have aligned themselves with another murderous ideology: islam.

  6. Grateful the kids were all ok, or hopefully will be.

    The terrorist, on the other hand, can be smoked like a shish kabob, PAINFULLY, for all I care for trying to harm innocent children.

    Just off yourself, stop taking innocent souls with you.

  7. Waiting for the left to blame guns and Trump in 3…2…1..

    Wait, maybe they’ll blame big oil.

    Glad no one died because with that headline I thought all the children perished.

  8. Renny makes a great point below. What is a dirtbag with a history of drunk driving, and especially sexual abuse, doing driving a bus full of kids?

    1. Reckon the Italian authorities have a different view of the probability of recidivism of improper behavioral traits from practitioners of the “Religion of Peace” than we do in the USA (well….except from California). He should never have been in the country; never been allowed around children; never granted a driver license; and never been allowed to draw another breath in this lifetime. Yup! Guess that covers it all.

  9. “The man hijacked the school bus with 51 children on board as he was driving them back to school from a sporting event. He reportedly shouted to the children that he wanted to kill himself in protest to Italian migration policy in the Mediterranean. ”

    There you go – what a great idea buddy. What a warm way to touch the hearts of the Italian people and have them reconsider the more or less ban on migrants being taken to their country. Very smart. /Golf clap [along with a very heavy dose of /s]

  10. I know people make the case about mental illness, but I still believe they should have shot this s.o.b. dead.

    It was a huge sigh of relief to see the children weren’t seriously harmed.

    1. I don’t know how things work in Italy, but had this been an American citizen I’d say hell to the no, because we have a Justice System not a Police Executioner Squad.

      1. @atomicsentinel No kidding? I’m not saying we should make it policy. It’s a personal wish, like I wish they would have done with BTK, the Carr brothers…and many more. You’re confusing that with somehow that translates to me believing our system is wrong.

          1. @atomicsentinel Because at the time I’m assuming that there’s nothing wrong with the s.o.b.’s mental capacity. Very rarely are they mentally ill.

  11. It’s a blessing everyone survived. Unfortunately, Italy doesn’t have the death penatly because he’s perfect candidate for it.

      1. Thank the Lord he failed. But his intention was to kill all those kids, If I was a parent, he would definitely seek those ever-elusive 72 virgins rather sooner than later. (Where’s the Mafia when you need them?)

  12. Thank God this subhuman didn’t succeed in murdering those children. What a piece of excrement! :exclamation: :exclamation: If these savages can’t conduct themselves in a manner worthy of civilized humanity then send them back to their native countries where they can “savage-out” all they want!

    Enough of this nonsense! 😡

  13. Wow, priors that would have stopped him driving a bus full of children, but somehow didn’t. WTH?

  14. From Wikipedia: “Senegal is a secular state. Islam is the predominant religion in the country, practiced by approximately 92% of the country’s population”

    Yeesh. Muslims not doing themselves any favors this week after the Mosque shooting last week.

  15. Unbelievable! Thank goodness the children escaped without serious injury. The religion of peace strikes again.

  16. He should immediately be executed. How much longer do people tolerate animals like this to live? Immediately put him down to discourage it from happening again.

  17. I’m glad there was no serious physical harm, but I doubt the children are unscathed. This must’ve been a very traumatic experience for them.

      1. @pvg Not any more since they elected pro nationalist and anti E.U., Metteo Salvini as their Deputy Prime Minister.

  18. Does Italy have the death penalty? If not, they should just for this dirtbag.
    No immigrant should ever have a job in Italy that involves vehicles. I hope the Italian PM makes an example out of him.

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