JUST IN: Trump asked to comment on Ilhan Omar marrying her brother!

Trump was asked today by an OAN reporter to weigh on the report that Ilhan Omar married her brother to commit immigration fraud:


I think Trump actually played it safe there, but he made sure to mention that some are saying she married her brother. Twice!

Of course, this has infuriated the left:

Of course, the PBS Newshour reporter doesn’t mention that Trump was asked about this by a reporter. And it was published in the Star Tribune!

But hey it’s Trump’s fault for spreading it.

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68 thoughts on “JUST IN: Trump asked to comment on Ilhan Omar marrying her brother!

  1. I’m a LEGAL immigrant, stood in line as it should be and became a US Citizen after 10 years. When we came my father DECLINED any Gov’t help and went to work HARD, as I did as well as soon as I could when turned 16! Many of us REAL immigrants REALLY want to be here because the USA is the best country in the world!!! I left a former commie craphole in Eastern Europe. While it’s a great place now, I still love it here the most and am raising my kids as 100% American, while teaching them some things from the homeland, but to be kept at home. I’m so lucky (and came here on MERIT!), that I can afford a private school where the kids still say the “Pledge of Allegiance”, STAND for the National Anthem, while a select group of classmates EACH day put up and then at the end of the day take down the BEAUTIFUL STARS AND STRIPES.

  2. The thing is it can be proven if she married her brother and if she married him to commit fraud and her tax fraud will come back to slap her in the face unless she is a protected Democrat, which I’m doubting she is.

      1. I’ve read of both. Seems pretty clear cut she is guilty. I think she had to pay a few grand to the IRS so that part might have been fully discharged.

  3. Smart play by Trump. The dumpster fire within the Dems is still pretty hot. No need to set another one…yet.

    It is interesting but not surprising to see CNN call this birtherism when Trump isn’t even the one that started that. This scandal is being investigated by Omar’s home paper in MN, and there’s very peculiar “circumstances” and legitimate facts rasied by that investigation. But for some reason…no one wants to talk about it in the liberal press, or just dismiss it outright like many scandals in the Obama admin & Hillary’s many issues.

  4. Also, it was the Hagfish who started the birther rumor. Pretty soon they’ll have him responsible for assassinating the Duke of Ferdinand and starting WWI.

    BTW, does he look sort of red in the header photo? We’ll have to start calling him Beet Man or Pomegranate Man.

    1. Trump was in Dallas in November, ’63 for some unknown reason. I have it on good authority from a page on Facebook

  5. Every day the loony left has their hair on fire about Trump. I hope they burn themselves to the ground.

    Another rally tonight, so I’m sure they’ll be mad about something else LOLOL!

  6. Proper response: “I know nothing about it” or something along those lines. Instead, Trump added language that can only give additional life to an unproved conspiracy theory with the following language, “There’s a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother…”

    Contrary to popular misconception that Trump doesn’t know what he was doing, I believe he knows full well what he was doing. His language was purposeful. It had a goal of continuing his attack on one of the four Democratic Congresswomen he has been assailing for days on Social Media.

    1. Exactly right, it’s always intentional with him, but the cult loves him for it & will defend him to the end. Guess the true “former” conservatives forgot he did exactly the same thing to Cruz.

    2. The left along with Democrats in Congress has never given Trump that same gratitude as soon as he became a obvious threat to Hillary’s grip on the White House, so he has no reason to do the same in return to any of them.

    3. Apparently that’s the only part you listened to out of his entire response. He clearly said that he knew nothing about it and someone would surely look into it. It was very clear that he was not claiming it was true.

      His wording was intentional? Are you kidding me? It was an off-the-cuff response to him being asked about it. Oh yeah, I’m sure he calculated in his head the perfect response to continue his attacks…when it clearly wasn’t even an attack.

      Have you ever read the story? If you did you wouldn’t be calling it a conspiracy theory. Her “husband” is in a picture calling Omar’s daughter his niece. They may not be able to track all the records down but that is way more than smoke, and it is being investigated.

      1. The funny thing is, while he didn’t actually attack her and was very circumspect in the way that he said it, the MSM goes after him as if he had.

        1. Of course. They’ll twist anything he says into something different. He called MS13 gang members animals and how did they report it? He called all immigrants animals. They do that crap all the time. The MSM is definitely the enemy of the people because people look to them for the truth and the MSM intentionally lies to us constantly. I don’t see how that’s the “friend” of the people.

      2. Tucker Carlson has been having segments on his show with a Minnesota state representative who has been exposing omar for who she really is.

    4. I think you meant four socialist, racist, ignorant, antisemitic, anti white, radical leftist democratic congresswomen. Just giving you the benefit of the doubt Don. Trump 2020

      1. He doesn’t care. It’s his opportunity to support the anti-American bitches and accuse Trump of something he didn’t do.

        1. I don’t know why he comes here. He just gets barraged with people who disagree. It is like being a glutton for punishment.

    5. You are a dishonest hack. The four shehags attacked not only President Trump but our nation and our founding. Your white knighting for the rag of oppression wearing muzzie is insane. Why don’t you educate yourself on what her people did to our soldiers as they dragged their bodies through the streets of Mogadishu.

    6. The Star Tribune isn’t run by Alex Jones…in case you didn’t know. Yeah, not at all. You folks trip me out. Always something.

    7. Weird that you don’t mention that they’ve been assailing him for the past three years. Seems like you could’ve at least thrown that in there too.

  7. Was that a “gotcha question”? /sarc
    Heck, Trump can kick a hornet’s nest all by himself without the media’s help, so I’m glad he didn’t take the bait.

  8. Oann is by far the best news and real news site, way better than fox. They even had a reporter on the ground at the fake chemical attack in syria like the next day walking around.

  9. I’ve said this time and time again. Whatever the left accuses you of is what they themselves do. It’s an axiom.

  10. He answered the right way; she will be damned on her own words and actions; the President could just sit back and watch the show.

  11. Once again, Acosta is wrong because he’s not a journalist doing journalism, he’s an activist. I could be wrong, but in every clip/announcement I’ve seen, Omar refuses to “dignify the allegation with a response.”

    Even if she did deny it, how does that end a story or close a line of inquiry? Bush denied lots of things (and was later proven to be innocent), but the media continued to investigate and run with the story (later proven to be a fraud). Acosta’s never accepted a denial by this president.

    …and yet, there is a very strong objective evidence this is exactly what she did. There is at least enough evidence to justify an investigation by immigration authorities.

  12. Immigration and tax fraud are serious charges so more than likely it is being investigated. However, these things take time. Just hope they snag her before she can run for Congress again in 2020.

    1. … it will just take time, just as FBI Agents fell over each other to expose corruption, or the NY Police stepped up to expose pedophiles on what’s her names computer. We’ll die of old age first.

  13. Hey you fag**t Yamiche! If you’re going to “quote” what Trump said it should be exactly what he said. Your quote wasn’t even close. You changed the meaning of what he said and lied about him actually saying it. You claimed he said “apparently”, which suggests that he believes it without question. Then you added a line where he said “She was married to her brother.”…start to finish sentence. That has him saying that he’s presenting it as fact. He never said or insinuated anything remotely close to that!

    I hate you lying arse liberals. You do this all the time. You misquote Trump and/or take things completely out of context to have him saying and intending things that he clearly did not. A-hole SOB’s.

    1. He thought that Occaisional-Kotex’s name was “too long”. Refered to her as just “Kotex”.

  14. Obama was indeed ineligible, so is Kamala, but now, if incest is OK with dRATS just wait for the Genealogical, Biological, and Chimeric Pronoun-laden freak show they will create in DC.

  15. Jim Acosta

    Congresswoman Omar has denied this and other claims about her as “disgusting lies.” But Trump was willing to dive right in

    Hey Jimbo, Trump denied he is a racist and other claims about him as disgusting lies, But there you are, willing to dive right in.

  16. Funny how easily verifiable records are nowhere to be found when it involves a Democrat. The AG of the state, and/or the county attorney where the certificate was issued, should be able to get to the bottom of this matter in minutes, and set the Star Tribune straight if they’re circulating a conspiracy theory. Much like the FBI, or the Department of Justice should have been able to clarify if Obama enrolled at Columbia University as a foreign student.

  17. Attn 3rd dimensional chess experts…do not ridicule 394th dimensional chess until you comprehend it.

    1. I see that there are some people still using the whatever-dimensional chess thing seriously.

  18. She watched a documentary about green card holder Gérard Depardieu and citizen Andie MacDowell
    and one upped it.

  19. There is a lot of in-breeding in islam; look at the Rat People of Pakistan, plus there is widespread rape. Mohammed was a rapist too. This is only shocking in civilized nations where people believe in God and have moral standards, but there are many third-world nations where islam is practiced, along with every satanic act imaginable with impunity.

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