JUST IN: YouTube apologizes to the LGBT community over Steven Crowder

YouTube has just apologized to the LGBT community after they got offended that Crowder wasn’t kicked off the YouTube platform:

AXIOS – YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki apologized Monday to members of the LGBTQ community who were offended by the company’s response to antigay comments by Steven Crowder aimed at Vox journalist Carlos Maza. At the same time, she defended the company’s handling of the issue.

“I know the decision we made was very hurtful to LGBTQ community,” Wojcicki said, speaking at Code Conference. “That was not our intention at all.”

At the same time, Wojcicki said she was involved with and agreed with the company’s actions in the case.

Asked by Vox’s Peter Kafka whether YouTube can ever get a handle on the content issues it faces. Wojcicki said the company can continue to get better, pointing to progress the company made on violent extremist content. “I see how much improvement we have already made,” she said, adding later: “I’m not saying we’re done.”

Wojcicki rejected the idea that people should have to get approval before posting videos.

“I think we would lose a lot of voices,” she said, adding that there should be “tiers” of trust, requiring a track record for having ads or live streaming.

The fact that YouTube held this apology session just goes to show how they really feel about Crowder.

It’s a wonder they didn’t Alex Jones him, to be honest.

But don’t worry, that’s probably coming down the road though as they become more hostile to those who say anything they disagree with about their new protected classes, homosexuals and transgenders.

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