Justin Trudeau RESPONDS to new blackface controversy, admits it wasn’t the only time…

Canadian Prime Minister has now responded to his new blackface controversy, saying he’s profoundly sorry. But he also admits that it wasn’t the only time he did it:

It looks like Trudeau might be going the same route as the governor of Virginia…

Well he is in a reelection campaign, so voters can decide whether or not they want him to stay.

He did admit, however, that it also happened when he was in high school:

He says he didn’t realize it was racist at the time. Maybe in his circles it wasn’t and to me it’s not really a big deal that he did this so long ago, in his younger days.

But these days, when race is so commonly used as a weapon by those trying to protect their own power, it just ain’t gonna fly. And I suspect his liberal goose may be cooked.


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47 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau RESPONDS to new blackface controversy, admits it wasn’t the only time…

  1. Why should Turdeau worry? Just do what the governor of Virginia did and ignore the criticism and push for fourth trimester abortions.

  2. This reminds me of Ralph Northam and Mike Ertel. Ertel was a Republican appointed Secretary of State of Florida by Ron DeSantis in January 2019. A black face story hit and he was forced to resign immediately. Ralph Northam, the Democratic Governor of Virginia (Also pro infanticide) wore black face with no repercussions. His Attorney General also admitted to wearing black face. When will this absolute double standards end.

      1. Yep. This is not about freedom and liberty. This is about exposing the double standards and hypocrisy of the left. The left cares nothing about the freedom and liberty of others. They care about control. Just like with jussie smollett. He slandered Trump supporters, lied, cost the city of chicago a lot of money and nothing happened to him. But some here think wearing a red MAGA hat is looking for trouble. They will defend this turd who does more to trample freedom and liberty but the hat wearer deserves to be attacked.

  3. My parents never gave me any indication of being racist. However, when my father got mad at us kids, sometimes he called us “cotton-pickin’ chicken-pluckers.” I was around 35 years old at work one day when it dawned on me what that meant. I think that there are elements of old culture which have remained in society, although the original meaning has been diluted by time.

  4. I remember when everyone was so flaming mad when Eddie Murphy dressed as a white man and pretended to be treated way better and even got free stuff. Then there was movie “White Chicks” where everyone got in an uproar at the Wayans bros dressing up as white girls. Oh the humanity that isn’t there.

  5. In saner times this would be no big deal. Pointing out the hypocrisy here and how the left gets away with this is something everyone who says they are on the right should do. Funny how those on the right who defend this hack have a problem with Trump’s tweets. Stop being useful idiots for the left. They rely on your virtue signalling to keep you quiet and under control. Your virtue and not knowing how to fight them is how our country got to the mess we are currently in.

  6. What a crock of gack.
    Did he do it to demonstrate that one race was better than another…or to insult a race?
    Maybe you think it’s racism…but it snot.

  7. If this is considered racism, then we need to add Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby and Judy Garland to the list of racists. They all did black face in movie roles.

    The issue is the hypocrisy and always will be. And as for the governor of Virginia, the blackface scandal was to divert from the real evil that this man spewed. He was down with the murder of an innocent even after birth.

    The Left needs to be buried permanently because they have no use for anyone, care about no one except their utopian nightmare that leaves “all” people in abject misery and poverty except the very few Lefty Marxists who rule the world.

  8. So, who is that woman that Blackface Trudeau is sexually assaulting in the photo? I guess he thought that if he disguised himself as a black man, he could get away with a violent sex crime, and not face any consequences. Very telling.

  9. Who cares….get over it, it was a costume party.

    APOLOGIZING for crap like this is the problem, but then again, this so called PM will hopefully be voted out in a couple months.

  10. Yanno, I don’t personally care if people dress up as another character regardless of age and skin tone. Life is way too short to get all bent out of shape over this nonsense. On the flipside, it is fun to see the Left getting a taste of their own medicine for a change.

  11. The people that scream the loudest are always guilty of the stuff they are screaming about. Every time.

  12. Heard on the radio yesterday the they’re calling it ‘brown face” but THAT doesn’t look like brown face to me!!!

  13. “I should have known better and I’m deeply sorry.”

    What? That don’t make no sense. Should have known better? What was there to know? Nobody batted an eye over this kind of thing back in 2001. Calling this “racist” is very recent modern trend.

    It’s like apologizing for wearing tie-dye and bell bottoms in the 70s. Maybe it’s not very chic now (though, who knows with our Everything Nostalgia! culture), but back then it was all the rage. Do I have some photos I wince at when I look at them? Sure. Am I going to apologize for it? Hell no.

  14. Whatever…. the guys a tard, his policies look like something created by a 6th grade mock UN… He should resign but not for dressing in a costume, who honestly takes the opinion of anyone “offended” by this nonsense seriously anyway??

  15. This has now become ludicrous. I don’t really care what he did back then but I do hope as I said elsewhere a solid Conservative defeats him.

  16. I can’t stand what this man child has done to Canada, but I think it’s ridiculous that they dredge things up from his or anyone else’s past. For such a so called ‘tolerant’ society we live in, people sure don’t seem to give a rip about forgiveness and so quick to judge on people’s past. It’s not like Trudeau hasn’t got enough garbage that he’s dumped on Canada to lose the election on.

    1. And some on the right defend them because they think it’s freedom and liberty. In saner times it would be. Too many on the right don’t understand how to fight the left. That is how we got to this insanity.

  17. I am so sick of this bs. I wish people – Leftie people – would come to their senses about this. It’s like calling rape when a guy gives his date a kiss on the cheek goodnight.

    Don’t they realize they cheapen the real – and rare btw – instances of racism?

  18. I follow what’s going on up there because my family is there and I immigrated from there. He is in bed with Obama, Soros and the rest. Hopefully the conservative up there will win the election In October. And I don’t believe what he did meant anything and don’t care. I care about who he is now and he’s a snake…

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