Kamala claims MARINES want her DUMB solar panel. ACTUAL Marine sets record STRAIGHT and it is BRUTAL.

The wet piece of paper known as Kamala Harris is infrequently dispatched to appear in public, because she is so unrelentingly terrible at it. But on the rare occasion when her talking out loud cannot be avoided, feel secure in the knowledge that she will utterly blow it without fail.

Take for example her recent theorizing about how United States Marines would just love to do her dumb solar panel idea so they can go Green in the civilian sense instead of the military way.

Author and energy expert Alex Epstein first shared the video of Kamala’s dumb remarks in a tweet.

He shared it again to spell out the obvious thing that some less than bright people were missing.

But the utter devastation of Vice President Creepy Cackle came when Marine Corps veteran Jesse Kelly chimed in. It is such a devastating accounting of the depressing facts that the sheer ownage of Harris cannot really be enjoyed. The overall reality of the problem is far too depressing.

It’s kind of hard not to enjoy this rejoinder against a complete idiot that thought he could play with the grown-ups, though.

As with every other aspect of American life, history, and power, liberals and Democrats are actively and deliberately destroying our military. It’s what they want, because the ultimate goal is the destruction of the United States. The realization of that goal began in earnest with Marxist Obama and continues apace under Clueless Biden and Useless Dishrag Harris, the puppet pair executing the will of The Jihad Squad.

Merry Christmas.

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