Kamala Harris asks IG Horowitz to investigate AG Barr -[VIDEO]

Kamala Harris asked IG Horowitz today to investigate AG Barr for trying to ‘do Trump’s bidding’ and proving that Russia didn’t interfere in the 2016 election:

What a steaming pile of hot garbage.

First of all, Barr hasn’t been highly critical of the IG’s findings. He has made a point to disagree with the IG’s conclusion that the Russia investigation was launched properly, but that’s not even what the IG’s report is really about. It’s about FISA abuses. And Barr even notes that the IG is restricted in the amount of investigation he can perform. It’s not even really a criticism, just him pointing out that there’s more to the story.

Secondly, this notion that Barr launched his own investigation with Durham to prove Russia didn’t interfere in the 2016 election is just ridiculous nonsense. Durham was commissioned to investigate the “origins of the Russia investigation and to determine if intelligence collection involving the Trump campaign was lawful and appropriate.”

There are serious, egregious abuses detailed in this IG report, yet this is what Harris chooses to spend her time on? Boy, we really dodged a bullet with her failing to garner support for president. What a freaking joke she’s become.

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