Kamala Harris feeds deceptively edited video of Kavanaugh to slavish witless followers

Kamala Harris, who appears to be the left’s next extraordinarily inexperienced Obama figure, picked up on a deceptively edited video that made Kavanaugh appear to be much more radical on birth control than he actually is.

Here’s what the dishonest dim-wit did:

The left is freaking out over this because it feeds their idiotic notion that all conservatives want to take away their condoms and birth control pills.

But what Kavanaugh was doing was merely reciting the view of the litigants in a case that Cruz was asking him about. That’s it.

Here’s the context of the video, even though they’re still lying about the content:

And Harris probably knows this, but it doesn’t matter, because they just want to scare the crap out of people in order to erode support for Kavanaugh. The case has to do with Catholics being forced to provide what they consider to be abortion-producing birth control (which, as an aside, science basically backs them up on, by the way). That is their religious belief, and they’re entitled to not want to provide abortion to anyone. That doesn’t mean Kavanaugh is going on a rampage to steal everyone’s condoms, trust me. I’m pretty sure.

Kristen Soltis Anderson shoots her down pretty easily:

With backup from VOX!!

But again, facts don’t matter. Politics is just bloodsport these days, and the first thing to go is integrity, honesty, and rational debate. Also, #MAGA!!!

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