Kamala Harris just caught in a big fat lie…

Kamala Harris was at a fundraiser in the Hamptons and made some interesting statements for her high-paying guests:

BLOOMBERG – “I believe in capitalism, but capitalism is not working for most people,” Harris said on the patio steps of the Patricof house, looking out at a peach orchard among flower and herb beds. She said she recognized people who’ve become successful by working hard and following rules, but that the middle class needs help.

Harris again tried to clarify her stance on health care, a topic that tripped her up in the early Democratic debates. “I have not been comfortable with Bernie’s plan,” she said of Sanders’ Medicare for All proposal, and explained how a Harris administration would leave room for private insurance.

It’s hilarious that she actually has to tell people “I believe in capitalism”, because it’s not evident in some of the more socialist policies she’s proposing.

Like Bernie’s Medicare for All, which she co-sponsored! But now she says she wasn’t comfortable with it. How does that work? In fact on her Senate website it still has her press release where she chose to co-sponsor it. And at a town hall, where she announced her co-sponsorship, she said it was the right thing to do:

“Here, I’ll break some news: I intend to co-sponsor the Medicare-for-all bill, because it’s just the right thing to do,” Harris said. She announced her support for Sanders’ single-payer plan at the end of her town hall and joked that “somebody should tell my staff.”

And let’s not forget what she said earlier this year…

It’s only now, that she’s running for president against Bernie, that she’s ‘become’ uncomfortable with it. Gimmie a break.

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45 thoughts on “Kamala Harris just caught in a big fat lie…

  1. Not hard when it’s the way they roll…They can’t tell the truth. It would scare all the dumbasses away. The only advantage we have…The truth always prevails.

  2. “I believe in capitalism, but capitalism is not working for most people,” Harris said

    That’s because they’re not doing it right.

  3. Heels Up Harris was comfortable being Willie Brown’s mistress so she could go places. She don’t know about no stinkin’ capitalism.

  4. She is lying to get elected. She is trying to move to the center. Does everyone remember how sane the Marxist Obama sounded in his 2008 election campaign?

  5. Capitalism isn’t working for most people? So you’d like us to have socialism…like Venezuela?

    1. Again, she is putting words in our mouths and makes such a statement that is false on its face. Capitalism is working just fine when it isn’t being screwed up by politicians who are our Betters. Unfortunately, they have their dirty little fingers in more and more of our business and it is getting really tiresome.

  6. I always get confused on the correct usage of the words “laying” and “lying”. Especially in Kamala’s case. Do you lay in a bed or do you lie in a bed? Guess it depends on her position.

  7. Can someone tell her she will not be the nominee?
    How long will it take for her to “relaunch” her campaign? Just like Beta… the fake Hispanic.

    1. Cic,I don’t even have a clue who their nominee will be.If they melted that pot of Candidates,I could not even imagine what it would turn out to be campaigning on.

  8. I can understand why some people are attracted to government insurance like medicare for all, but they want to outlaw private insurance so that they are the only insurer. Even if you want govt heal insurance you have to understand that that type of govt control and centralization is a nightmare. How they can talk about freedom and choice and then say but you can only have the insurance they prescribe should be a dead giveaway that they are lying to anyone who is tempted by their promise of free stuff.

    1. They do no give a damn about our health care and insurance. They want Control of every facet of our lives!

    2. AARP has ads out right now discussing the fact that insurance companies cannot be the final decision maker when it comes to health care. It must be between the patient and their doctor. What a hoot. Imagine when it is the federal behemoth being that arbiter. We already have the Veterans Administration’s to prove what happens when the Feds are in charge of healthcare.

      It is called rationing and it will make the issues that the AARP is calling out seem like a joke. Death Panels will be front and center of any government socialist plan. It is the only way, it can work for a couple decades. It will eventually fall apart – it has to but not before it kills tens of thousand of the common folk. . It is like a ponzi scheme. But don’t worry, our Betters will never put themselves into such plans because – heck, they are our Betters after all. A pox on them all.

  9. Regarding Health Care,Harris and Obama have set the standards for for how to promote Health Care.Its not for those who don’t want it, nor for those who can afford it. They can keep their plan and Doctor.We just want something for those that cannot afford it.She wants instant health care for all those coming here illegally and all those others here who continue to need free health care provided to them. Mostly they want to get their hands on all that new money that would be coming from new taxes on all of us.

  10. And here is a diddy for her. I’m uncomfortable with you Ms. Sanctuary State. You have nothing positive to offer the American People and especially minorities who you obviously have no problem exploiting/using to further your own power-hungry grab for the top of the ticket.

    There seems to be a “real” issue growing within that institution we all know as the democrat plantation. Many black people are saying – free at last, free at last, Thank God, I’m free at last. It is called the walk away movement and it is growing bigger and bigger each and every day. That is a sobering truth that those like Ms. Harris need to wrap their pointy little leftist heads around.

  11. It’s certainly something that should be part of the conversation. It’s important to hear from different voices. We need to ponder the importance of the issue. The voters deserve an answer. We should create a bipartisan panel to investigate the matter further. We can certainly do a better job than what we are seeing now. Isn’t it time that we can come together?

  12. She’s right! In order for capitalism to work you have to get off your ass and go to work. If you do that, it will work. It works every day for millions and millions of people, and the only way to make it work better is for the government to get out of the way. I doubt we’ll ever hear that from people who’ve lapped at the public trough virtually their entire working life.

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