Kamala Harris just suggested that Israel is intentionally killing civilians in Gaza [VIDEO]

Kamala Harris was asked today by a reporter about the 200 lives that Hamas claims Israel killed when the ceasefire ended this week, asking her if this is acceptable.

Kamala responded that she doesn’t know “exactly who was killed”, but then went on to suggest that Israel is intentionally killing civilians and they must do more.


Here’s what Kamala said: “I don’t have the details to tell you exactly who was killed, but I will say this. We have been very clear about where we stand on this. Which is, innocent civilians lives should not be intentionally targeted and that Israel must do more to protect innocent life in Gaza and innocent civilians in Gaza.”

How exactly is Israel intentionally targeting innocent civilians? It’s disgusting for her to even mention this in answer to a question about these supposed deaths. Israel is targeting the Hamas terrorists who massacred 1,400 Israeli civilians. It is Hamas who forces these civilians to say in these areas when they would rather flee. Hamas wants civilians to die, yet the onus is always put on Israel when they are doing everything they can to avoid civilian casualties.

Biden and Kamala should say that Hamas must do more to avoid civilian casualties. Because they are the reason these people are dying. Not Israel.

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