Kamala Harris vows that she will PROSECUTE Trump if she wins in 2020

It’s amazing what Democrats will say to win the presidency this year.

If it’s not ‘the world is doomed in 12 years unless you elect me’, it’s ‘I’ll prosecute Trump if you elect me’. Well, not in those exact words.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kamala Harris explained that if she won the president, she would indeed prosecute Trump.

Here’s how it went via the Daily Beast:

The senator’s past work as a prosecutor has made her a target for some progressives, but she made the case to Kimmel that it could be an asset when it comes to taking on Trump.

“I also believe that what voters are going to want is they are going to want that there is someone who has the proven ability to prosecute the case against this administration and this president,” she said to cheers from the crowd. “And that is going to be about having an ability and a proven ability to be able to articulate the evidence that makes the case for why we need new leadership in this country.”

The liberal crowd definitely cheered her for that one.

Kimmel followed up by asking her “You’re saying if you are president and Donald Trump is out of the White House, you will then continue to prosecute him and his various hench characters?”

She responded:

“I am very supportive of Bob Mueller being able to finish his process and do his job.”

Democrats have lost it over Trump. Not only do they want to get rid of private health insurance, move the country off of fossil fuels in 12 years and get rid of the electoral college, now they want to prosecute a man who hasn’t done anything wrong.

Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty?’ But to Democrats, Trump is already guilty even though they have no evidence of wrong doing. He’s guilty because he beat Hillary and they have lost their minds over him.

Here’s the video of that part of her interview:

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177 thoughts on “Kamala Harris vows that she will PROSECUTE Trump if she wins in 2020

  1. 😆 ➡ :silly: Willie Brown’s concubine, Harris is delusional. It’s her that is going to be indicted and prosecuted for her crimes.

  2. Can’t wait for Jimmy Kimmel to alienate whatever viewers he hasn’t already alienated. Just what do this creep’s fans see in him other than his being a liberal sycophant?

    1. If you find out please let us know. Maybe bad hair? The Southern District of NY would have indicted him decades ago for a shady business deal or three but Harris knows stuff…Would this not be like the “lock her up” chant that revolted many on the left..

  3. ….and if she does not win and Trump does, maybe Investigators can find some fault that her campaign committed and prosecute her.

      1. I was only thinking as the AG of Ca. Prosecuting her Office out everyday.You know different Justice for different people for the same crime.

  4. Ya know…its like neither side has ever heard of the lofty ideal of *not* prejudicing a potential jury pool.

  5. I don’t think Harris is actually dumb enough to think she can do this. I simply think she knows her base is so uninformed of basic things (like the Constitution) that she just throws this crap out there knowing they will eat it up.

    There are some dems that I do actually think are dumb enough (for example, AOC, Maxine Waters). But I think Harris falls under the category of not actually that stupid but sleazy enough to know how to work her support group.

    I could be wrong, though. And if anyone disagrees with my assessment I will not bother offering up a defense of Harris 🙂

  6. Question: How are you going to improve the economy?
    Kakala: I will prosecute Trump.
    Question: What do you think about illegal immigration?
    Kakala: I will prosecute Trump.
    Question: Do you believe in Global Warming?
    Kakala: I will prosecute Trump.
    Question: Are you ready to meet Kim?
    Kakala: I will prosecute Trump.
    Question: What is your position on killing newborns?
    Kakala: I will prosecute Trump…………

    1. Question: Why does the democratic party continue to say and do stupid things?
      Harris: I will prosecute Trump.

  7. Kammie must have taken the same civics courses as Aaayock. She is apparently confused about the roles of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. She seems a lot like most college freshmen who are required to pass a basic high school math test prior to entry.

      1. There are a lot of smart-ass comments running through my head but I think I will hold them in reserve for now. Don’t want to get kicked off on my first day here. 😉

          1. It’s the same old me. It just took a low-tech geezer a while to figure out the sign up for this new platform. All my history and picture disappeared.

            1. @Dukehoopsfan I figured, same old smart @$$ me. It took me a while, too. In fact, a few years ago, I tried to sign up at a site that used Word Press and gave it up because I couldn’t figure it out. Scoop was very generous with his time, helping everyone sign up and work the bugs out of the system.

        1. Isn’t Duke playing tonight.,and I bet you are happy to have Williamson back.Best College Player out there.

          1. I think Duke has ND State on Friday evening. They are definitely a different without Zion. Best big man in a long time.

      2. @Dr. Strangelove: And she had to repeat the Anatomy test several times in different hotels…………

  8. Bet if we investigated, we could find crimes committed by Kamala Harris. Leftists always assume that others work the same way they do.

      1. @dr-strangelove I don’t think Trump has much to worry about being prosecuted by a “president” Harris. Willie Brown already used up whatever usefulness she may have ever had. She’s just another old washed up hooker, and nobody’s buying what she’s selling.

      2. @Dr. Strangelove: I am really looking forward to finding out who Witch Hillary is going to support and for how much money

        1. I suggest not kidding yourself. Unless the DNC finally drives a wooden stake into her she will run.

          1. @Duke IDK, so far it sounds like she’s only going to run her mouth. However, I’d love to see another humiliating defeat.

            1. You and me both. Either way the legion of whack job hopefuls should be wary of Hils inviting them for a ride or a walk through Georgetown. Imagine this scenario: Police are shocked to discover that 30 political hopefuls have been found with three bullet wounds each to the head and a pistol in their off hand.

  9. Prosecute him for what?? The fact that you don’t like him is not enough to prosecute. Mueller does not nor ever had anything on Trump. You can let Mueller drag out his fiasco (and frankly unconstitutional if not outright illegal) of a witch hunt til the cows come home and there will still be nothing. Mueller has more than exceeded his authority and one might even say that he’s definitely strayed into the realm of malicious prosecution. He’s been jailing people for things that have absolutely nothing to do with Trump or Russian collusion. Ms. Harris you have absolutely a snowball’s chance in heck of ever getting elected and if you know what’s good for you you’d better distance yourself from the Mueller legal train wreck unless you want to be caught up in the aftermath.

  10. This, THIS, is why Trump should have hammered Hillary right into prison, and if it turned out Obama was emailing her on that private server, nail him to the wall as well.

    When you let criminals get away with it because “We Don’t Behave Like A Banana Republic”™ then what you end up with is a banana republic!

    Hillary deserves to be in jail (for her server).
    Obama deserves to be in jail (for Hillary’s server).
    Holder deserves to be in jail (for Fast & Furious).
    Clapper deserves to be in jail (for lies to congress).
    Lynch deserves to be in jail (for obstruction).
    Comey deserves to be in jail (for obstruction, dereliction).
    Brennan deserves to be in jail (for lies to congress).
    Powers deserves to be in jail (for unmasking and lies to congress).

    And that’s just off the top of my head!

    1. @texas-chris : I want to wake up in the morning and hear that arrests were made.
      When is this going to happen? There must be some timing strategy that we cannot understand yet. Not only Trump is in danger if these rats keep walking around but his whole family.

      1. Arrests will never be made. Every president violates his oath of office on his first day. So every president has a vested interest in not prosecuting his predecessors in the hopes he too will be granted the same reprieve.

        1. As long as the DOJ is a massively corrupt body, nothing is going to happen, I guess. Trump cannot send arrests warrants like Kakala would love to do. Holder was in charge of hiring masters of corruption and Obama declared them “untouchable” before leaving office. So the table was set. Well, I guess that we will have to wait and see………..

  11. So it’s becoming a popular thing or at least becoming more evident that Democrats start politically motivated prosecutions of their opponents once they win office. This is exactly what the AG of NY said and did. How can this be legal? Republicans in Congress? WAKE UP!

    1. Abe Lincoln: Comrade Porny Harris wants to become the first Madame Dictator.
      Just imagine what this vicious, vulgar and evil woman would do!

  12. Ah yes………..Kamala makes Josef Stalin proud. I would warn her though. The evil you wish upon another will come back and bite you.

    1. @sjmom : As far as I know, she has already problems with private expenses declared as work expenses…………imagine this crap being asked during a debate!

  13. Kamaleon Harris is at it again… the NTs must be ecstatic and salivating at the possibility Trump may be prosecuted. Btw, Kamaleon didn’t mention what crime she would prosecute Trump for… she’s a shyster, just like Mueller.

        1. @Texas Chris Do you know the difference between Hillary and a hagfish? One is a cold-blooded, slimy, blood-sucking parasite and the other is a member of the eel family.

    1. Ciceroni: She is such a dirty low life! She is so disgusting! Sometimes I feel like there is a competition among the female communists on who is the most disgusting.

    1. @chow-yun-fatty Right now the DOJ has an open investigation into the Clinton Foundation so Hillary is not off of the hook.

      1. We’ll see. Wouldn’t be surprised if it all stalls after some people are “suicided”.

        1. @ChowYunFatty: Don’t you understand that those are metallic tumors in the back of the head? By Clintons suicided people are even able to change the crime scene after death.

  14. It’s one thing not to like the guy. Nothing wrong with that. But to vaguely state prosecution is already out of hand. Wasn’t Mueller’s report due out already? It seems like they keep dragging out the release. Why? Does it not fit the narrative?

  15. If Komrade Harris wins, we’re going to have a lot more to worry about than if she prosecutes Tromp.

    1. Hooker Harris makes promises she knows she can’t keep. Having gotten her start on her back, or her knees, she wouldn’t know much about being a stand up person.

    1. Yeah the the lefties in the audience will cheer for it. No wonder about what crime it is she’s going to prosecute – TDS people are nuts.

  16. Well, President Trump will have nothing to worry about. Because she doesn’t have a chance to win!

      1. It all depends on who you ask. I said he would if he ever ran and he did. Maybe a lucky guess. However a lot of people that knew him said if ran for president he would win. No one knows for sure who will!

        1. He had the name recognition and the anger people were feeling about politics as usual. And the media gave him all that lovely free air time.

          Spread that out to a bunch of local hero Dems…

          Or we just wait and see who the media decides should be the Democrat candidate. After all Hillary thought she would be until the media choose Obama.

  17. It is SO SCARY to imagine any of these wacko Socialist Progressives becoming POTUS!!! We won’t have to wait 12 yrs, America will be doomed if any of them are elected!!

      1. They are not hiding anymore…they are ashamed of America, they want to be global, despise capitalism and the Republic. They do not uphold their oaths to the Constitution and will bankrupt America financially and morally! The only way to stop them is to defeat them at the voting booth. Scary times indeed!

  18. Huh? That’s not what she said. She said she has the ability to make the case why we need new leadership. Then, when the idiot asked her if she was going to prosecute Trump after she was President she said she has confidence in Mueller to complete his job. Not a word about prosecuting Trump after he’s out of office if she’s President.

    1. Agreed, but she was answering a question that wasn’t asked with an answer that sounded like the answer the left wants to hear.

      1. I thought about whether it was an intentional misleading answer. She prefaced making the case for new leadership as “prosecuting the case” for new leadership. Lining up the evidence and all. It sounds like she’s talking about prosecuting him in a court of law. She probably misled juries this way too.

  19. “He’s guilty because he beat Hillary and they have lost their minds over him.” That pretty much is everything in a nutshell.

    What a witch!

      1. @dr-strangelove Yes, of course. How wrong of me. How dare she be denied what was hers. lol /sarc

        1. @kenoshamarge Yeah, of course. But they fell in slobbering love with that pretty, young black man and couldn’t help themselves.

    1. It’s also what law and order nations do to corrupt officials who, hypothetically;

      had secret servers,
      ran guns to cartels,
      conspired to evade justice on a tarmac,
      lied to congress,
      weaponized tax collection,
      threatened and jailed media personalities,
      spied on citizens without warrants,
      assassinated citizens without due process,
      paid ransoms without congressional approval or oversight,
      launched unlawful wars,
      bombed and invaded sovereign nations,
      used government operatives to spy on political opponents,
      fabricated lies to smear said political opponent,
      rigged primary elections…

      1. @texas-chris : We have been living without the rule of law for several decades…….
        All your lists are very shocking and eye-opening! How much more can we handle?

        1. @dr-strangelove
          For some reason, I think I have a sense of what those jokes might be based on. My time in the military has left it’s mark… 😉

  20. Okay, on one hand, I EXPECT democrats to say ridiculous, dumbass things… because they always do. But another part of me is boiling (I wish it didn’t) because she’s saying something so asinine and the liberal seals applaud. MORONS!

    I don’t like Trump. I didn’t vote for him. I may not vote for him in 2020. But he hasn’t done ANYTHING illegal (as far as I know). And yet NONE of these bastards want to prosecute obama who HAS done illegal things! Same for Hillary! Did Trump immediately start a heavy investigation of Hillary or obama as soon as he became POTUS? Nope!

    This is absolutely nothing more than a pathetic ploy to get votes. She’s a complete Ahole imo.

    1. When Trump talked about prosecuting Hillary (who actually deserved it), I think most people realized he was making political pillow talk to appease his base. But when they say it, I don’t think it’s hyperbole. I think they mean it. That’s the scary part, especially when he hasn’t done anything criminal.

      1. @squirrelly
        Lol… sorry. This stuff just torques my jaw. I’ve got to do better with my anger threshold… especially since The Left NEVER changes for the better – ONLY worse.

  21. She’s trying to out-run the stench of sleeping with Willie Brown.

    Better run faster, Kamala. A LOT faster. His stench travels fast.

  22. “The senator’s past work as a prosecutor has made her a target for some progressives…..”
    That’s because progressives are usually the defendants in court cases.

    1. @NYGino For some odd reason, I just had a mental picture of all of those mug shots wearing 0 t-shirts.

  23. now they want to prosecute a man who hasn’t done anything wrong.

    Well, in fairness, that’s the point of the prosecution. For the State to establish their case and prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. If you were charged with putting Russian dressing on your salad, the State could of course prosecute you for it. If you had never done such a traitorous act, you could claim your innocence all you want – but the State could still prosecute you if they had a legitimate reason to believe otherwise.

    Of course, Kammy is just talking nonsense like always. Every word out of her mouth is, “I’m telling my bloc of idiots what they want to hear.”

    Seems like that’s all politics is anymore.

      1. Thanks, CG. This was just a b.s. answer to make the crowd cheer. Throwing red meat to the mindless idiots.

        1. A rose by any other name…
          Hope AT is joking because that’s just silly to say about Trump after the anal exam he’s had.

    1. It doesn’t matter, they make up the rules as they go. Kinda like how they want to add more justices to the Supreme Court and get rid of the Electoral College. Whatever suits them they will do.

      1. No doubt she would have some kind of answer to justify her silly statement, and it’s become apparent that it doesn’t matter how dumb or far-fetched. Democrats and their media will say ANYTHING.

  24. Trump vowed he would prosecute Hillary in 2016, we all saw what happened there. And that case has actual evidence!

  25. Adding to what I said below…if anyone ever questioned that the Dems had annointed Hillary to be the 2016 nominee long before the race even started just look at the numbers.

    In 2016 there were 5 serious democratic candidates.

    Now for 2020 there are x number (I can’t keep up with how many there are).

    All this bitterness about Trump is simply that he defeated Hillary.

    1. You sure right about that…the problem is that she knows how to grandstand and throw out red meat to supporters.

      At first, I thought Biden getting in was not a good thing, but I’ve flip flopped. How many times did Biden run before? He is NOT likable, and he’s a walking gaffe machine (well, aren’t of the Dems?).

      How could anyone forget when he was in a crowd of veterans and he told “Chuck” to stand up. He couldn’t because his legs had been amputated, I think. “Aw, God love you Chuck…let’s all give Chuck a hand.”

      Or better yet: “He’s gon’ put y’all back in chains.”

      Or even better when he insulted the Indian 7-Eleven store owner.

      Keep them coming! I’m trying to think what other Dem ought to get in.

  26. Let Trump do today what Kamala Harris says she will do if she’s elected.

    President Trump, please prosecute Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and scores of other weaponized Obama Deep State Hires for actionable crimes. Hire Mark Levin as Special Prosecutor.

      1. Best two attorneys in the land – Mark & Joe. I would venture my grandkids future into their hands – no question.

  27. Who ever hands out the most goodies to the big government employee unions wins the DNC nomination.

    Kamala Harris is not taking the back seat to anyone. Trump is absolutely red meat anathema to the big government unions and their union war chest cash cows. Which way SEIU blows is the next DNC nominated candidate for POTUS. Who will promise and deliver the most to the big government unions.

    Kamala Harris has Robert O’Rourke beat in spades on this count.

  28. Let me guess, Kimmel followed up by asking for a delineation of all of the crimes, as well as the proof of those crimes for Trump and his henchmen? Then Kamalla laid out the groundwork and showed with an appeal to logic and facts exactly how Trump should be indicted and then face prosecution, right? NO? Oh, they just went on to Star Wars and other fantasy crap that doesn’t matter… of course, that makes sense after such a claim by a presidential “hopeful.”

  29. Excellent, so prosecuting your political opponents after you win an election IS the right thing to do. Just wanted to make sure since the Democrats have been saying that the whole reason to not pursue the Clintons was because “Americans don’t prosecute their political opponents”.

  30. Ignorant fool, your parents/family can’t even stand you.
    :facepalmg: :facepalmg: :facepalmg:

    1. Her job right now is to lay waste to her Democrat competition and curry favor with the big government unions. View her only through that lens right now.

      She has to wipe out the DNC clown car. Robert O’Rourke gave her a scare with his recent $6 million haul. Expect to hear more of her screeching and getting her mug on the front pages with a string of outrageous media pieces.

      It is who she is.

      1. Yep, I agree. I absolutely despise elections since Pres. Reagan won the last time, it’s beyond sicking so I only watch the debates and not all of them.

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