Kamala just topped her earlier comments today with an even MORE boneheaded remark…

Kamala Harris just topped her ridiculous comments earlier today when she got another gimmie question from the media. Here’s what she had to say:

It’s an over three minute clip where she talks about finding out the ‘root causes’ of the border surge, so I’m not going to waste time quoting her entire answer, just this part:

“…As with any intractable issue we cannot be simplistic and assume there is only one element or way of approaching the overall problem If this were easy it would have been handled a long time ago. And there is no question it is complex in fact…”

I can’t believe she just said this. Ok I really can, but my point is that Trump DID figure it out. He solved the border crisis! And he didn’t just treat it like a simplistic issue, but rather used a combination of methods to solve the problem, which included the border wall, strong border enforcement, hiring more judges to determine asylum cases, making agreements with countries south of the border and probably more that I can’t remember right now.

It was Biden who UNDID what Trump had done to fix the problem and he did it on his first day in the White House. He did this after two years of telling immigrants to come to the border, that they would be welcome. Biden and Kamala are the reason there’s a crisis!

So for her to say this would have been handled a long time ago if it were easy is just more lies. Trump made it look easy and handled it, and I hope he and other Republicans come out and NAIL her over this absurd lie. It’s absolutely preposterous, and if Republicans don’t say something, the media certainly won’t hold her accountable because they agree with her.

Exit Question: Why is she wearing a mask?

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