Kamala makes ludicrous statement to dunk on Republicans [VIDEO]

Kamala Harris today made a ludicrous statement to try and dunk on Republicans when it comes to paying for their redistribution of wealth program that ‘forgives’ student loan debt.

Here’s the video:

Here’s what she said:

“The critics who have not been stepping up to support working people would like to throw out all these red herrings, these distractions, and talk about ‘how we gone pay for it’.”

So it’s now a distraction to ask how the administration is going to pay for a program that studies indicate could end up costing over a trillion dollars of taxpayer money? What the heck is she talking about? Does she think money grows on trees?

It is Biden’s responsibility to explain how their program they are proposing gets paid for. Do Kamala think that we the taxpayer aren’t owed an explanation? Do she think we should just trust Biden’s promise that it’s going to be paid for without backing it up with facts and numbers?

Leftist will say anything to distract from their irresponsible radical agenda. It’s immoral to use our taxpayer money to pay for their student loan election bribe and I hope it completely falls apart in court.

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