Kamala’s word salad yesterday overshadowed by “LITERALLY ON FIRE” lack of self-awareness today.

“Today the business of our work is for the council to report on the work that has occurred since our last meeting across these areas,” said Kamala Harris yesterday in a typically nonsensical word salad malfunction. That hilarious clip (below) is nothing, though, compared to the insanity of her comments about CLLLIIIIIMATE today.

“[Republicans] downplayed, even denied the impact of climate change as communities are literally on fire,” she said. LITERALLY. ON. FIRE.

She is in the middle of bragging about the bill they claimed was inflation reduction until after it passed and everyone and the media suddenly admitted it was the green new deal when she says that.

You know what was LITERALLY literally on fire and the Democrats and media downplayed and denied?

Amazing. And of course the media will never call any of this out because they are doing it WITH the Democrats.

What a scam.

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