Kanye West designed some ‘Blexit’ t-shirts encouraging ‘Black Exit’ from the Democrat Party, and they’re awesome

Kanye West has taken humongous amounts of grief for supporting Donald Trump, more than you or I will ever take. And yet … he persisted. And now he has created, apparently, by making t-shirts that were distributed at a TPUSA event this weekend by pundit Candace Owens.

They’re pretty cool shirts, too. There are three designs to check out. The one above, and two more (below).

Take a look:

People will argue it’s a matter of opinion that Democrats take the black vote for granted, but it isn’t. Democrats think they have the black vote in the bag. If anything, they think they’re owed it. And when they get an inkling that black voters aren’t lockstep enough behind Democrat candidates, well they just use the politics of fear to try and push everyone back in line. Remember Joe Biden’s chains speech?

Kanye West, who is an entertainer, pretty flaky, inconsistent to the point of unstable, and above all else provocative, doesn’t like to be told what to do, and that’s something he has in common with Texans, I might point out. So the shirts may be a joke to those know-it-all lefties who sneer at him, but to a lot of people who actually don’t like being told what to do, they’re not just provocative, they’re a message.

Not bad, Kanye. Not bad.

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