Kari Lake drops a truth bomb on the ‘equality of the sexes’ [VIDEO]

Kari Lake posted a video of her dropping a truth bomb on the issue of equality between the sexes.

The short version is that Lake said men and women are NOT equal and that’s how God made us.


It sounds like she was responding to a question about this from the audience. She said…

“Women are equal in American and we should be treated equally when it comes to the workplace…

Most men would agree that they can’t do the things that women can do. Men aren’t equal to women either. And women aren’t equal to men. We are complimentary to one another. That’s how God made us.”

Beautifully stated. I just love how she doesn’t shy away from saying things that will make the left go NUTS.

And she doesn’t just say it in a setting like that, she blasts it out on her Twitter account for everyone to hear. She is not in fear of the left because she knows that the cold hard truth is the best medicine to their smears and it will likely get her election.

By the way, Trafalgar just released a new poll a few days ago that puts Lake ahead of Katie Hobbs by +4. It’s not a lot but it’s an improvement over their polling from last month, which showed lake at just +1.

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