Kathy Griffin NAILED by EPIC slapdown after whining about ‘double standard’!

These are the [few] times Twitter is really fun. Alleged comedian Kathy Griffin was whining that Norm Macdonald has a show on Netflix and she doesn’t when she got nailed by a brutal slapdown.

Wah wah wah. There are tons of female comedians on Netflix. I don’t believe her explanation for a second. It was likely that they were letting her down easy and gave her a bunch of reasons why they didn’t want her on, and she latched on to this one.

In any case, Trump Jr. saw the shot available, and took it:

LOL! Now, you all KNOW I’m not the biggest fan of Trumpy Jr., but that’s just funny. And he’s right!! Norm Macdonald is one of the most underrated comedians, the man is brilliant. He deserves a million Netflix shows before Griffin does, and she just can’t deal with it.

Griffin retweeted a bunch of responses to Junior like these while she melted down:

Then why is she whining about a Netflix special then?

Must be tough when her most insipid followers are just as un-funny as she is. Womp womp!! Go check out Norm’s show when it drops tomorrow.

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