Ken Starr unleashes on Democrats for holding public impeachment hearings during Trump’s NATO trip

Ken Starr was on Fox News this morning where he blasted Democrats for holding public impeachment hearings during Trump’s NATO trip, calling them scandalous and outrageous:

Starr said that the president is at NATO doing his job and decries Democrats for holding such a shameful proceeding in public:

I believe I’m just going to use a very harsh word. It’s scandalous that this process of impeachment is proceeding in a public way this week. It is, I think, outrageous, a great disservice to our country.

Shame on them for not – we have continuances in trials all the bloody time! So why would you do this? It is such…a stick in the eye of the president. But I think it’s a stick in the eye of the United States of America.

This is a time to be patriotic, to wish our president well. There was once a time when we said foreign policy disputes stop at the water’s edge. That means when the president is on the world state, he’s the president of all of us, whatever we think, good or ill of the president.

Democrats have always demanded such truces when Democrat presidents were overseas. I remember a time when Rand Paul only criticized Obama in an interview while Obama was overseas and Democrats blasted him for it. Yet now they are holding impeachment hearings and releasing impeachment reports with Trump overseas?

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