Kentucky judge claims life beginning at conception a “Christian” view, BLOCKS pro-life laws…

A Kentucky state judge has just extended the block on the state’s pro-life law, claiming that the concept of life beginning at conception is a distinctly Christian idea.

Here’s more via Christian Post:

A judge has temporarily blocked two Kentucky laws that would effectively ban abortion in nearly all circumstances, claiming that the idea of life beginning at conception is a “distinctly Christian” view.

Two abortion clinics recently filed suit against Kentucky over two laws: one that bans most abortions after six weeks into a pregnancy and a trigger ban set to take effect due to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade in June.

Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Mitch Perry issued an order last Friday granting a temporary injunction against the state enforcing the two laws, building off of an earlier injunction.

Perry concluded that the plaintiffs suing the state over the two laws had “demonstrated at the very least a substantial question as to the merits regarding the constitutionality of both the Trigger Ban and the Six Week Ban.”

“As such, they are entitled to injunctive relief until the matter can be fully resolved on the merits,” Perry said, noting that the injunction will be in effect “pending full resolution of this matter on the merits, until further order of this Court.”

The judge also took issue with the apparent premise of the laws that life begins at conception, claiming that this was “a distinctly Christian and Catholic belief” and thus violated the state constitution’s prohibition on establishing a religion.

“Other faiths hold a wide variety on when life begins and at what point a fetus should be recognized as an independent human being,” Perry wrote.

“The laws at issue here, adopt the view embraced by some, but not all, religious traditions, that life begins at the moment of conception. The General Assembly is not permitted to single out and endorse the doctrine of a favored faith for preferred treatment.”

This is stupid. Life beginning at conception is a ‘scientific’ idea that anyone with half a brain can figure out. It’s not just a Christian view, as this state judge claims.

Once conception happens a life has begun and the process will end with a baby ready to be birthed in 9 months. To deny this would be very unscientific and idiotic.

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