Kerry: “ISIL’s hateful ideology has NOTHING to do with Islam”

Kerry gave a short press conference this morning where he said that despite ISIS claiming to fight on behalf of Islam, ISIL’s hateful ideology has nothing to do with Islam:

ISIL claims to be fighting on behalf of Islam but the fact is that it’s hateful ideology has nothing do with Islam. ISIL a manifestation of evil, a vicious terrorist organization and it is an organization that achieves its goals only through violence, repression, and destruction. Fed by illicit funding and a stream of foreign fighters, it has seized territory and terrorized the people who live there regardless of their sect or ethnicity. There is literally no place for their barbarity in the modern world.

It seems to be the goal of this president and his administration to ‘protect’ Islam, if you will, to ensure that the world believes Islam is peaceful and has nothing to do with the violence and barbarity of ISIL. But this is absolutely untrue and we proved yesterday that what ISIL is doing is based on the Koran. Even David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK, knows that it is part of Islam and has called ISIL Islamic extremism.

You can expect tonight in Obama’s prime time address to the nation that he will basically say what John Kerry has just said, that ISIL has nothing to do with Islam. I would be shocked at this point if he didn’t say it because it’s clear this is part of his agenda.

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