Kill Whitey? Watch insane Chris Cuomo as he raves that the only SOLUTION to violence is MORE DEAD KIDS

You can be sure that neither Chrissy or his fellow travelers on left wing social justice Twitter THINK that he said killing white kids will solve everything. But that is definitely what he said.

“You know what the answer is,” says Cuomo, referring to people being shot by police as well as people being shot in general. “You really do. You don’t like it, I don’t like it. It scares me.”

“Shootings? Gun laws, access to weapons? Oh you, I know when they’ll change. Your kids start getting killed? White people’s kids start getting killed?” he said. Then he made this face:

That’s the “oh you know it” face. It’s the typical face used by privileged rich elitist Democrat liberal white people when they’re tryna preach and desperately trying not to adopt “African American Vernacular English” and do a snap and twist. It’s a permanent fixture on Cuomo’s show, even though he periodically does adopt certain speech patterns and mannerisms — sorry, appropriates them — fairly often.

Here, watch.

Now wait, you’re probably thinking, that’s a pretty short clip. It must sound better in context.

Do ya think? Because no. Not so much.

See what I mean?

You KNOW Cuomo will say “I’m not saying I WANT the kids to die, I’m just saying I know things will change when it does.”

First, it has to be said that, can you imagine a Fox News host saying “Border security? Criminals and terrorists slipping across the border by hiding behind women and children? Oh you, I know when that’ll change. Your kids start getting killed? Democrats’ kids start getting killed?” And then the face.

That Fox host would not get away with “I’m not saying I want their kids to die.” But Cuomo will.

Even though that is definitely what he said.

He said there has to be a solution. And he says there won’t be one until white kids are being shot (guess he doesn’t count the Parkland kids). SO, either he doesn’t want a solution or…

By the way I also liked how he said “my job is to show you you in them.” Sorry, which journalism school teaches that?

oh right, all of them. Gul DANG are we up the creek around here.

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