Kimmel says ‘NUTS’ disagree with him on gun control because they know they’re GUILTY

Jimmy Kimmel tried to GUNSHAME people who disagreed with his emotional and irrational screed against guns in a short commentary he gave last night on his show.

Listen to the idiot prattle on below:

I wonder how much of his poorly-argued policy recommendations were written for him by the office of Chuck Schumer, just like they did with the health care debate? Well, we won’t know because Kimmel is too dishonest to let his audience know that.

It’s pretty obvious that Kimmel knows he’s overmatched on the gun control debate because he doesn’t bring on an advocate to honestly debate, instead he just attacks those who disagree with him. Typical BS from the dim-witted liberal zombie crowd.

Here’s his ten minute hysterics on gun control, if you feel like punishing yourself:

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