KJP claims that Republicans want to “poison children” and “literally melt” people’s bones [VIDEO]

Biden’s lying press secretary is at it again.

Instead of Biden negotiating with Speaker McCarthy on the upcoming debt ceiling bill, he instead is sicking his attack dog on McCarthy to slander and lie about both his party and his bill.

Everything you see in that tweet was said by Karine Jean Pierre. She is a lying piece of human garbage and, as I said before, I’m sure Biden is so proud.

Here’s what the AP wrote about the bill:

Among the bill’s highlights:

— It would raise the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion into next year, putting the issue squarely into the middle of the next presidential election.

— It would roll back spending to 2022 levels, and impose a 1% cap on future federal spending for the next decade, with likely exceptions for some defense accounts. It claws back unspent COVID-19 funds.

— Republicans want to rescind some of Biden’s top policy achievements, including his executive action that provided student loan payment relief for millions of college students, a Democratic party priority.

— The House GOP measure would also roll back elements of Biden’s signature Inflation Reduction Act — particularly the provisions that the White House and Democrats put in place to fight climate change — and halt money to the Internal Revenue Service that was designed to conduct audits of potential tax cheats.

Loading the bill up are other Republican priorities, including their marquee H.R. 1, a sweeping energy bill that aims to boost oil, gas and coal production while overhauling permitting regulations to ease such developments.

The package includes a long-sought Republican effort to impose tougher work requirements on recipients of government aid, including people dependent on food stamps, Medicaid for health care and general cash assistance.

Obviously this bill will never pass, but it does very clearly set the bar at where McCarthy wants to begin negotiations.

But Biden just wants to lie and name call rather than negotiate with Republicans. He’s such a hypocrite because, like most Democrats, he’s advocated for negotiating over debt ceiling bills past.

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