‘Kneelin’ Colin Kaepernick says he’s ready to cure the Miami Dolphins’ quarterback quandary!

Colin Kaepernick is really hoping that the Miami Dolphins are desperate enough for a quarterback that they would be willing to sign on a complete and total albatross and a pariah.

Let me save you some time, LaCanfora, it is *not* gonna get interesting because even the Miami Dolphins aren’t that dumb. If they signed Captain Kneeltime, half of their fans would love it and half would abandon the team and start protesting against it. The ONLY safe play against the political dynamite he’s become is to stay away.

Jason Whitlock thinks it’s a sure thing, and he definitely doesn’t make opinion based on the social justice mob demands:

The Miami Dolphins are so bad that Tyrod Taylor, formerly of the blessed Buffalo Bills, chose to be a backup for the Raiders rather than be their first string player!!! But even as desperate as Miami is, I don’t think this is gonna happen….

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32 thoughts on “‘Kneelin’ Colin Kaepernick says he’s ready to cure the Miami Dolphins’ quarterback quandary!

  1. I’d say it’s closer to %100 of the fan base would be against signing this Che Guevara loving Cop hating POS

  2. I’m at the point where I’m ready to just stop watching the NFL altogether. I’ve cut back my TV viewing to only my home team, but if they bring Kaepernick back into the league after paying him off for his SJW activities, I’m done with the NFL. I’ll find something better to do with my Sunday afternoons.

  3. Wasn’t it the Dolphins where the entire team took a knee? If it was they’ll probably take him.

  4. He was a star in high school, a star in college, and expected to be a star in the NFL, but it didn’t work out. The only way he could get the attention he wanted (and millions of dollars) was to kneel and talk about racism. That’s why his complaints kept changing. It was really all about him, and getting attention for himself.

  5. Ah Nope.. No matter how good you think you are… Not worth the baggage, don’t you have a street corner to stand on?

  6. The commie loving fool Kaep isn’t going to play in Miami with all them Castro hating Cubans. The Cubans escaped to Miami to get away from people like him. All of a sudden they are going to forget the sins of the commie Castro just to cheer this commie loving fool because he plays football…….LMAO

  7. They need to start making room for trannies in the NFL. you know it’s coming. Just make it a total freakshow and move it over to the SyFy channel.

  8. I don’t think the NFL wants Kapernick back in the league after seeing their ratings decline dramatically since he started the protests. Ticket sales plummeted, merchandise sales dropped and some of their sponsors are declining to continue to sponsor them. Hitting the NFL in their wallet made the owners sit up and finally recognize that their enabling of Kapernick to use their platform for his leftist activism was negatively affecting their bottom line while also ticking off their shareholders.

    In addition the NFL recently settled a collusion lawsuit with Kapernick for a reported sum of $60-$80M dollars. Kapernick also signed a muliti million dollar deal with Nike.

  9. I surely hope they don’t sign him. Dolphins aren’t my team, but I’m so sick of hearing about him. I would like him to fade off into obscurity.

  10. The Dolphins will sign him if they want the circus to come to town.
    They do have the worst odds of going to the next superbowl

  11. Why is he still trying to play? He settled a multi million dollar lawsuit against the NFL so why any team would hire him is beyond me. Mr. Kneeler should just take his money and leave everyone alone.

  12. The less said about Karperneck and kneeling the better. Just ignore it and it will go away eventually.

  13. Miami is the absolute worst place for Kaep to go.

    Anybody remember him wearing a Fidel Castro shirt in Miami? It’s not like there’s a significant chunk of population there that escaped communist Cuba and the brutal Castro regime… oh wait.

    Those people will remember that and there’s no flipping way that wouldn’t become an issue again.

    1. unfortunately those cubans are dying out and their kids are being propagandized into socialism =[

      1. @soopermexican I recently read The Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille, and while it was one of his typical thrillers, it was interwoven with a lot of facts about Cuba today and the children and especially grandchildren of the refugees in Miami who have been assimilated and are no longer down with the struggle, if you will.

      2. ‘s OK. Pretty soon we’ll have boatloads of Venezuelans to replace them. No shortage of (former) beneficiaries of Socialist Paradises to help illustrate the glories of Marxism. As far as Kaepernick goes, I understand MS-13 has a few openings.

    2. As a child in the Florida Keys in the 80s, I would watch the boats arrive on shore, men women and children, fleeing the Castro Regime Bringing tales of horrid persecutions. These makeshift boats peppered the southern and the southeast coast of Florida.
      Today’s youth in Miami are far removed from the reality of their parents and grandparents. I see teens wearing Che Guevara shirts clueless to the slaughter. If Kapernick comes to Miami, it will be awful, as those who would support his presence are typically those who do not invest in season passes and merchandise.

  14. When your heroes are the likes of AOC, Beto, and Kapernick….

    Sheesh…. maybe being “woke” is the problem.

  15. So he filed a lawsuit against the NFL and they paid him millions to go away and he still wants to play in the NFL and some people think it might happen? You know he will start his whole protest against the injustice of the world crapola again.

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