Koch brothers slam Obama for dishonest thuggery against them in new campaign ad

The other day the Obama campaign released an ad attacking the Koch brothers as “secretive oil billionaires bankrolling Republican campaigns”. The ad runs for almost 2 minutes, is filled with lies and deceptions and has almost 600,000 views.

Thankfully, the Koch brothers aren’t taking this lying down and have created a video debunking all the crap from Obama’s video and are hitting back at him for attacking private citizens simply engaged in their constitutional right to free speech. They write in the video description:

On May 2, the President and his campaign again attacked private citizens because of their exercise of their constitutional rights to speak out about issues of public policy. In their most recent attack video, the Obama campaign makes multiple false representations about Koch, our operations and our position on public policy issues.

This is not the first time the Obama campaign has chosen dishonesty and invective over principled discussion as many others have pointed out. We will not be intimidated or silenced by the President and his allies. It is essential that we exercise our constitutional right to speak out on reckless fiscal policies, irresponsible over-regulation, and the critical role of economic freedom and individual liberty in restoring the growth and vitality of our country.

We have posted the following rebuttal to expose the Obama campaign’s dishonesty.

Watch below:

(A hearty sombrero tip to SooperMexican for the video!)

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