Krauthammer: Carney saying Benghazi happened a long time ago is “definition of chutzpah”

Krauthammer says that Carney’s remarks on Benghazi happening a long time ago is the definition of chutzpah from this White House that has done nothing but stonewall from day one. But he doesn’t think they are going to get away with it:

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46 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Carney saying Benghazi happened a long time ago is “definition of chutzpah”

  1. No Krauthammer, it’s not the definition of ‘chutzpah’…IT’S THE VERY DEFINITION OF STUPID.

  2. I pray to God you are right Krauthammer, please let this be where this admin house of cards comes crashing down, and down hard!

  3. I’ve given up hope on this long ago. It never should have been allowed to be glossed over… the media should have been all over this… and Obama never should have been reelected because of this. But life marched on and the government and media tried to bury it – and many Americans let it slide.
    I’m sickened by the hypnotized masses that zombie walk our streets each day, oblivious to what’s happening all around them. Give them Jerry Springer and Honey Boo Boo, give them foodstamps, give them some sugar and they won’t mind the cavities. Brainless, indifferent, lemmings.
    I’m encouraged by recent events on this. I would LOVE for the truth to come out and people put in jail or fired over this. We’ll see.

  4. Krauthammer is right. The full story WILL come out, and sooner rather than later. The key is getting some people to talk from the State Department. If you get a John Dean-type of mole who talks and says that Hillary Clinton knew all along what was going on, and that she didn’t lift a finger to stop it, it’s game over for Obama AND Clinton. At the very least Hillary will be charged with perjury for lying under oath to Congress. I don’t know if they will ever get Obama, but at the very least it will make him look really, really, bad. Then again they got Nixon for lying and trying to cover up a crime. Ya never know what can happen in Washington when people think their necks are on the line.

      1. Lets not forget Rice, who lied and covered up for this administration, misleading the (uninformed) American citizens..who believe anything this Admin. says..and the main stream media..(who I blame for 50% of bo getting away with this and any other lie he tells.

  5. Thankfully you cut off Juan Williams before he opened his Obama butt-licking mouth!

  6. REALLY? So the WH plan is to…. lie…create delays because of the
    lies….never answer questions….avoid victims’ families…threaten people
    to NOT talk.. THEN when finally boxed into a corner…”what difference does it
    make?” “That happened so long ago”…..
    GW’s presidency “happened a long time ago too”, but you and Obama
    continue the “blame game” when it can suit your agenda. It’s amazing what the “definition
    of “A long time ago!!” is to some people!
    What part does this WH not understand…you lied…4 people died…..we want answers…

  7. It’s “a long time ago” when you’re a five year old like “carney” Carney.

  8. From my perspective, Benghazi and its coverup could make Watergate look like a kindergarten event.

    1. yazz55 No doubt.  Watergate shenanigans are daily events, business as usual in this administration.  That was child’s play they wouldn’t even bother trying to cover up.   When they’re covering something up, there’s something even worse they’re trying to hide, as if murdering people for the Obama agenda isn’t horrific enough.  Stonewalling investigations and the Cover Ups should have them detained already, Obama and Holder for sure.  Impeachment with no possibility of a Pardon is too light, but necessarily sufficient.  NOW.

  9. Carney looks like he’s got perennial constipation, which would explain all the crap that comes out of his mouth all the time…

    1. YoJoe
      or loosely translated  – He has a “brass pair” 
      In Carney’ case, I’d say chrome plated plastic would be more accurate. 😉 😉

  10. Charles should know better than trying to analyze a crazy person 
    OH WAIT! – Charles is a “shrink”
    I wish he would call it like it is – 
    The White House is full of PSYCHOTICS

  11. Obama has been counting on the media to cover his rear-end again, as they have for the past five years. Unfortunately for him and his friends, the lefty dominated media no longer controls the dissemination of information. The Internet has changed that. 
    Add to that the fact that we will not give up, be silenced or go away. We want the truth and nothing less will suffice. We demand the truth.

    1. I disagree. The lefty media still holds all the power. They are what LIV’s get their info from.

      1. While I agree that the left still controls a vast majority of the media and that too many people still get their news from the left, the media itself no longer has a total lock on the news or the spread of information. How can they? Look at this site, and the Breitbart sites, and the myriad of other right-wing websites that are busily getting out the facts. 
        I remember when the only way I could get any news that wasn’t filtered through the left’s propaganda ministry was through a few (very few and far between) conservative columns and word of mouth. Now I can come here, and elsewhere, on the Internet and get actual news that all too often is not to be found anywhere else. They can’t hide the facts any longer.

        1. Yes..but..the libs/demos, don’t look up these sites..if they do..well, their just trolls.
          Most folks I talk to or know (hate to admit)..just don’t care. They just live in an oblivious status, unknowing and uncaring… or just don’t want to know.  Don’t you find that to be true?

        2. Oh yes, I most definitely agree. I know people just like you describe. My point wasn’t that we have defeated the far-left media; just that they can no longer silence us and hide the truth. 
          We can only hope that someday, someone wise will figure out how to reach those people who don’t understand what is at stake, or even seem to care. It’ll probably take people who understand mass media and are able to use entertainment to get to those people. Far too many people are more interested in being entertained than informed. 
          I do think that it is slowly changing. The fact that the left hasn’t succeeded in sweeping Benghazi under the rug proves that to me. 
          On a side note, when I lived out in Wyoming I tried to do the cowboy bit and ride a horse. I can still feel the saddle sores.

        3. Yee haw Jeff..the miles in the saddle can do that..But I’ve been at it so long..never a problem.
          On the serious side..I try everyday to enlighten just one person..via email or conversation..about politics, and the evils of bo.
          Yes, you’re so right..entertainment is so important to these folks..ask them who the Secretary of State is, they don’t know..but ask them about any hollywood or reality star..and they will know the answer..makes me crazy..they should care about they’re own life as much as the stars…but they don’t seem to care.
           Maybe in a more entertaining form they’d learn about the dire straits this country is in.
          I hope you’re right that it’s changing..I’ll keep doing my part..calling and writing my Representives, Senators, etc.  Going to rallies, sending petitions, speaking out..and visiting sites like this..and meeting others like you with great courage and heart…fighting the good fight!
          Thanks for the encouraging words and the lol..(on saddle sores)

        4. You know how they usually call an inexperienced rider tenderfoot? Well their nickname for me started with tender- but ended in another part of the anatomy completely. 
          Please have a good weekend.

  12. This Admin. thinks it has no one to answer to, but the Americans are finally waking up and will not let go of this. We must not let this slip by. Cannot wait for the hearings next week, especially Trey Gowdy.

    1. Amen to that, OPA, TG was dynamite when he grilled old Steven Chu, ex-SOE. In fact, I’ll bet Chu decided to resign and now claims PTSD as a result of that a** chewing by Trey. LOL! I would love to see him as our next Attorney General…dude can CROSS EXAMINE…

      1. Yeah, but he needs to go a lot easier on the hair-gel for his TV appearances?

  13. Yes it defiantly is. Who the h*** does Carney think he is? This is democracy, he is empowered by us the people, and he will answer us until we have the answer we need and want!
    If I ever had a doubt that there is some major cover up here now I have none.

    1. Don’t go too hard on the lad…he’s just a spokesmouth, for a pretty good salary. Probably wouldn’t voice an original thought, even if he had a mouthful!

      1. Paleophlatus  
        If he doesn’t say what what Obama (Valerie Jarrett) gives him to say, he will end up with a ‘dead fish’ in his bed. It’s the Chicago way.
        😉  😉

        1. Ahhh yes…the Chicago way…works when others fail. How about Rock Creek Park, …stopping-off place for political dissidents.

      1. ryanomaniacThe truth is, your right, we are a Republic. I was thinking about that when I was writing my post.  The reasen I  chose write democracy is because most of our legislators are  democratically elected.

  14. Charles is right. The administration is NOT going to get away with it, nor should they.

  15. in the age of the internet , surveillance pics of the suspects appear magically on May 1 , 2013 . Do you believe that those pics were scheduled weeks ago to be released today ? 9/11/12 pics released on 5/1/13 and I’m supposed to believe Mr. Carney about anything ………… in Pinnochio-ville Carney’s schnoz is elephantine . In terms of working tirelessly , around the clock to bring the perpetrators to justice I’m sure Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder are worn out . Their excuses sure are.

  16. I don’t know about chutzpah but I would say it is utter stupidity. It reeks of desperation. They want the whole thing to go away. Sorry I don’t care if it was 8 years ago, 8 months ago, or 8 minutes ago, I haven’t forgotten and I am not going to forget.

  17. This and many other great things will come to light and perhaps we can clean out the Whitehouse and REGIME! can’t happen soon enough for me. We also NEED an Attorney General that will enforce the laws, ALL laws!

  18. One the gunrunning through the embassy was figured out and people died they realized this was Contra on steroids.
    They will fight this to the bitter end.

    1. Rthuba Let them fight. The more they do the more they lose and the more we’ll learn.

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