Krauthammer: Conservative GOPers need to FALL on their SWORD or DESTROY Trump presidency

Mollie Hemingway and Charles Krauthammer offer their takes on the new Obamacare replacement bill, and Chuck says that the conservative Republicans need to fall on their swords over it, or risk destroying the Trump presidency.

Watch below:

The panel basically agrees – Republicans have been running so long on replacing Obamacare, that even if they don’t like this bill for conservative reasons, they’re going to need to pass it because the consequences of NOT doing it are so awful.

Pretty interesting.

One last thing – it strikes me that Trump has a very similar problem to what Obama had. Obama was just terrible at actual politics – he screwed over tons of Democrats in order to get his Obamacare shoved down the throats of Americans. And they eventually disliked him for it. Now, we have our own Obama – Trump doesn’t want to help Republicans on this replacement, he just wants it done and to swoop in at the end and take credit for it. Ironically, he may end up just as successful as Obama was, and because of the same dismissive, aristocratic attitude.

Nobody knew how hard healthcare reform would be!

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