Krauthammer: “Everybody Is Shocked By The Weakness Of Obama’s Statement” On Ukraine

Last night Charles Krauthammer appeared on Fox to discuss the President’s remarks regarding the situation in Ukraine The typically straightforward commentary cuts right to the quick.

“We have done nothing of any importance.”

Weakness is about the only word you can use. Unless you wanted to throw in irresponsible, embarrassing, or perhaps obsequious. As Krauthammer notes, all the President accomplished was to say that we have nothing to say, and we won’t be doing anything.

We’ve gone from Don’t Tread On Me to Thank You Sir, May I Have Another in just over two centuries. Congratulations.

(h/t National Review)

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108 thoughts on “Krauthammer: “Everybody Is Shocked By The Weakness Of Obama’s Statement” On Ukraine

  1. Within an impersonal modern civilization, we serve and are served by those we don’t know and whose very existence we will likely never know.

  2. obumbles is NOT a LEADER! Never has been, never will be. The best connotation of obumbles is: LIAR-IN-THIEF. He is a liar and a bu!! sh!t artist extraordinaire. Why don’t liberals, democrats, left wing-nuts, and socialsts get it?

  3. Votes matter: Every idiot who pulled the “D” lever gave us this loser and contributed to gutting the strength of America and destabilizing the world.

    1. If every despicable and dishonest person that pulled the, “D” lever didn’t do it several times then the muslim rat in our White House would be back frequenting the gay bath houses in Chicago. Furthermore, if every state had voter I.D. laws Obama would have lost by a landslide. FACT: Obama lost in every state that had voter ID. laws and won in states that didn’t. Hence the reason why during the 2012 campaign Attorney General, Eric, the commie, Holder sued any state that attempted to enact voter I.D. laws.

      As I’ve said several times, the only thing transparent about this administration is their breath taking corruption. They even telegraph their moves because they’re so blatant about it.

    2. The biggest idiots were the GOPe who gave us no choice in 2012. Progressive vs Progressive. DC rule vs DC rule.
      The American War is ‘DC vs The People’ – we need someone to vote for who is against the enemies of our liberty.

      Mitt vs Obama? No difference, except for Mitt added extra lies including being an ‘extreme conservative’. He governed Massachusetts as an Obama progressive would.

      2014/2016 – Vote conservative over progressive. Vote progressive Democrat over a progressive Republican. Make the Republican party represent The People again – else we have no party on our side.

      1. Mitt certainly was a poor candidate, but he’s in a different league than Dear Leader.

        Mitt might be a RINO, but he’s not a life-long committed Marxist like The Tyrant and his party.

        Just vote conservative. And be ready to fight like patriots of old.

  4. Shocked? Not in the least. I can’t wait to hear Charles when he finally discovers that Obama is 100% gay and that his and the Wookie’s marriage is a manufactured sham.

  5. Here’s the real story, guys. McCain went to Ukraine a few weeks ago & met with that far right neo-nazi leader, who took the rebellion away from the people after the commie president took off for Russia. So in fact, Obama already involved the US in this mess. For Obama to threaten Putin for openly trying to get Ukraine back into the fold is total hypocrisy. Not only that, but Obama backed the wrong horse (again) when he offered to give nazis power again in Europe. Is there anymore proof needed that he hates this country, when so many of our soldiers died in WWII to fight this scum?

  6. Shocked ? not me.. Obama a kid playing a mans game.. He hasn’t the guts it takes to take on a Putin.. Obama’s a child a totally inept child. !

  7. Some of you are missing the bigger point. It’s not about going to war with Russia over the Ukraine. It’s about the fact that we have a WEAK president that gives Putin the confidence to think he can do this–he KNOWS there’s going to be no repercussions from this president. Many times I’m sure he wanted to reunify the “motherland” (or other despots who wanted to do something similar to their neighbors.) But they didn’t, largely because they weren’t sure that we wouldn’t DO something. Now you’ve got a president and Secretary of Defense who has just said NO interest in having a strong military as a deterrent. We have pushed the “reset” button with Russia and they are going to walk all over us.

  8. Well, like it, or not, it’s none of our business. We should not get involved, and with the damage Obama’s done to our military, involvement would be disastrous. If someone wants to get mired in that, let the Eurotrash do it; after all, the Ukraine wanted to join the EU, not the US.

  9. What is ironic is that Barry’s administration is preparing for troops on the ground as well—ours

    You know what the difference between Putin and Obama is? Actually at least you know where Putin stands. I have more respect for Putin as an enemy than I do our own President. And one day the Ukraine may be watching Washington on television as we watched Kiev.

    The Ukraine situation is one that Americans had better start looking at closely.

    Because it can happen right here in the United States. The problem with
    Americans is they haven’t really had a major problem on a long term basis since WW II. Prior to that was the Great Depression. Post WW II we have had it too easy. We can no longer comprehend a Great Depression.

    What exactly is the difference in the genetics of the Ukraine people and
    ours? Nothing. We have an economy that has been overinflated in the markets to give the illusion of recovery when there is no recovery. There can’t be long term recovery. We have a 17 trillion dollar debt and have no intention of resolving it. I have been accused of screaming the “sky is falling” as if a 17 trillion dollar debt is a conspiracy theory. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a fact of a debt that not only we have but due to corrupt politicians, have no intention of addressing.

    We have an open border problem that is not being addressed. And on top of that we are spending ever more money to insure illegal aliens have health care. Don’t tell me they don’t Mr Progressive. I’m an ex provider. They have it for free. Every day. No questions. At the expense of working Americans. Complete anti reason that makes sense only to the Progressive. Followed blindly by the GOP that attempts to convince us that if “this time we vote them in they will do the right thing.” As they have stated since 2000. And have yet to come through.

    We have an entitlement class—growing. An attitude that the producer must pay for the non producer. Example? ACA. One man pays more so another pays less—or not at all. And it is unsustainable.

    I wrote in fiction how we will collapse. It’s not fiction. It is a fact.
    I’m sorry if it is an uncomfortable fact but you cannot have a combination of the above factors and stay resilient as a nation. Telling me you can defies the laws of not only economics but basic common sense. We will fall. Things will not be fine just because we haven’t had a real problem since 1945. And look what happens when things aren’t fine with the mentality we now have in this country. Katrina happens. On a nationwide level when it finally spirals and there is no money left to bail out.

    So take a good look at the Ukraine. All you need is English subtitles
    and you’ll have the same here one day.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

          1. You understand nothing. Attending such briefings (which he often skips) is important to OUR security. We have a weak president–Putin knows this. There is no way he would have tried this with Reagan (or even Bush) in power. If you have a strong leader and a strong military, it’s a deterrent for despots. We are weakening ours. Europe had better hope that Putin doesn’t have designs on anything past the former USSR borders.

            1. Yes, you’re right. Service in the Army during the Cold War against Russians, Chinese and Cubans taught me nothing. Yes, let’s get involved in another war that doesn’t have any impact on national security, aside from what people like you can contrive from it, to satisfy your tastes.

    1. I still believe better to side with Russia than an Islamic Europe. Russia will be surrounded by Islamic nations to the south and from the European side in about 30 years.

      1. Who is Valerie Jarrett, the “Iranian-American Princess” siding with when she’s whispering in those big communist ears every day? How many Muz Bros are in the admin? Aren’t Russia and Iran allies? Stinks.

  10. I reckon all you people should calm down a little. At this very moment Mr President Obama is sending two military planes to the Ukraine to drop condoms and contraception to help the Ukrainian people.

    1. The headline is misleading as the “Budapest Memorandum” is neither a treaty or legally binding.

      From the same article;

      Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances was a international treaty signed on February, 5, 1994, in Budapest.

      The diplomatic document saw signatories make promises to each other as part of the denuclearization of former Soviet republics after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

      It was signed by Bill Clinton, John Major, Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kuchma – the then-rulers of the USA, UK, Russia and Ukraine.

      The agreement promises to protest Ukraine’s borders in return for Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons.

      It is not a formal treaty, but rather, a diplomatic document.

      It was an unprecedented case in contemporary international life and international law.

      Whether is it legally binding in complex.

      ‘It is binding in international law, but that doesn’t mean it has any means of enforcement,’ says Barry Kellman is a professor of law and director of the International Weapons Control Center at DePaul University’s College of Law told Radio Free Europe.

      This appears that the “mail” is getting way ahead of itself.

      1. I have read the government in Kiev is asking the UK and the United States to commit to the promise as Russian forces have invaded Crimea. While Obama is likely to not enforce it (he is good t not enforcing anything) Kellman does say it is binding in international law.

          1. No, the question is. If it is legally biding under international law, does the United States have an obligation to enforce it or should the United States back out of the promise.

            1. By our own laws (and previous SCOTUS rulings) any treaty not ratified by two thirds of the Senate has no force of law. In matters of when so-called “international law” comes into conflict with our own (US) law, US law preempts it.

              Edit: If Clinton ( he signed it) wants to enforce it he’s more than welcome to hop a flight to Ukraine and tell the Russian military to, “go home”.

    2. Please! The UK is nothing more than a gay Islamic cesspool. The might of the British Empire is long forgotten and not taught in English schools.

    3. Actually, it’s been told to me that that treaty was not given Senatorial ratification, making it a worthless piece of paper signed by Slick Willy.

    (I just put Alec Baldwin and his Capital One card on Al Gores jet, to help you out). 😉 😉

  12. Putin calls Palin, “The Huntress.”
    Putin calls Obama, “?????” – “The Prey” ???

  13. Let the mooch negotiation in stead of the weak black first Yellow president. Hell, bring in all the Obamerhoid fem’s to the table including Sausage and Bolemia.

    1. I don’t follow UK politics, but that logic doesn’t add up, even by a passing consideration.

      1. Of course it doesn’t – but when did our politician ever think logically, never mind just think?

  14. I have the impression that Obama and his close advisers haven’t got a clue what went on before it came to Putin’s intervention (“State Dept going rogue” with ms Nuland), don’t know what to do – and that on top of it all Obama is genuinely frightened of Putin.
    Obama is so scared of what Putin might, could or can do that he literally can’t think. Nor apparently can his advisers.
    What he and they are doing is playing possum.

    1. I hear Kerry will be sending Putin a bottle of Ketchup as a peace offering (it’s all he knows). Putin, on the other hand, will be sending Obama a box of diapers (just in case).

    2. I think the way Putin rolled over Obama is more like Road Kill than possum. Putin must now think all American’s are the same road kill, since they thought electing a Black man was the most important thing in the world.

      1. I don’t think Putin thinks all Americans are like an Obama road kill, he’s far too clever for that.
        In fact, I think he would actually welcome having someone like Sarah Palin in the WH because he then knew exactly what’s what. I can’t help but think that these two could ‘do business’ together, like Reagan and Gorbachev.

        1. Agree, but Obama was elected twice and HE is the one making the obscene statements/decisions, not the American people.

  15. Boehner waves the white flag of surrender to Obama.
    Obama waves the white flag of surrender to the world.
    John Roberts surrenders American’s to Obamacare.
    American’s are now prisoners to Obamacare – law of the land.

    1. No. No we aren’t. We the People still can fight back and preserve our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. This is only the beginning.

      Obama can’t even fathom what we are capable of doing. Talk about awakening the sleeping giant, we are about to roar.

      1. I’m with you on that. We have ’till November. If Progressive Dems and Repub’s aren’t thrown out on their ass – then we have a real problem. Being a polite slave isn’t making me happy. The power Holder and DHS has isn’t making me happy. Militarized police force isn’t making me happy, but it’s already happened.

  16. We all heard the open mic when Obama told Putin he would be ‘more flexible’ after his re-election. What we didn’t hear was Putin’s response under his breath. He whispered to himself, “What a putz!”.

    Now we all know.

      1. Now, if we can only reach the low-information voters, it will be a landslide in both 2014 and 2016 (if we survive that long, that is).

        1. We will survive! Bank on it.

          Even if Hagel is another of the stupid eejits – the military knows exactly what is happening on the Crimea, the war ships stationed at Sochi are now more or less stationed near the Crimea. They’d know if there’d be a real shooting war.
          So far, only the MSM and the new, neonazi thugs in Kiev have been shooting their mouths off.

    1. “O” man has issued a response…withdraw or he”ll send the IRS with Oblah-Blah healthcare Mandate in hand. golly , that’ll scare HE!! out of um.

  17. (Allen West’s article on this important issue contained tweet-sized *bullets*)

    “Last week,Obama demonstrated some of that flexibility, which in that case meant decimating our military capability”

    @Allenwest ~ “Yesterday, Obama demonstrated more flexibility, which meant more empty words and meaningless threats.”

    @Allenwest ~ “… Costs for Ukraine?… Just sounds like any red line blather from the community organizer prom king”

    ” Putin is a steely-eyed former KGB agent. He knows America under Obama has no options and no guts.” ~ @AllenWest

    “Americans and our allies don’t trust Obama to lead anything bigger than a Gay Pride parade.” ~ @Allenwest

    “Hillary Clinton offered Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov a toy reset button. Putin reset it to USSR.” ~ @AllenWest

    “Elections have consequences and the result is an absence of courageous American leadership. I humbly apologize to the liberty-loving people of The Ukraine …” ~West

    “Putin, you lucky rascal, your timing could not have been any better. America has no leader.” ~ @AllenWest via @po_st

  18. But but but what about that “line”!? This guy should be removed from Office Now! GOP do your duty! Dereliction of Duty and not fulfilling your Presidential Oath, should help the GOP get started with the Impeachment process!! For Pete’s sake, what are we waiting for!!!

    1. Blaspheme..On your knees and repent..peasant. Next thing you know is you’ll think you’re a “Citizen” thingy…Back under the “Shovel Ready Bridge” and praise the “ONE”..(D)ude.

        1. Pass the plate. “Cult Member” Forgiveness pending cash count..BTW..”O”man prayer rugs, ON SALE now. Free “snake oil” with your order…by golly.

          1. I could see Obama in the wild wild west. He’d be like that shyster that travels from town to town trying to sell his miracle tonic. And than high tails it out of town before they find out the truth!

            1. LOL..You nailed it. A 2nd rate “Carnie Pitchman”,AT BEST. Takes the (D)em-wit par-ta to the cleaners…TWICE…How gullible or indoctrinated are these (D)rones???? These morons are a (D)anger to HUMANITY….Amazingly (D)umb.

  19. No one should be shocked. It was obvious long ago that Obama would use the flexibility he achieved by being re-elected to bend over backwards to kiss Putin’s butt.

    1. Something else that wouldn’t shock me: Finding out that Obama was receiving kickbacks from Putin and other dictators. That would explain a lot.

  20. No we’re not! Obama was called out by Putin and he threatened to what???? Absolutely nothing! Obama is a failure!

  21. The only people who are shocked are those who in their moderate, bipartisan pipe dreams thought they were going to get anything different.

  22. There comes a time to circle the wagons. We are there now here in America. We need to secure our borders and purge the invaders and infiltrators and restore the rule of law here on our own soil. “There I said it!”

  23. Just thought I’d pop in to see if any of the GretaWire bloggers were showing up on this site for the next few days…
    Other than that, I’m not surprised that 0-Zero popped up in front of the press for three whole minutes, before heading off for a “happy hour” fundraiser at the DNC – it’s his MO.

  24. “We’ve gone from Don’t Tread On Me to Thank You Sir, May I Have Another in just over two centuries. Congratulations.”

    I would say, rather, that we have moved from the one to the other in 5 years, personally. Bush would not have been, and wasn’t, so weak.

    1. We’ve gone from winning the Cold War to having a communist president in a couple of decades.

    2. It’s accellerated in the past 5 years, but the downturn began in 1913, when Americans let Washington DC pass the 16th amendment, giving them unlimited means to expand, control and break the constitution. We’re suffering the consequences of our grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ surrender of rights. What’s truly frightening is what our children and grandchildren are going to suffer.

  25. The only costs ever incurred by Obama and other democrats always include costs paid in blood. This is nother way for dear leader to involve our troops. According to the Treaty signed under Clinton, if Russia attacks Ukraine, the US and Britain are required to defend the Ukraine.
    So as with Libya, Egypt and still Syria, Obama sends his people in to help overthrow a government, props up some extremist and sends our troops in to calm things down. Ba$tard.

    1. Except for him (and us) sending in our troops – spot on.
      The idiots, especially those in the EU, thought they could do another nice little regime change, and Putin wouldn’t be able to stir because of Sochi.
      As with the Muslim brotherhood – they didn’t check out whom they were climbing into bed with …
      Mind, they’re far too stupid to be called Ba$tards – irresponsible eejits is better.
      You’ve got the chance to present your reckoning this autumn – we in the EU are going to do that in May.

      1. Since the con man has been POTUS I don’t think there’s many more countries he can screw up with his “leading from behind” and or openly anti America agenda.

  26. “Shocked.” These media dorks on FOX will never get it. If Obama were an “American” meaning someone steeped in traditional American principles, then what he is doing would be shocking.

    OTOH, if you start from the premise that Obama is some form of America-hating Marxist – as Palin did – then you can predict these things (as Palin did). Basically Obama is in favor of destabilizing any existing government that is not Islamic or Communist.

    I’ll bet that Obama college thesis about the USSR is pro-Soviet and anti-American. That’s why he graduated. And that is why he doesn’t want it read.

    1. You NAILED it!!!! “If obama were an American…” I couldn’t agree with you more! He’s a foreigner that the Democrat party pushed all the way regardless of his lack of qualifications. obama slithered his way into American politics and unbelievably became the President of the United States. Plus he had his little whispering dialogue with Putin before the last presidential election when he told Putin that he would have “more flexibility” or some such thing once he was re-elected. Man, I don’t trust obama at all.

  27. This is “flexibility”.
    Every con man voter should have to pay the “cost”, because it’s America who will be footing the bill of hiring an America hater, drug using, Chicago cheating thug for president.

  28. Shocked? About what? That Obama opened his mouth and didn’t say anything?
    “There will be costs, Putin, I tell you, costs”.
    (I won’t be paying any of them, but there will be costs) 😉 😉

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