Krauthammer: Herman Cain candidacy will just be entertainment

***UPDATE: Herman Cain is in for 2012***

Krauthammer says that Herman Cain doesn’t stand a chance and that his candidacy is just for entertainment. He adds that he might be able to pull some votes away from Bachmann, but overall he’s a non-player in 2012:

If anything this Tea Party movement has shown us that anyone can win and that the people are deciding the candidates, not establishment types. So when I hear Krauthammer say something like this, I take it with only little regard simply because I think anything can happen in this newly awoken America. People are plugged in and checking out candidates all the time, probably more now than ever.

So we’ll see. Maybe Krauthammer is right, but with respect, I sincerely hope he is not.


UPDATE: Official announcement comes tomorrow but tonight Herman Cain told a crowd in Iowa that he would be running for President of the United States. W00T!

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