Krauthammer: It’s unequivocal, Romney won.

Krauthammer said that Romney won the debate hands down, both strategically and tactically. But what Krauthammer thought worked very well in Romney’s favor was that Romney went large and in contrast Obama went shockingly small.

He explains:

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75 thoughts on “Krauthammer: It’s unequivocal, Romney won.

  1. bho’s glaring stare and from may have managed to keep a few of his thug supporters but it cost him a bunch of independent votes. Some how I don’t think they or any true American wants an indignant President

  2. I see that delusion abounds here and that Krauthammer (Mr. Halloween) reigns as some kind of really smart analyst. Romney has no “plan”! All he did was agree with what Obama said he was already doing and then being so bold as to say he would have “done it sooner.” That’s a plan? He doesn’t even know where the ocean is relative to Iran.

  3. I think Krauthammer has it right. What I am finding from focus groups is people are shockingly ignorant about foreign policy. That could explain people falling for the constant mantra from the left about ‘needing to be loved in the world’.

  4. What happened to the Lybia narrative? Why didn’t Romney drive that narrative further? Here’s what I think happened. Obama studied up on what happened in Benghazi inside and out, and he was prepared with zingers, pretend-righteous indignation and ready to feign offense by whatever Romney would say. When Romney passed on the Lybia question, Obama was left with nothing. 80 minutes left in the debate, and the only thing Obama studied for was Benghazi. Romney gets the upper hand on the rest of the debate, we don’t have a repeat of what happened with Candy Crowley, Obama couldn’t ask Bob to ‘say that again, a little louder, please’, he didn’t get his ‘please proceed Governor” moment, and he had to deal with all the questions that he didn’t study for.

    It’s like studying only one topic for a test because you get word that 89% of the test is going to be on that subject, only to have the test in front of you and find out that everything you studied for boils down to one question worth 2 points, and the rest of the test which you didn’t study for is worth 98 points, and you are not prepared!

    Nov 7th 2012: President-elect Romney!

  5. Charles has been all over the map lately. I understand that this is called “silly season”, for good reason. Hopefully he recovers in a few weeks and goes back to practicing repairing rather than controlling minds. Can you imagine his analysis of someone he felt lacked depth of knowledge and gravitas would be, if that person claimed Syria was the Iran gateway to the sea? Thankfully, “silly season” is almost over.

  6. Romney had already won the votes of conservatives by last nights debate. With his confident and respectful approach he was able to win over the vote of some democrats Im sure….

  7. My feeling was that Romney had already won the conservative vote going into the debate last night. With his calm approach last night he was able to win over some of the democrats as well last night.

  8. I think Romney was smart not to wade into Benghazi too deep, he would have been setting himself up like a bowling pin for the inevitable Obama October/November surprise, where Obama drops a bomb on 4 goat herders and crows about avenging the Ambassador’s death.

  9. I was telling wifey the exact same thing. Rombley had a larger strategy while TFG was small. I also think that if Rombley made the present-ident look to small, it could embolden more attacks where we have disarmed marines and seals. Rombley did it for the troops.

  10. Krauthammer was absolutely right. Romney looked and sounded presidential, while Obama looked small and angry. Obama looked like the challenger, while Romney acted like the president. THAT is the difference and I think a lot of people will react to that. I think Romney just won the election tonight because he looked, sounded, and acted like he could do the job. Obama just seemed bitter and angry that he even had to be there answering questions.

  11. I was angry at first when Romney passed on the Libya cover-up. But now I’m understanding why and I think it was the right thing to do.

    1. I hear ya on that. I even thought Schieffer was helping Obama by not bringing up Libya. However, not discussing the topic kept Obama from spinning the situation to his advantage.

      I would go as far as saying Obama was just as bad as Biden, except he showed more anger towards Romney instead of laughing at everything.

      1. Wasn’t the first question specifically about Libya? Shieffer specifically asked if there was an attempt to cover it up, so he did bring it up. Romney just didn’t take advantage. It wasn’t part of the strategy. I can see why, because it made him appear to be a bigger man and more Presidential. I still would have loved to see him knock that out of park.

      1. You’re right, and it should. Liar in chief that puts his re-election above national security and the lives of our soldiers and ambassadors.

  12. I was trying to sleep and heard most of the debate and actually saw some of it but in closing it struck me how soothing Romney’s voice sounded compared to Obama. I had to open my eyes and watch.

  13. Excellent commentary and spot on. Looking at this debate objectively, I was annoyed by Obama’s constant interruptions and petty BS. He’s trying to mimic Romney’s style during the first debate and it’s been an absolute fail.

    I wanted them to discuss the Libya issue, BUT after some thought, it was a good strategic decision to leave it alone. I’m sure Obama’s people prepared him well and it could have backfired on Romney. The president came across as an arrogant and angry black man. And he seemed so desparate in his attempts to get Romney to engage in these petty middle school fights.

    I watched the debate during my college class and there were many students cheering for Obama. They had no problem with Obama’s rudeness, but would cry foul if Romney tried to interject. All I could do is laugh and shake my head. Once again, all Obama did was make his base happy which is stupid because they are going to vote for him regardless.

    Romney didn’t really have to “win” the debate, he just had to keep the momentum going and not embarrass himself. I’m glad he focused on the economy and I loved the jab about balancing budgets…Romney handed Obama’s a$$ to him on that point.

  14. There’s one other aspect to this debate, and that is that Romney gave no openings for the Obama campaign to attack him with, there were no binders or Big Birds, there was no war mongering, which is what the Left was waiting and hoping for.
    However, Romney can now go and shred Bathhouse Barry’s record in all his next speeches, just pointing to BB’s record and the lies BB spouted in this debate.

      1. Honestly, I don’t really know. I guess the majority is not that much engaged, but they do know what’s what and who is who.

        Online debates are very much according to tribal lines, with the socialist, Labour supporting hacks supporting Bathhouse Barry, no matter what (some are even worse than the CNN hacks!), and the conservative ones being against BB rather than for Romney.

        The biased, socialist BBC is of course of the opinion that BB should stay, but they are a bit less blatant about that right now, seeing that they have a huge scandal brewing about allowing a presenter and raging pedophile to do his dirt for decades, and covering up for him.

        1. For some reason, I have had the impression that Brits were more informed about US politics than we are of yours. Then again, most Americans don’t even know what the three branches of government are, and we have a vice president who said that the senate was the fourth branch, if I remember right. We used to have an unofficial fourth branch, but that is gone now.

          You guys seem to have a pretty high caliber of intellectuals on the conservative side. I can think of two or three that really impressed me at times.

          I have seen guys like Max Keiser and Jim Rogers being interviewed in your media. It seems, at times, like your press is sometimes more free than ours. Or is it just that your society is so much more comfortable in their socialism that they don’t see this as a threat to the system, so why not?

          1. The political nerds of both colours are nowadays more clued up about American politics than even four years ago – all thanks to the internet. But generally, and naturally, it’s really more about how american policies affect us here in the UK. So after the elections, attention will turn to things closer at home, like the EU and how to kick our government into getting us out. That means harassing the Tory party leadership.
            Yes, there are some pretty high calibre conservatives, intellectually, some of whom have taken to blogging and are getting more influence that way. I’m always happy to recommend one of my favourites, John Redwood, and his blog: I’m sure you’ve come across Daniel Hannan, who is a great admirer of the Constitution, and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has made a very fine art of coming across as a lovable blonde teddy-bear, hiding his incredibly sharp mind and education behind quips which make everybody laugh but always hit the core.

            I think you’re right in saying that our media – not we, the people – are quite comfortable with socialism. That is no wonder because the BBC is thoroughly socialist, regardless of them saying they ain’t.
            Also, just as your Beltway, we’ve got what we call the Westminster Bubble, or Westminster Village, where the accredited journalists have lived with the spin and arm-twisting of 13 years of New Labour and cannot bring themselves to leave their socialist-pink glasses behind.
            But there are certain divisions between socialist and conservative papers, which are especially clear in their blog pages online. The best of those are to be found at the Daily Telegraph, because they do employ some utter left-wing writers, and the comments on those blogs are like bare-knuckle fights on occasion, adding to the hilarity of the nation.

              1. Nigel Farage, head of UKIP (UKIndependenceParty) is a member of the European Parliament (a totally sham institution), and without the internet, people would never hear what he has to say. He puts his finger on what is wrong in the EU every time he speaks.

                This scary situation is what we’ve been living with for a few years, and the people in Europe- not the politicians! – are fed up with it.
                Those in the €-zone, who have adopted that single currency, are in dire straits because there is no way out: they either abandon the € or make Germany pay for the debts of all other countries. The Germans – the people, not the politicians – are not happy with that.

                We’re in a slightly better position in the UK, having kept our own £££, but there are so many “directives” coming from the EU, we might as well not have our own Parliament! We hate it, and we’re pushing and pushing our EU-loving PM and other Tory Party Big Wigs to get us out. They’re now trying to find a way of doing so without losing face.
                Nigel Farage and UKIP are conservatives who’d be glad to stand with the Tory conservatives if they were to get a move on and get us out of the EU.
                The way this entity is run shows that we’re right when we call it EUSSR!

                1. It’s insanity. We have our own EU in the Fed Res, but they control our government covertly through financial shenanigans. We have one of the worst election systems in the world that is wide open to fraud. So I think that we are in the same boat, but the difference is that your population is probably more aware of it than ours is. Our politicians have to pander to our constitution, even though it has been suspended by declaration of a National Emergency. Nobody even knows it, because Obama and all the rest split it up in multiple executive orders, and the media ignores it.

                  It sounds like Germany is essentially Europe’s central bank, with the only difference being that they actually have to give something up to bail others out. Our central bank just creates it from thin air and doles it out in secret.

                  These global financial systems are going to fail big time, and we are all going to be put under a huge police state if we don’t take back control of our nation states, and start protecting our sovereign currencies.

                  Thanks for the response.

  15. Krauthammer got it right this time round. Romney indeed floored Bathhouse Barry with the ‘Apology Tour’, and there was no come-back from that. BB tried hiding behind ‘ask all reporters’ – a stupid remark because by now Americans know that the corrupt media are and have been in the tank for BB from the get-go.

    It was delightful when Krauthammer said Bathhouse Barry sounded like someone running for a local council, with his ridiculous interjections (‘when I was doing this, you were investing …’).

    I think once the dust has settled on this debate, more and more people will remember Romney being presidential.

  16. A lesson to learn about these debates…Consistency wins.

    Romney has been consistent in these debates. He doesn’t resort to petty personal attacks. He shows he has a strategic grasp of what’s going on. (As you would expect a genuine leader would; since they need to see the whole picture of what they need to fix.)

    …Obama really has nothing to run on. He is erratic from one debate to the next. Desperation is seen with the behaviour of his campaign, and anger is written all over his face when he is directly challenged for his screw-ups. (That first debate really shook him up. He can’t get it out of his head that he got his butt handed to him. And he overcompensates in the 2nd and 3rd debates.)

    I guess that’s how Conservatives/Libertarians will beat the Left-Progressives; by being consistent and never be distracted away from what matters most.

    What matters…
    * One candidate has a past record of successful recovery. The other does not.
    * The economics of the nation. (Currently in doubt).
    * How the country is perceived by nations and enemies. (Al-Qaeda currently sees USA is in a period of weakness.)
    * Genuine leadership that ends with successful results.

    What does not…
    * Big Bird.
    * Binders of employment profiles of women.
    * Free contraception promoted by a career feminist (Sandra Fluke).
    * Emotionally charged words like Hope, Change, Forward, etc.
    * Personal attacks about someone’s success.
    * Romnesia.

  17. Absolutely Romney won the debate in my opinion. But for those who want to say that Obama won, I’ll give it to you. Obama may have one the debate, but Romney won the presidency!

  18. So it’s a triple crown win then. Romney won the first debate on style. He won the second debate on substance. And he won the third debate on pure composure. Very Presidential all the way around. Ladies and Gentlemen, if I may, let me introduce to you the 45th President of the United States – Willard ‘Mitt” Romney.

    Dum dum de dum dum, de dum de dum de dum dum.

  19. The apology tour back and forth WAS the debate. Romney honed in precisely on Obama’s truly weak position…He DID apologize for America. The bows, the statements, all were right out of the progressive playbook…and Obama got called on it.

  20. I don’t understand this argument that bringing up Benghazi would have hurt Romney. Bringing up one of the biggest and most easily avoidable intelligence failures in history doesn’t make you a warmonger, come on. That’s like, if you condemn a man who let his house burn down because he left his BBQ unattended, and for that you’re accused of wanting more fire departments or something. Completely illogical. 😛

    Then again, maybe that’s how the low-information voter thinks. It’s not, “What? Obama let an ambassador die because he can’t be bothered to act in the face of an imminent threat?” but rather, “Gawrsh, that there ‘publikan shore was being mean ’bout that there Bengoozi!”

    1. I agree Romney should’ve hammered obama on Libya.

      He also should’ve hammered him for not visiting Israel after whe was elected and not meeting with Netanyahu when he came to the US.

      Romney decided to play it safe when he should’ve went for the knockout blow.

      1. I don’t agree.
        If Romney had started ‘hammering’ in this debate, Bathhouse Barry – who’d have been prepared for just that – would have been dazzling with B.S. from a great height, and the moderator would have supported BB just like Crowley did.

        The way Romney played it took the wind out of BB’s sails, and made him look petulant and snarky and small.

        Also, Romney can now hammer Bathhouse Barry in all his stump speeches, and in attack ads where BB has no way of answering back, and where he can’t hide behind yet another woman’s skirt.

        I think this was very well done by Romney, especially as he got the Putin open mic in.

    2. It was a great strategy! Think about, Obama has prepared for that moment and Mitt hit him by being cool. O never so this coming!

      Smooooth Operator Mitt, Smooth!!!

    3. Perhaps, but Obama controls the media, the channel and the message on future “official” proclamations regarding Benghazi. Even though Romney might have been correct in his analysis, a contrived rebuttal by Obama could have been damaging for Romney.

  21. … and on November 7 2012 an ADULT will retake the Oval Office from the kiddies who still watch SESAME STREET :aka BigBird and videos on the prophet Mohammed instead ,
    of attending intelligence briefings on National Security matters such as Libya . ”

  22. The reason Romney went large and Obama went small is because Romney is the bigger man who refused to be involved into a tit for tat. Obama looked small and petty.

  23. Gov. Romney won hands down. Once again the moderator was leaning to the left – but never mind – Romney knows the facts – he is committed to bringing America back from the abyss. Look around you America – be afraid of another four years of pretending – the Emporer has no clothes – The intelligent vote is for Romney –

  24. I just now discussed with an Air Force retiree about naval equipment around our planet. He said he would rather have more and advance…the more to place strategically and also have enough to defend our shores..advanced because well…we have to keep up with technology to keep the edge. I agree…I would rather have 300 ships than 200 ships…this is a big arse planet with lots of water and we need to secure this globe. Romney makes me feel safe, proud and calm that everything will be alright with him at the helm…I just don’t feel that way with Obama.

  25. One thing that rarely gets mentioned that has become very obvious to me over the past 3 weeks or so. This Mitt Romney guy is one VERY smart guy. You know how everyone thinks Obama is so smart – but he really isn’t? How that got started I’ll never know. Media narrative? But Romney really is that intelligent. The way he has run his campaign the past month, the way he is able to really hone in and modify his approach to each debate. He sees what works and what doesn’t, and adapts. Just as you would expect a great businessman to do. That kind of mind can be a huge benefit to a POTUS.

  26. Obama brought a gun to what he thought was going to be a knife-fight and Gov. Romney showed his open hands. His calm and serious demeanor made Obama’s arguments irrelevant and showed him to be the petulant, intellectual child he is. Romney, by contrast, looked very presidential, Reaganesque, even.

  27. Thanks Scoop for posting this clip. I have been emailing a paraphrase of Dr. K’s remarks to everyone. This is wonderful!

  28. Oh yes, Mitt was the clear winner; he will be the next president. I have no doubt; haven’t for awhile.

  29. Romney devastated and frustated Obama to no end in this debate and it showed in Obama’s pettiness and smallness in his motherhood baseless hurling attack, his posture was anything but presidential, a turnoff for women whom are turning away from Obama (as mentioned by ABCNews’s lady commentator).

  30. Romney won and Marines do still use bayonets!!
    Obama acted like a spoiled child tonight. Not Presidential.

        1. Yeah, but don’t you think Obama is right that we need more Aircraft carriers in Afganistan? We could station the naval base in Las Vegas, as a home port.

          1. With his track record on new technology, I think he should start investing in sand submarines. He could have his Hollywood buddies do a feature film called Voyage to the Bottom of the oasis.

    1. And the armed forces still use horses the latest being in Afghanastan. Remember the story about the “horse brigade” where the horses were too small to carry the average +200lb marine for a reasonable period of time unlike the lighter weight Afghan solider?

  31. I agree with Charles, however I must be extreme because I would have said Foreign Policy is not a board game to the LIAR. Plus I would also said that your take home pay is yours and should not be subject to further confiscation for your “investments” Mr Obama.

  32. A lot of callers into my local radio station declaring themselves former Obama voters that have been convinced to vote for Romney. I’m honestly surprised because usually when Chicagoans call a national show, it’s no holds barred stupidity on parade.

  33. Hands down Romney won this debate. I don’t care about those instapolls. The real poll will be in two weeks and we will finally get Obama out of office for the fundamental restoration of this country! Romney/Ryan 2012!

      1. fraud will be rampant during this election!! I cant stress it enough. Look at the media, Solidad Obrien, and how unethical these people will get….

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