Krauthammer: Obama postponing Keystone pipeline most egregious example political expediency

Obama has decided to postpone making a decision on the Keystone pipeline until after the election. Krauthammer says that is the most egregious example yet of Obama putting politics over national interests, the exact thing he accuses Republicans of doing every day:

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51 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Obama postponing Keystone pipeline most egregious example political expediency

  1. Hmm, it would seem there maybe more to this decision than meets the eye, oddly it seems that the majority of the States that the Keystone XL pipeline would run through and benefit with increased revenues voted against dear leader in the 2008 election. A bit of tit for tat from the juvenile in chief perhaps?

  2. Looks like the unions are standing out in the cold with their Keystone pipelines in their hands while that yellow tyrant warms his skinny behind with the greenies and the protesters.

    How does it feel to have the petty pipsqueak have his foot on your throats, my union, ex- brothers? Better get used to the smell of shoe leather. The green team offers better leverage to bring socialism to America. All the tyrant needs from the union mafia is continuing donations and continuing cowardice and stupidity. God knows there’s plenty of that in the unions.

    I apologize in advance to any of you who were coerced into union membership in order to keep a job. Take your integrity back when you vote.

  3. Just another nail in Obama’s political coffin, which is pretty much all nails now.
    He couldn’t get out if he tried. It’s a twofer! He defends his promise to make electricity rates skyrocket and gets the greenie vote at the same time. What’s not to like about that?

  4. obumma strikes again against America and the people who despertly need jobs. How low will this egghead go?

  5. The left oppose it because of the environment. The right rejects it because of protectionism of jobs. Both are wrong.

    My advice to both groups: Go study some economics.

    1. What exactly is the economics lesson in waiting to make a decision until after he is reelected? Obama is too chicken$hit to even make a stand one way or the other to benefit the USA, he doesn’t want to lose any votes.

    2. The right rejects because of protectionism of jobs. That’s great. Really great. I’m a righty but this I cannot believe. Funny how protectionism is how this country ended up weathering the Civil War and the country not divided and became what it is now. I’m not for full on protectionism but it has to be a part of economic system period. Look at the history of our country and you will see the positive effect it had. The rejection of at least a sliver of protectionism is a huge reason we have lost SO many jobs. NAFTA was a disaster and got the ball rolling for all the other free trade agreements we have now. I’m not for full out free trade but more accepting of FAIR TRADE.

  6. While we cower before the possibility of violence in the OWS and wring our hands over possible TB outbreaks and while we watch the women whose greed and pride are given moral cover by the Democrat’s, 50 year old EEO abomination, the TYRANT Obama is emasculating Congress with a rusty pocket knife.

    It’s time for direct action. If the government won’t act to clear out the scum that infest the streets, the People need to take action in their own hands. If the city governments of NY, Oakland and Portland fear confronting 7000 dope-smoking, hysterical scum with fleas, how do you think they will react to 7000 property-owning, voting citizens bearing ropes, matches, clubs and rubber hoses?

    The first Republican candidate who speaks out about this now, demanding the Congress act immediately and decisively to shut down or defund every possible federal, tax-payer activity except Medicare and the military will get my vote.

    Want to get elected? Stop thinking about your stupid candidacy. Start taking action to stop the rubber-ball tyrant and you’ll have my support forever.

    1. There was an earlier one at Occupy Burlington (Vermont!) Give me a clickable.

      In Oakland 4-6 shots were fired. There were several people surrounding a guy kicking him. It appears that guy they were kicking was also shot… (San Francisco Chronicle)

        1. Victim was killed. A black man. More Bill Whittle from earlier today. You know they are already covering this up. The story said “near Occupy…site.”

  7. Obama has decided to postpone making a decision on the Keystone pipeline until after the election.
    Allah asked him to , that’s why .
    Just the way God told him to pass the jobs bill

    1. It’s OK if you are “running out of descriptive words”…I’ve got plenty of words running through my head. Some would make a Lady like you blush.

    2. Many of my descriptive words only have four letters. Sometimes, I can join the words. When I yell them out at the TV, they make ME blush!! (Yeah, I’m a lady….)

      1. You and I can think of a few descriptive (but definitely not insulting just descriptive) words pulled out of the deep frozen bogs of the Canadian tundra now eh! I’m part Polish… and polish curse words often use animals as epithets. So you and I should put our heads together.

        1. I grew up in a city dominated by the Italian culture. I learned many of theircurse words also involving animals and relatives, complimented by several very meaningful hand gestures and curses. I have a Scottish background and there are some descriptive phrases that are based on different body parts that would make a liberal flinch. In fact, I have made many liberals flinch when expounding on their beliefs.

          Keeping this in mind, las1, between the two of us and our ethnic “descriptive phrases”, we are really living up to the multicultural dream thrust upon us by Pierre Trudeau…….ROTFLMAO! (Uh, I have a few words and descriptive phrases saved only for him.)

          1. Actually our so-called “multicultural” ancestry predates Trudeau. Before Trudeau came on the scene, Canada had exactly what America espouses… a melting pot. Trudeau took that and divided the country into two camps initially… what engineered was first called bi-culturalism. When the French extreme nationalists didn’t buy into it… he changed it into multi-culturalism.

            So bi-culturalism was dropped… and Quebec mono-culturalism remainded in Quebec… and multiculturalism was adopted for the rest of Canada (ROC) in order to deplete and diminish English Canada’s British heritage. The bigoted nationalist zealots in French Canada hated… absolutely hated all things English; which is ironic, because only under the British did the French maintain and preserve their Catholic religion, their French language and their French culture and their civil law.

            Had Quebec sided with the Americans or been subsumed by America… French reality in North America would have been history… gone like last winter’s snows. Undying animus toward the English (which means the Rest of Canada) is the legacy of Britain being fair and accommodating to the French fact. What’s even more ironic.. polling in Quebec shows that Quebecers would sooner be attached to America than to Canada. No surprise there really. They are just French Americans, enjoying the fruits of America’s exceptional ism.

            Trudeau’s multiculturalism policy was designed to diminish the English heritage in Canada. And it’s working long after the old windbag, Trudea, is gone. As bright as Trudeau was… he’s still a sabateur who has taken ever tool and machine to wrench Canada from its past.

            History lesson… now over… whew!

            1. I couldn’t have said that better myself, las1. Trudeau may have been bright but what he did to Canada will last for generations. I have spoken out against this for years and have been labelled a racist and bigot but stand by what I say. Those you call me those names have no other weapon nor defense against the truth.

  8. You ever notice when the libs want to pass something it usually happens very quickly! These bastards need to be removed in 2012! I do not care where you stand on this, this would have created jobs, lower gas prices and food prices. How in the hell can you tolerate this crap you leftists? Explain to me how killing jobs, raising food prices because fuel will go up is a good thing?

    1. Politiho…see the ho at the end? That’s O’.

      Anyway, it’s a “good” thing because it will put more folk in the 47% (who don’t pay taxes). It’s a “good” thing because demand goes down, thereby starving businesses, which layoff more folks and send them into 47% realms. In a democratic republic all they need are 50+ percent. Due to the electoral college, that number is malleable.

      The goal is overthrow. They have been creeping stealthfully for a hundred years, have stepped it up in the past 60 years, and now are sweating profusely and saying to themselves and their supporters, let’s go for it! Their supporters are saying, No, let’s go for it! The O’ admin. are saying, that’s what we said! Arrrrrgh!

      We are seeing either their swan song or their victory march. This it folks. They are betting the ranch, the farm, and everything else on this. They want to see it in their lifetimes! If it flops or flaps, at least they can fall back on their swiss bank accounts. (That last little swiss part is an educated guess.)

          1. Yes it does appear as though the have been listening repeatdly to “It’s Now Or Never”. Maybe a righteous army will gather and accomodate their “Come hold me tight” with some snug-fitting ankle & wrist cuffs…along with career “reassignment”.

          2. It’s Canadian oil and it’s ethical oil… not blood oil from SA, or Venezuela or any or Libya (for the Italians). All the claims of the screaming Muslim, scratch that ahem… screaming Liberal mobs are pure and utter BS… Everything they say is not factual, but ideological… to keep the US dependent on imported blackmail oil. Canada’s environmental standards are stellar… the tracts being taken for the “Oil Sands” are being reverted to nature. The so-called carbon content is minisculely higher than sweet oil… and the Canadians are improving it constantly. Alberta takes great pains to ensure the extraction meets the highest standards.

            Thousands of Canadian aboriginals will benefit and receive the highest training… Isn’t that what these screaming leftists complain about… aboriginals being at the bottom of the ladder. Leftists hypocrites…. how are they going to explain away the fact that they now “hate” aboriginals. Why do they hate aboriginals. They love their ideology more apparently. And thousands more Americans will have jobs… but president zero just cannot have that! Now can he?

            This president zero (he deserves NO CAPS) has shoved further away any chance American can have North American self sufficiency in oil. And there is a growing push in Canada to sell to the Chinese… Damn it… I want to sell it to our best friends.

            Zero (capitalized because it starts the sentence) is America’s worst nightmare. He’s a fraud… he’s a saboteur, he’s a traitor, he’s a “wrecker” in the best sense that Stalin meant to use the word.

            1. The ideas of the left consistently kick their own arse. Their ideas are like an incorrect “constant” in mathematics. We all know that pies are square. They think pies are cubed or something. Good post.

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