Krauthammer on Benghazi emails: We now have the smoking document that exposes a coverup of a coverup

Krauthammer says that thanks to Judicial Watch, we now have the smoking document that exposes that it was the White House who invented the video in an effort to cover up the failures of their foreign policy.


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84 thoughts on “Krauthammer on Benghazi emails: We now have the smoking document that exposes a coverup of a coverup

  1. 0 will never be impeached. He could murder innocent people on live TV while the whole country watches and he would get a free pass. I firmly believe that. Must be good to have no conscience.

  2. Insulting to the American people! Politics before American lives, REVOLTING! Impeach the President now Mr. Speaker!

  3. Both sides of both houses of Congress have been in collusion for a very long time to gut America.

    The truth about Benghazi will not get our because it benefits neither side and would only slow down the end stages of their take down of the Constitution and the Republic.

    These globalist subversives we call our federal representatives now have control of our property rights and our healthcare What do they need next?

    1) A large enough voting majority concentrated in properly gerrymandered districts to ensure all their candidates and referendums win. SOLUTION: Amnesty to provide 30 million entitlement votes

    2) A remedy for final usurpation of power from the States and removal of any obstacles to pass gun confiscation and control. SOLUTION: An Article 5 convention to rewrite the Constitution, and to restructure the federal government including the Supreme Court.

    Both the Parties are behind these two final steps and they have made sure we think we voters are all out to get each other, so we do not realize it is they who are about to secure absolute control.

  4. …a cover of a cover up of a cover up of a cover up of a cover up of a cover up of a cover up…
    Right from the beginning of this Obama Administration’s tenure of holding power there has nothing but LIES being spewed from the mouths of these malcontents.”

  5. More confirmation of what we knew from the beginning. I’m sure Holder and the MSM will be on this like stink on rice.

  6. Did anyone see a word of this covered on the news tonight? I was gone to my grandson’s T ball game and missed the lie fest from the media.

    1. Let me tell you that in the UK we are getting the news about the basketball (a game we don’t even play) team owners racist comments but nope, nothing about the WH’s treason.

      1. That’s just plain sickening. And it’s also why it will take a move of God Almighty to overcome the fascists this time as it has every time.

  7. Between Levin, Cruz, Gowdy, and Beck, this will get out and the GOP cowards will be forced kicking and screaming into action. I pray!

    1. Beck will do anything to get the attention off his latest escapades
      regarding Bundy rancher. He’s losing fans quick.

  8. This from the guy who a couple of weeks ago said Obama won.
    We do have A smoking gun Charles- but this is the same smoke most of us who are paying attention have known about for a year.
    We still have questions- and will not rest until they’re answered or half the damned adminstration is behind bars.

  9. OMG! Shock! Alert the Media that News is occurring!

    Excuse my snark, but if it weren’t for guys like TRS, these people truly would get away with murder. Does no one put the Republic above Party?

    Do we have to write letters, vote, march, or revolt to get some basic justice???

    1. Snark forgiven. I thank God for those who keep Benghazi alive.
      We won’t give up trying. Write all your reps, call all your reps and demand a select committee with subpoena powers.

  10. “What difference, at this point, does it make.” The liberal progressives have their act so well together while there is so much infighting and jockeying for political position within the GOP that they’re likely to loose the November elections, which have virtually been handed to them on a gold platter. The GOP stands a huge chance to loose because of the fracturing off of the RINOS, moderates, ultra conservatives, conservatives, constitutionalist, tea party, independents, Christians, etc… Sadly, it won’t surprise me one bit. The public won’t see the bigger, more immediate picture of the serious need to take both houses because they are all too busy looking at the pieces scattered about on the table from which to choose. Only if we, the people, get our act together, can we possible get the votes needed to accomplish winning both houses. Supposing that happens, not factoring in the voter fraud component, we might be able to do something of consequence in 2016.

  11. Wonder if the News outlets and congress are embarrassed at all. The fact they have to rely on Judicial Watch to do their jobs.

    1. They would never see any reason to be embarrassed.

      The global media is a propaganda machine. The truth is of no relevance to them.

  12. The entire tenure of obama has been based upon one lie after another. In fact, obama is the kind of liar that gives other liars a bad name.

  13. It doesn’t matter how many smoking guns there are, if GOP leadership refuse to hold the administration accountable.

  14. Media lapdogs have family members writing the lies for the Obama administration, and they fire investigative reporters who can expose it. Any of you lefties see a problem here? Hello?

  15. When will John Boehner pursue this with a select committee?
    What is he waiting on, what do they have on him?

    1. the govt now has everything on everyone. all these politicians will keep quiet because they are all thieves, liars and cowards. only a few have the backbone to expose what is going on. our “most transparent” administration is the most corrupt, lying and secretive in all history. all you obama voters swallowed. everyone who voted for obama the second time are idiots. and that means more than half the population of this country are stupid. that means the usa is doomed.

      1. “Most transparent” administration is the most corrupt, lying and secretive in all history.” An anyone paying attention knows and see’s that. I guess what is so “transparent” is their lawlessness and the RINO’s willingness to help… So yes they are the most “transparent” admin in Our history…

  16. How do you think they will “walk back” this??? Wish I was an odds maker (bookie)…I’d make a killing!!!

    1. They will circle the wagons and not say a thing. And if somebody brings it up they will frame their remarks in such a way as to make the inquirer look like an idiot for even lending the slightest bit of credence to this preposterous, ultra conspiratorial right wing racist rant.

      That would be my guess. Parlay it with something.

      1. And throw in a major distraction, like someone making racist comments and send their lap dogs (MSM) barking in order to divert attention while they go behind closed doors, threaten, then set up someone to take the fall, then give the “fallguy” a promotion….

  17. He made me so mad at the last two debates , I held my nose when I voted for the lesser of two evils ..I’m still not believing he won fair and square they sure called it awful fast..

    1. He knew if he did well like the first debate Obama would lose. Thus he purposefully lost those two. Anything to give Obama a second term. Only reason Romney ran. Same with McCain. They ran to get their idol in office.

    1. So who is going to do something about it and when is that going to happen?

      Uh, let’s see now, um, maybe we should get the EPA on this, right away. They only go after private citizens? Oh, yeah, okay.

      Well, then, how about the NOAA? Don’t they look into fishy things? No, they don’t? They know something about gassy things like CO2, don’t they, and hockey, no? Oh, and Mann United football !

      I know, how about NASA? They’re good at dealing with space cadets! Don’t they have armed personnel? They don’t? They must be the only ones. They are?

      Ok, how about the IRS? Couldn’t they throw their 70,000 page manual of regulations at the White House and do some pretty serious damage? Lois Lerner told them to plead the 5th? Really?

      I thought maybe the BLM but, from what I’ve seen, they’re busy with nice doggies, cows, and turtles.

      Ahrggg! Who’s left? (No pun intended.) That Holder guy, what’s his name? Eric the Bald? What’s he do again? He’s the sheriff? Really? No! I haven’t seen him do anything but protest that someone is telling him to get some work done and pontificate on what he can’t do. Then he gets annoyed with some politicians. I think that’s his job. He’s pretty good at it.

      So, yeah, no one is going to do anything about it and, yeah, it’s never going to happen.

  18. This will just be stretched out until the people lose interest.Even many of the conservatives appear to have already forgotten it or are weary of it.

    1. I admit I’m weary but I haven’t forgotten. He!! I’m still mad about Obama attending Wrights church and being friendly with Ayers. Oh! and don’t forget pi$$ant O’Reilly’s first interview with Obama. Well, you get the idea.

  19. Ok, let’s have a show of hands. Who thought this was a coverup of a coverup from the very beginning? That’s what I thought. All of us.

    The e-mails are nice and someone OUGHT to do something with them. We know that the Lame Stream Media will coverup the coverup of the coverup right up to the point they can’t any longer and then they will scream, “We knew it!”

      1. Not to worry, “pardon” me Joe the shotgun Biden is standing by to do his due diligence…

  20. Wake up America! Heroes died because of a political narrative! I wonder what message this sends to the other heroes around the globe?

      1. Scary. I am trying to search “the battling boys of Benghazi” and google is blocking it.

        I think I need to go dark.

    1. “I wonder what message this sends to the other heroes around the globe?” It says, If your situation can help my political, ideological leanings, then that’s one thing. But if your situation hurts them, then you, my friend , are on your own.

    1. Exactly. He listened to his whimp Rino consultants to said don’t be confrontational. He lost the last two debates along with Eddie Munster hair amnesty boy Paul Ryan who had his clock cleaned by the dumb Joe Biden. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Its what Rinos do best.

  21. Well this is all fine and true but the incompetent GOP ‘leadership’ will no doubt continue to run in circles . The Select Committee should be appointed immediately!

    1. Yes you are absolutely correct de. now is the time for them to act and on every talking head show ask them if they saw the smoking document and would impeachment be an appropriate response considering the cover up and despicable lies told to the grieving family members right to their faces.

  22. Even Chuck has had to come over from the dark side on so many occasions I’m beginning to think he’s seen the light.

  23. And from the deafening sound of crickets emenating from the mainstream media, we have a blatant example of a coverup of a coverup of a coverup.

  24. Romney said right away that this was terrorism and he was lambasted for jumping the gun, and the media said this was not his place..the truth has never mattered and they even lied to the faces of their relatives..all that matters is their agenda and they haven’t even bothered to respond to any of it..the first black president can do whatever he wants. He only responds to racism charges, Zimmerman , Sterling…who cares about communists and terrorists?

    1. He didn’t put up much of a fight. Face it, he didn’t want the job.

      He would be walked over by Putin too.

  25. The media will still call it a “phony scandal” and ignore it.

    Obama has gotten away with things that Nixon only fantasized about.

    1. Awwwww, come onDarrell! There’s not a “scintilla of evidence” the White House or anyone else covered up a scandal regarding Benghazi…or was that IRS?…NSA?….CIA?…EPA?…BLM? Damn, I hate getting old…can’t seem to remember a damn thing!

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